Unless specified all encounters take place in Under [U} terrain. 
Others are noted as Wild [W] Settlement [S] and Aquatic [A]

1D100	Encounter:
1	Poison Arrow Trap. Detect XX DM -1 or Swift XX: Murder
2	Camouflaged Spiked Pit Trap. Climb XX DM -1: Murder
3	Covered Pit Trap. Climb XX: Murder
4	Spear Trap. Detect XX DM -2 or Swift XX: Murder
5	Wandering the Hallways: Giant Centipede (Insect 2/+7/+4) Shell
6	In Round Room: Lurker Above (Monster 3/+9/+10) Ambusher 
7	Webs Floor to Ceiling: Giant Spiders (Spider 4/+8/+9)
8	Smell of Guano: Vampire Bats (Swarm Beast 2/+4)
9	Long Corridor (Rat Swarm Beast 3/+5) Fast
10	Natural Chamber (Insect Swarm 3/+4/+6)
11	Bickering Goblins Breaking Stuff (Men 3/+7/+5) Unalert
12	Scavenging Rat Men (Men 4/+5/+11) Fast Range+3
13	Hobgoblins Skulking About (Men 3/+10/+9) Ambushers Range+3
14	Smells Blood: Very Hungry Ogre (Giant 3/+12/+6)
15	Attracted to Noise: Troll (Regenerate Giant 4/+11/+4)
16	Skeletons Rise up in Priestly Vestments (Undead 3/+6/+3)
17	Zombies in Armor (Recruit Regenerate Undead 3/+9/+2) Armored
18	Endless Staircase: Trap. Wits XX: Delay + Starve
19	Bottomless Pit Trap. Climb XX DM -1: Murder Permanent
20	Hissing Gets Louder: Giant Snake (Poison Beast 3/+10/+5)
21	Bells and Chimes Puzzle: Music XX: Delay
22	Chest: Moldy Clothing: Nothing
23	Dusty Shelves: Detect XX: Find Valuable Book worth 3 Gold
24	Broken Furniture: Detect XX DM -1: Relic Ring
25	Pile of Broken Weapons: Detect XX: Relic Weapon
26	Holes in Walls: Detect XX DM -1: Relic Scroll
27	Spilled Bottles: Detect XX DM -1: Relic Potion
28	Shattered Glassware: Detect XX: Medicinals
29	Exploding Runes: Trap. Detect XX: Blast
30	Rust Eater devouring Sword: Swift XX: Lose 1 Metal Relic
31	Junk Draw: Detect XX DM +2: Jewelry worth 1D6 Gold
32	Target Puzzle: Wits XX and Range XX: Win both or Delay
33	Skeletons Chained to Walls: Roll on Event Table
34	Stuck Wooden Door: Strength XX: Delay
35	Locked Iron Door: Mech XX: Delay
36	Clutter: Detect XX: Find Key (Opens Next Locked Door)
37	Locked Stone Door: Mech XX: Delay
38	Metal Bars: Bend Bars: Strength XX: Delay
39	Iron Portcullis: Lift Gate: Strength XX DM -1: Delay
40	Illusion: Detect XX DM- 2: Secret Door
41	Statue Puzzle: Wits XX:  Secret Door
42	Carefully Hidden: Detect XX DM -1: Secret Door
43	Small and up High: Climb XX DM -1: Secret Door
44	Storage Room: Find Old Tools: Adventure Gear
45	Hidden Behind Tapestry: Detect XX: Secret Door
46	Scrawled Graffiti: +2 to next search for Secret Door
47	Pots emanating Foul Odor: Food
48	Troglodytes with Nets (Men 5/+12/+10) Ambushers Thick Skin
49	Poison Gas Trap. Detect XX or Tough XX: Massacre
50	Green Slime Covering Wall (Acid Slime 3/+7) Slow Ambusher
51	Cistern: Water Logged Ghouls (Undead 4/+11/+7) Hoard
52	Cursed Doll Trap: Detect XX: Curse
53	Vaulted Ceiling: Wyvern (Poison Dragon 4/+13/+5) Fast 
54	On Stone Dias: Basilisk (Gaze Monster 2/+10/+4) Scales
55	Dripping from Ceiling: Grey Ooze (Acid Slime 3/+6) Slow Ambusher
56	Filling Corridor: Gelatinous Cube (Acid Slime 4/+8) Slow Hoard
