1D60	Encounter: 
1	Desert Island: 50% Nothing 50% Rescue
2	Sargasso Sea: Delayed + Starve
3	Doldrums: Delayed + Thirst
4	Lost at Sea: Navigation XX: Delayed + Thirst
5	Monsoon: Storm XX: Sink
6	Tidal Wave: Storm XX DM -2: Sink
7	Hurricane: Storm XX DM -1: Sink 
8	Tropical Paradise: Resupply and Rest 
9	Ghost Ship Pirates (Spirits 4/+14/+7) Fast
10	Sea Serpent (Aquatic Dragon 5/+16/+9) Scales. Fast
11	Kraken (Aquatic Monster 10/+18/+6)
12	Leviathan (Aquatic Monster 12/+20/+5)
13	Merfok on Mantises (Aquatic Men 3/+10/+10) Fast
14	Cursed Ship Pirates (Men 4/+10/+8) Range+3
15	Skeleton Crew Pirate Ship (Undead 3/+11/+6) Hoard
16	Port: Resupply for 2 Gold
17	Harbor: Resupply for 2 Gold
18	Cannibal Island: (Poison Men 3/+9/+11) Range+3: Resupply
19	Sea Devils (Aquatic Men 5/+12/+6) Ambushers Range+2
20	Safe Passage: Navigation XX: Progress
21	School of Fish: Fishing XX: Food 
22	Tritons on Hippocampi: (Aquatic Men 3/+11/+5) Fast
24	Shipwreck Survivors: Rescue
25	Spoilage: Lose all Food
26	Mutinous Crew (Men 3/+9/+12) Ambushers
27	Singing Sirens: Wits XX: (Mind Aquatic Men 2/+13) Slow
28	Giant Octopus (Aquatic Monster 4/+15/+6) Food
29	Sea Dragon (Aquatic Dragon 5/+17/+5) Scales. Fast
30	Crab Men with Man-Catchers (Aquatic Men 4/+10/+5)
31	Buccaneers Night Raid (Men 3/+9/+10) Ambushers
32	Corsairs (Men 4/+10/+8) Fast Hoard Range+3
33	Undead Sea Rovers (Aquatic Regenerating Undead 3/+11/+7) Fast
34	Fishing Village: Resupply for 1 Gold
35	Pirate Town: Brawl (Men 2/+5/+2 Slow) Resupply for 3 Gold
36	Reef: Navigation XX: Sink (4 Less Casualties)
37	Rocks: Navigation XX: Sink (3 Less Casualties) 
38	Shallows: Navigation XX DM +1: Sink (No Casualties)
39	Giant Whirlpool: Navigation XX: Sink
40	Dolphins: Gain Luck
41	Strong Headwinds: Navigation XX DM -2: Delay
42	Sea Turtles: Fishing XX: Food 
43	Whale Sighting: Hunt XX DM -2: Food
44	Lush Island: Roll twice on Dinosaur Island Table
45	Flying Fish: Fishing XX DM +1: Food
46	Calm Sea: 50% Nothing 50% Starve
47	Driftwood: Nothing
48	Stowaway: Rescue
49	Giant Squid (Aquatic Monster 5/+14/+3) Shell: Food
50	Flotsam and Jetsam: Demoralized
51	Old Man of the Sea: Cursed
52	Sea Hag (Mage 3/+7/+9)
53	Blessing of the Sea King: Blessed
54	Albatross: Guide
55	Greek Isles: Roll Twice on the Greek Island Table
56	Jungle Island: Roll Twice on the Jungle Table
57	Land Sighted: Roll on the Event Table
Note: Unless stated All of the above encounters are of the Aquatic Terrain Type

1D10	Encounter:
1	Bridge Troll (Regenerating Giant 6/+15/+10) Ambusher [A]
2	Flooded: Delay
3	Black Knight Contest: Fight XX: Delay [W]
4	Raging River: Strong XX: Separated Next Turn [A]
5	Ferryman: Pay 1 Gold to Cross
6	Lady Bathing: Morale Boost
7	Sturdy Bridge: Nothing
8	Ford Shallow Portion: Swift XX:  One Relic Washed Away [A]
9	Highwayman: Pay all Gold or (Man 2/+6/+5) Fast [W]
10	Good Spot: Fishing XX: Food [A]
Note: At a River you automatically gain 2 Drink Tokens

1D20	Encounter:
1	Roll once on the Tavern Table
2	Roll twice on the Tavern Table
3	Healer: Cost 1 Gold to Heal 1 Wounded Hero
4	Smithy: Cost 1 Gold: Well Equipped or Adventure Gear
5	Church: Blessed
6	Buy Draft Horses: Cost 2 Gold: All Heroes Mounted
7	Buy Provisions: Cost 1 Gold: Resupply
8	Peasants Plea: Quest or Info
9	Harvest Festival: Delay + Morale Boost
10	Opportunistic Serfs with Knives (Men 2/+4/+6)
11	Help round up Loose Livestock: Track XX: Food [W]
12	Skirmish: Goblin Raiders: (Men 3/+6/+7)
13	Barn Raising: Strong XX: Morale Boost
14	Young Adventurer: Recruit
15	Common Thief: Detect XX: Lose 1 Random Relic
16	Visit Well: Gain 2 Drink Tokens
17-18	Sleep in Barn: Nothing
19+	Roll on Event Table
Note: Unless stated All of the above encounters are of the Settlement Terrain Type