57	Haunted Chamber (Spirit 3/+9/+6)
58	Carved Archway Polymorph Trap. Detect XX: Incapacitate 
59	Torch lit Stairwell: Well Equipped
60	Perched on Upper Ledge: Gargoyle (Animated 2/+8/+10) Stone. Ambusher
61	Dead End. Maze XX: Delay
62	Dank Pool: Giant Toad (Beast 2/+7/+8)
63	Overgrowth: Mushroom Men (Fungi Regenerating Men 4/+8/+9)
64	Sub-Complex: Snake Men (Beast Men Mage Poison 5/+13/+11) Hoard
65	New Tunnel: Giant Horned Beetle (Insect 3/+7/+4) Shell
66	Treacherous Ground: Climb XX: Accident
67	Small Iron Chest. Mech XX: 1D6 Gold in Mixed Coins
68	Strange Noises: Lose Morale Boost
69	Teleporter Trap. Detect XX: Separation
70	Narrow Shaft. Climb XX: Separation for one party member
71	Toppled Statue: Nothing
72	Dark Corner. Detect XX: Scattered Treasure
73	Great Hall: Maze XX: Relic Armor or Shield
74	Room Size Game Board Puzzle. Wits XX DM -1: Separated
75	Scythe Blade Trap. Swift XX: Murder
76	Ceiling Blocks Fall. Swift XX DM +1: Massacre
77	Pile of Rubble: Nothing
78	Brazier and Pile of Charcoal: Nothing
79	In Mouth of Giant Carved Skull. Detect XX: Secret Door
80	Trapped Book: Poison Detect XX or Lore XX: Murder
81	Rolling Boulder Trap. Swift XX: Blast
82	Pivoting Bookcase: Detect XX or Mech XX: Secret Door
83	Clouds of Flying Insects: Irritant
84	Shrieking Mushroom: Next Foes get +7 Stealth
85	Sarcophagus: Coffin Corpse (Undead 2/+7/+9) Ambusher
86	Flaming Oil Trap. Detect XX: (Fire) Blast
87	Hole in the Wall. Giant Ants emerge (Insects 4/+6/+4) 
88	Heap of Trash: Detect XX: Random Relic
89	Pile of Rotting Wood: Detect XX: Relic Wand or Staff
90	Lever Puzzle & Revolving Wall: Mech XX or Wits XX: Separated
91	Oubliette with Scratches on Walls: Swift XX: Buried Alive  
92	Two Talking Doors: 1 is Safe. 1 is a Trap. Wits XX: Murder 
93	Magic Mouth on Wall: Get +2 to Detect Next Trap
94	Gushing Fountain (Water Elemental 4/+11/+13) Ambusher
95	Shrinking Trap: Detect XX: Incapacitated
96	Flooding Room: Trap. Climb XX: Massacre
97	Altar Trap: Detect XX: Curse
98	Pool of Blood: Nothing
99	Statue: Answer Riddle: Wits XX: (Animated 3/+6/+6) Stone
00	Pedestal with Bowl of Magic Fruit (Heal 1 Wounded Hero)

1D40	Encounter:
1	Throne room with Skeletal Remains: Nothing
2	Armory: Well Equipped
3	Watchtower: View of the Landscape: Morale Boost
4	Lords Chambers: Detect XX: Relic
5	Kennel: Zombie Dogs Whining: (Undead 3/+6/+9) Fast
6	Iron Gates: Lift Gates XX: Delay [S]
7	Torch Puzzle: Wits XX: Delay
8	Great Hall in Disarray: Wits XX: Info
9	Giant Rats: Hungry Vermin Attack (Swarm 3/+5)
10	White Skinned Ghoul Wearing Robes (Undead 2/+6/+7) 
11	Kitchen: Recover Cooking Implements worth 1 Gold
12	Study: Detect XX: Find Valuable Book worth 5 Gold
13	Courtyard: Overgrown Rose Bushes: Nothing
14	Valuable Tapestry. 4 Gold. Heavy. Bulky
15	Battlements: Attacked by Apparition (Spirit 3/+11/+8)
16	Crumbling Staircase: Climb XX: Accident
17	Smithy: Recover Smiths Tools worth 3 Gold
18	Stable: Recover Riding Equipment worth 2 Gold
19	Tower with Rotting Catapult: Nothing
20	Princes Chambers: Werewolf (Regenerating 3/+12/+9)
21	Princesses Chambers: Banshee (Spirit 3/+9/+7)
22	Parapets: Hear Wolves Crying: Nothing
23	Audience Chamber: Skeleton with Dagger in Back
24	Stairs: Spirit Painting on Wall: Demoralized
25	Courtroom: Redcap in Jester Outfit (Fey 2/+7/+13)
26	Servants Chambers: 1 Gold worth of Loose Copper Coins
27	Banquet Hall: Dancing Ghosts (3/+6/+5) Indifferent
28	Chapel: Pray: Blessed
29	Dressing Room: Some Salvageable Clothing worth 2 Gold
30	Cellar: Find Bottles of Wine worth 1D6 Gold
31	Torch Holder Mechanism: Detect XX: Secret Passage
32	Hollow Suit of Armor Attacks (Animated 3/+8/+7) 
33	Guest Bedroom: Possessed by Specter (Spirit 3/+7/+11)
34	Stained Glass Windows: Gain Luck
35	Drawbridge: Moat Monster (Aquatic 5/+12/+9) Ambusher [A]
36	Dining Hall: Recover Silverware worth 3 Gold
37	Chandelier Falls: Swift XX: Blast
38	Courtyard: Gargoyle (Animated 3/+10/+7) Stone. Fast [S]
39	Vestibule: Recover Gold Plated Candlesticks worth 2 Gold 
40	Game Room: Recover Ornate Chess Set worth 2 Gold

1D30	Encounter:
1	Ceremony: Cultists with Daggers (Men 3/+5/+9)
2	Bloody Shrine: Nothing
3	Guards with Spears: (Men 3/+8/+9) Swift XX: Alert
4	Empty Holding Cells: Nothing
5	Cornered Evil Priest (Priest 2/+4/+8) Zap +3
6	Pile of Naked Fresh Dead Bodies: Demoralized
7	Captive being Tormented by Imps (Demons 2/+3/+6) Recruit
8	Pit of Fire: Hot Embers: Irritant
9	Stepping through Rift: Minor Demons (Fire 3/+7/+8)
10	Torture Chamber: Cultist with Burning Brand (Man 2/+6/+10) Ambusher
11	Running toward you: Demon Dogs (3/+9/+11) Fast
12	Prisoner Cells: Rescue Captives: Ally (Stealth Detect Swift)
13	Pair of Lesser Demons tearing a body apart (4/+10/+7) Unalert
14	Giant Cauldron full of Cannibal Soup: Food
15	Major Demon eating a Live Captive (5/+15/+8) Indifferent
16	Library with Books on Demon Lore: Lore XX: Info
17	Room full of Bones and Maggots: Nothing
18	Cistern with foul Murky Water: Drink
19	Demonic Carvings on Walls: Lore XX: Info
20	Giant Demon Idol with Gemstone Eyes worth 5 Gold each
21	Dark Acolyte Drawing Pentagram (Mage 2/+5/+8) 
22	Planar Gate: Roll twice on Demon Dimension Encounter Table
23	Free Tied up Naked Girl on Altar: Morale Boost
24	Disrupt Ritual: Servants of Darkness (Men 3/+6/+7): Commotion 
25	Destroy Portal: Gate Keeper (Demon 3/+10/+9): Change Fate
26	Mounted on Wall: Relic
27	Scattered on Floor: Treasure
28	Chased by Cultists: Swift XX: (Men 4/+6/+7)
29	Heap of Squirming Lemures (Demons 3/+2/+3) Unalert
30	Pit of Hellfire: Climb XX: Death Permanent

1D20	Encounter:
1	Storage Pantry: Find Spell Ingredients: Draw 1 Spell Card
2	Wall Panel: Disintegration Trap: Detect XX: Blast
3	Portal to Unknown Location: Separation
4	Clockwork Beast Guard (Animated Metallic 5/+12/+8)
5	Laboratory: Find 1D3 Relic Potions
6	Chemical Jars: Poison Gas Cloud Trap: Detect XX: Massacre
7	Observatory: Find Telescope & Star Charts worth 4 Gold
8	Trophy Room: Detect XX: Relic
9	Summoning Chamber: Major Abomination (6/+12/+6)
10	Strange Chamber: Polymorph Trap. Detect XX: Incapacitated 