1D30	Encounter:
1	Dismissed: Wits XX DM -2: Barred
2	Tournament Melee: Contest Fight XX Unmounted: Prize
3	Tournament Joust: Contest Fight XX Mounted: Prize
4	Competition Archery: Contest Range XX No Magic: Prize
5	Market Day: Cost 1 Gold. Resupply up to Twice
6	Stables: Mounted: Riding Horses
7	Invited to Feast: Rest + Info
8	Mixed up in Castle Intrigue: Wits XX: Murder
9	Visit Chapel: Blessed
10	Insulted: Fight Random Castle Defender
11	Ghost on Parapets: Wits XX: Info or (Spirit 2/+11/+6) 
12	Adventurous Henchman: Recruit
13	Captured: Wits XX: Imprisoned
14	Dungeon Door: Roll 3 Times on Basic Dungeon Encounter Table
15	Wounds Attended to: Healed  
16	Call for Heroes: Noble Quest: Quest or Info
17	Siege: Castle attacked by Random Quest Foe. Help Defend it. 
18	Attend Court: Wits XX: Info or Barred
19	Given Aid: Well Equipped or Loot or Adventure Gear or Mounted
20	Lord Grants Request: Quest or Recruit or Relic
21	Gain Lady's Favor: Wits XX: Morale Boost
22	Siege: Castle Attacked by Random Major Foe. See Notes.
23	Get too Close: Moat Monster (5/+12/+7) Ambusher [A]
24	Bell Tower: Track XX: Hunchback (Man 3/+8/+9): Relic
25	Royal Decree: 50% Delay 50% Pay 2 Gold
26	Royal Archives: Study
27+	Roll on Event Table
Note: Unless stated All of the above encounters are of the Settlement Terrain Type

-The First Encounter you always get  at a Castle is 1: Dismissed. 
If they don't like you you're not getting across the Drawbridge. 
-In a Siege, the Castle Defenders are working with you so you get +5 
to all Tests not including Spell and Bless Tests.  

1D10	Encounter:
1	Lord of the Castle (Man 3/+14/+8) Armored. Has 2 Relics
2	Champion (Man 3/+16/+9) Armored and Shielded. Has 1 Relic Weapon
3	Wizard (Man Mage 2/+6/+7) Zap +2
4	Men at Arms (Men 3/+13/+8) Armored
5	Yeomen (Men 3/+7/+8) Range +3
6	Guards (Men 4/+8/+8) Shielded
7	Captain of the Guard (Man 3/+12/+10) Ambusher
8	Huntsman (Men 3/+10/+12) Range +4 Ambusher
9	Knights (Men 3/+14/+7) Armored and Shielded
10	Soldiers (Men 4/+9/+8) Shielded

1D10	Encounter:
1	Cloaked Stranger sitting in Corner: Quest or Info
2	Good Night’s Sleep: Cost 1 Gold. Rest 
3	Hear Rumors: Cost 1 Gold: Info
4	Card Game: Gamble and Win 1D6-3 Gold
5	Get Drunk: Cost 1 Gold
6	Looking for Adventure: Recruit
7	Welcoming Wenches: Delay
8	Barroom Brawl (Men 4/+4/+4) 
9	Arrange with Innkeeper: Pay 3 Gold: Resupply and Mounted
10	Minstrel: Music XX: Morale Boost
Note: Unless stated All of the above encounters are of the Settlement Terrain Type