11	Menagerie: Giant Spider on ceiling (Poison 3/+9/+9) Ambusher
12	Aquarium: Electric Eels Attack (Lightning 2/+7/+7) [A]
13	Aviary: Cockatrice lurking about (Beast Gaze 1/+14/+5)
14	Apparatus: Electrical Trap: Mech XX: Murder
15	Library: Find Valuable Books worth 1D6 Gold
16	Broken Vats: Slime Monster Attacks (Acid 3/+6/+7) Ambusher
17	Workshop: Recover Tinkers Tools worth 3 Gold
18	Gravitic Anomaly Puzzle: Lore XX: Delay
19	Storage Area: Lore XX: Find Technomancy Device worth 3 Gold
20	Experimentation Room: Flesh Golem (Animated 4/+11/+8)

1D40	Encounter:
1	Stalagmite Forest: Climb XX: Delay
2	Lost in Maze of Caverns: Maze XX: Delay
3	Blind Moths: Nothing
4	Giant Millipedes (Insect Swarm 3/+4)
5	Explorer: Skeletal Remains: Demoralized 
6	Stalactite Cave: Bronze Dragon (7/+14/+8) Fast Breath +4
7	Giant Earwigs (Insects 3/+6/+5)
8	Chasm: Climb XX: Backtrack
9	Giant Worm (4/+9/+6) Thick Hide
10	Crevice: Climb XX: Accident
11	Big Black Giant Beetles (Insect 4/+7/+6) Shell
12	Dropped Item: Relic
13	Albino Crabs: Food
14	Dead End: Pathfinding XX: Backtrack
15	Luminous Scorpions (Poison 2/+7/+7)
16	Rat Swarm (Beasts 3/+5) Disease
17	Dripstone Cave: Nothing
18	Mushrooms: Lore XX: Medicinals
19	Stone Arches: Nothing
20	Kobolds (4/+6/+9) Range+2 Ambushers
21	Terraces: Roll on Event Table
22	Gap: Swift XX: Death
23	Shaft: Climb XX: Death
24	Cave In: Swift XX: Massacre
25	Underground River: Strength XX: Separated [A]
26	Cave Goblins (3/+8/+9) Fast Range+3 Ambushers
27	Ravine: Climb XX: Delay
28	Flying Bloodsuckers: (Beast Swarm 4/+4)
29	Narrow Passages: Swift XX: Delay
30	Dwarf Adventurers: Recruit Dwarf
31	Lofty Caverns: Roll twice on the Underdark Table
32	Briny Pools: Blind Fish: Fishing XX: Food
33	Stone Staircase blocked by Cave Troll (Regenerating Giant 6/+13/+8)
34	Phosphorescent Fungus: Nothing
35	Uneven Ground: Climb XX: Accident
36	Three Armed Rock Eater (Alien Mage 3/+9/+8) Zap +3 Thick Skin
37	Stone Bridge over Chasm: Progress
38	Drafty Cave: Cave Bear (Beast 3/+7/+9)
39	Blocking Boulder: Strength XX: Backtrack
40	Evil Eye Monster Floating About (Alien Mage 3/+13/+11) Slow

1D20	Encounter:
1	Lurking Ghouls (Undead 3/+8/+8)
2	Broken Tomb Stones: Lore XX: Info [S]
3	Zombie Mob (Recruiting Regenerating Undead 5/+6/+6) Slow
4	Open Vaults: Nothing
5	Skeletons with Spears (Undead 3/+8/+7) 
6	Empty Graves: Detect XX: Accident [S]
7	Coffin Corpse (Undead 3/+9/+9) Ambusher
8	Skeleton Warriors (Undead 3/+7/+7)
9	Wrathful Wraith (Spirit 4/+13/+8)
10	Sarcophagus: Treasure
11	Lost in the Catacombs: Pathfinder XX: Delay [U]
12	Zombie Soldiers Milling About (Regenerating Undead 4/+7/+6) Slow
13	Houses of the Dead: Nothing
14	Skeletal Rats (Undead Swarm 4/+2)
15	Skeletal Ogre with Chain (Undead Giant 5/+14/+7)
16	Maze of Grave Stones: Maze XX: Delay [S]
17	Zombie Troll with Axe: (Regenerating Undead Giant 5/+12/+6)
18	Scattered Bones: Nothing
19	Heavy Gate: Strength XX: Delay
20	Skeleton General wielding Relic Sword (Undead 3/+10/+8)
Notes: Unless specified 50% Under [U] or 50% Settlement [S] (Above Ground)

1D20	Encounter: 
1	Large Opening to the Outside: Nothing
2	1D6 Dragon Eggs. Worth 1 Gold Each
3	Hatchlings (2/+5/+4) If Fought 75% Dragon Wakes Up
4	Remains of Dead Knights. Salvage Weapons: Well Equipped 
5	Loose Treasure: Worth 1D6 Gold
6	Pile of Dragon Poop: Irritant
7	Dragon Snoring Sounds: Nothing
8	Knock Rock Over: 50% Dragon Wakes Up
9	Trip over Skeleton: 25% Dragon Wakes Up
10	Maze of Passageways: Maze XX  
11	Pile of Treasure: 1D6 Gold
12	Priceless Artifacts: Relic
13	Scorched Piles of Bones: 1D2 Gold
14	Dank Dark Caverns: Track XX: Backtrack
15	Dragon Stirs: Stealth XX: Delay
16+	Sleeping Dragon. Unalert
Notes: If it is not the Major Foe, The Dragon will be (5/+15/+7) Fast 

1D20	Encounter: 
1	Hostile Miners with Picks and Hammers (3/+9/+8)
2	Task Master with Whip (3/+10/+9)
3	Slaves: Free Them: Ally (Under Climb) 
4	Abandoned Shaft: Pathfinding XX: Backtrack
5	Maze of Passageways: Pathfinding XX: Maze
6	Vein of Ore: Roll on Event Table
7	Scattered Gems: Worth 1D3 Gold
8	Mining Equipment: Adventure Gear
9	Vertical Shaft: Climb XX: Delay
10	Minecart Chase: Swift XX DM -2: Blast
11	Storeroom: Adventure Gear
12	Kegs of Blasting Powder: Extra Ammo
13	Utter Darkness: Pathfinding XX: Delay
14	Mine Collapse: Swift XX: Blast
15	Disturbed Earth Elemental (4/+12/+7)  
16	Deeper Still: Roll twice on the Underdark Table
17	Precious Metal Ingots worth 1D6 Gold
18	Dead End: Pathfinding XX: Backtrack 
19	Piles of Rubble: Climb XX: Accident
20	Deep Gnomes: Detect XX: Steal 1 Relic

1D50	Encounter:
1	Fast Moving Scarab Beetle Swarm (Insect 4/+9) Fast
2	Room full of small Figurines: Lore XX: Gain Luck
3	Hieroglyphic Warnings: Lore XX: Info
4	Sand Man (Elemental 4/+10/+8)
5	Carved Tablet: Exploding Rune Trap: Detect XX: Blast
6	Mummified Zombies rise up: (Regenerating Undead 3/+10/+6)
7	Bone Cases: Detect XX: Find Relic Ring
8	Mummy Guards with Scimitars (Undead 4/+12/+11) Fast
9	Magic Curtain: Trick. Wits XX: Delay
10	Locked up Dao: Angry Earth Djinn (Mage 3/+9/+9) Zap +4
11	Freezing Barrier Trap: Detect XX or Fire Spell: Blast
12	Statue: Detect XX: Sphinx (4/+10/+9) Stone
13	Lightning Barrier Trap: Detect XX or Protection Spell: Blast
14	Pharaoh Statue: Ruby Eyes worth 5 gold Each
15	Fire Barrier Trap: Detect XX or Cold Spell: Blast
16	Skeletal Remains: Detect XX: Find Magic Ankh Relic (Priest +1)
17	Infinite Room Puzzle: Wits XX: Delayed
18	Skeleton Guards with Swords and Shields (Undead 3/+7+7) Shielded
19	Stairs: Roll on Event Table
20	Sand Trap: Swift XX: Massacre
21	Archway: Teleport Trap: Mech XX: Separated
22	Dancing Scimitar (Animated Metallic 3/+7/+9)
23	Alcove: Detect XX: Secret Door
24	Sloping Passageway: Nothing
25	Maze: Delay then Maze XX: Delay
26	Cartouche Puzzle: Wits XX: Delay
27	Raised Dias. Teleport Trap: Detect XX: Separated
28	Underwater Tunnel: Backtrack or Lose all Armor Relics. Drink [A]
29	Magnetic Ceiling Trap: Mech XX: Lose 1 Metallic Relic
30	Multiple Javelin Traps: Swift XX: Blast
31	Murals of the Pharaoh Hunting: Nothing