1D100	Encounter:
1	Raw Sewage: Irritant
2	Shop: Roll once on Tavern Table 
3	Shop: Roll twice on Tavern Table
4	Shop: Roll thrice on Tavern Table
5	Shop: Winery: Buy a Few Bottles: Cost 1 Gold: Drink
6	Lepers: Cost 1 Gold or Disease
7	Night Watch requires Bribe: Cost 3 Gold or Imprisoned
8	Constable has Questions: Wits XX: Imprisoned
9	Buy Fancy New Clothes: Cost 1 Gold
10	Shop: Antiquities: Random Relic for Sale: Costs 1D6 Gold
11	Busker: Gamble and Win 1D6-3 Gold
12	Shop: Gambling House: Gamble and Win 1D6-3 Gold
13	Pick Pocket: Detect XX: Lose 1 Gold
14	Shop: Barber Surgeon: Cost 1 Gold to Heal 1 Wounded Hero
15	Shop: Tinker: Cost 1 Gold: Gain 2 Gear Tokens
16	Lucky Fountain: Gain Luck
17	Public: Temple: Costs 1 Gold: Blessed
18	Shop: Horse Merchant: Cost 2 Gold: All Heroes Mounted
19	Public: Library: Discard Magic Hand and Fill to Max
20	Shop: Buy Premium Pipeweed: Costs 1 Gold. Gain Luck
21	Shop: Armorer: You may buy Non-Magic Heavy Armor for 1 Gold
22	Thieves: Detect XX: Lose 1 Random Relic
23	Shop: Brothel: Costs 1 Gold: Morale Boost
24	Feast Day: Music XX: Food
25	Old City Walls: Climb XX: Progress
26	Public: Bazaar: Sell a Relic for 1D6 Gold 
27	Lepers: Cost 1 Gold or Disease
28	Wrestling Ring: Contest Strong XX: Prize
29	Boxing Ring: Contest Fight XX No Armor or Weapons: Prize
30	Shop: Alchemist: Buy 1 Potion for 1 Gold
31	Shop: Scribe: Buy 1 Scroll for 1 Gold
32	Shop: Trader: Trade 1 Relic for a Random Relic 
33	Back Alley Thugs (Men 3/+7/+10) Ambushers
34	Accosted by Duelist: Contest Fight XX DM -4: Murder
35	Target of Assassin: Detect XX DM -7: Murder
36	Music Competition: Music XX: Prize
37	Fair: Cost 1 Gold: Morale Boost
38	Graveyard: Ghoul (Regenerating Undead 2/+6/+7)
39	Sewer Exit: Giant Rats (Beasts Disease Swarm 3/+5)
40	Holy Day: Blessed
41	Masquerade: Wits XX: Info
42	Public: Mercenary Post: Cost 3 Gold: Recruit
43	Adventurers: Recruit up to Twice
44	Pilgrims: XX Priest: Quest or Blessed
45	Inquisitors: Swift XX: Delay
46	Assist in Man-Hunt: Track XX: Reward
47	Wanted Posters: Track XX: Reward
48	Tax Collector: Swift XX: Cost 1 Gold or Imprisoned
49	Con Artist: Wits XX DM -3: Lose 1D3 Gold
50	Pugnacious Ruffians (Men 3/+6/+7)
51	Funeral Procession: Nothing
52	Wander the Streets: Nothing
53	Cutpurse: Detect XX: Lose 1 Gold.
54	Contacted by Secret Society: Quest or Recruit
55	Aristocratic Fop and Bodyguards (Men 3/+8/+5) Slow  
56	Charlatan: Con Artist: Wits XX DM -3: Lose 1 Gold
57	Beggars: Cost 1 Gold: Info
58	Bring out your Dead: Plague: Tough XX: Disease
59	Factional Intrigue: Wits XX: Delay if Fail + Info if Win
60	Insulted by Rakes (Men 3/+9/+6) Fast
61	Public: Baths: Rest or Healed
62	Shop: Fletcher: Cost 1 Gold: Extra Ammo
63	Shop: Provisioners: Cost 2 Gold: Well Equipped 
64	Shop: Herbalist: Cost 1 Gold: Medicinals
65	Shop: Brewer: Buy a Keg: Cost 1 Gold: Drink
66	Public: Town Square: Wits XX: Info
67	Public: Docks: Finish Turn with 3 Rolls on the Sea Table 
68	Street Urchin: Pay 1 Gold: Ally (Street Swift)
69	Shop: Fortune Teller: Cost 1 Gold: Change Fate
70	Flee from Angry Mob: Swift XX or Climb XX: Massacre
71	Raging Fire: Swift XX or Climb XX: Massacre
72	Roll on Event Table
73	Curfew: Nothing
74	Carnival: Delay + Blessed
75	Arena Spectacle: Delay + Morale Boost
76	Public: Academy: Study or Recruit a Hero with Lore Trait
77-90	Pick any Public or Shop result
91+	Roll on Event Table
Note: Unless stated All of the above encounters are of the Settlement Terrain Type

Foes are Combat Challenges. 
They have the notation of (Type X/+Y/+Z) 
X = Hits and Armor Trait Bonus 
+Y = Fight Trait Bonus. Half of +Y rounded down = Strength Trait Bonus  
+Z = Stealth Trait Bonus 
-The Range of the Swiftness Trait is given by the Terms: 
Slow (1D3 -1) or Fast (1D6 +5) If neither are mentioned, the 
Foe will have a Swiftness of (1D3 +2) 
-The Armored and Metallic Traits will Double the Armor Bonus. 
-Traits like Shielded, Shell, Stone, Scales, Thick Hide give +2 to Armor
-The Type will include 1 or more Traits. If any of these traits can be 
Negated (like Poison or Mind or Invisible) the Fight Trait will be 
reduced by -5 to a Minimum of Zero. 


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