32	Clones: Fight copies of Heroes. (6/+12/+8) Range+4 
33	Crushing Wall Trap: Mech XX: Massacre
34	Rows of Statues (Animated 5/+14/+8) Stone. Ambushers
35	Collapsing Ceiling: Swift XX: Massacre
36	Doorway: Backtrack or Clay Golems (Animated 4/+12/+6) Indifferent 
37	Snake Pit: Poisonous Vipers (Beasts 2/+8/+13)
38	Piles of Sand: Sand Elemental (Earth 4/+12/+8)
39	Fiery Jackal Headed Demon with Flail (5/+15/+10)
40	Open Sarcophagus: Detect XX: Magic Weapon
41	Murals of Pharaoh at War: Nothing
42	Mummy Priest (Undead Priest 3/+8/+8)
43	Rows of Engraved Pillars: Lore XX: Info
44	Papyrus Scrolls: Detect XX: Relic Scroll
45	Mummified Vampire (Undead Mage 3/+10/+10) Fast
46	Statue of Osiris: Leave an Offering of 1 Relic or Nullify
47	Gargoyles Hidden in corners (Animated 4/+14/+9) Stone. Ambushers
48	Shrine of Ra: Leave an Offering of 3 Gold or Cursed
49	Curse Trap: Detect XX: Cursed
50	Raised Dias: Gold Idol worth 5 Gold

1D60	Encounter:
1	Imps with picks (Demon 2/+3/+8) and 1 Gold worth of Ingots 
2	Poison Gas Trap: Swift XX: Massacre
3	Goblin Horde with Mixed Weapons (Men 4/+6/+8) Range+1
4	Winding Tunnels: Pathfinding XX: Delay
5	Giant Beetles (Insects 3/+7/+6) Shell
6	Lightning Trap: Detect XX: Blast
7	Wooden Door: Strength XX: Delay
8	Chicken Hatchery: Food
9	Guard Room: Stealth XX: Alarm
10	Lava Trap: Detect XX: Casualty
11	Demon Spawn (3/+7/+6)
12	Training Room: Next Foe gets +3 Fight
13	Braced Door: Strength XX: Delay
14	Alarm Trap: Detect XX: Alarm
15	Blood Fly Swarm (Insect 3/+4) 
16	Lair: Next Foe gets +4 Fight
17	Evil Ghost (Spirit 3/+8/+7) 
18	Word of Power Trap: Tough XX: Blast
19	Hell Hounds (Demon Beast 3/+10/+9) Fast
20	Prison: Rescue one Hungry Hero
21	Horned Reaper (Devil 4/+11/+7) Thick Hide
22	Boulder Trap: Swift XX: Massacre
23	Orcs with Crossbows and Swords (Men 4/+8/+9) Range+3
24	Magic Door: Need Spell to open or Delay
25	Skeletons with Spears (Undead 3/+7/+7)
26	Fear Trap: Separated
27	Giant Spiders (Poisonous 3/+9/+8) Ambusher
28	Torture Chamber: Recruit Wounded Hero
29	Tentacle Monster (6/+16/+7)
30	Iron Door: Strength XX DM -2: Delay
31	Cave Troll with Maul (Regenerating Giant 5/+15/+7)
32	Workshop: Next Trap is -2 to Detect
33	Vampire (Recruiting Undead 3/+13/+10) Fast
34	Freeze Trap: Detect XX or Fire Spell: Blast
35	Warlock (Man Mage 2/+6/+8) Zap +4
36	Graveyard: Loot Corpses for 1D3 Gold
37	Black Knight: (Man 3/+8/+8) Armored and Shielded
38	Fireburst Trap: Detect XX or Cold Spell: Blast
39	Dark Elf Archers (3/+9/+9) Range+4
40	Unholy Temple: Next Foe gets +2 Fight
41	Fireflies: Nothing
42	Jack in the Box Trap: Mech XX: Blast
43	Dark Angel (Mage 4/+12/+8)
44	Steel Gate: Lift Gate XX: Backtrack
45	Spider Maiden (Mage Poison 2/+7/+9)
46	Cannon Trap: Swift XX: Blast
47	Salamander (Fire 4/+9/+8) Breath +3
48	Library: Find Valuable Books worth 2D2 Gold
49	Backstabbing Rogue (Man 2/+7/+13) Ambusher
50	Stone Bridge: Next Foe cannot be Evaded
51	Trigger Trap: Next Trap does 1 extra Casualty
52	Portal: Roll 3 times on Demon Dimension Encounter Table
53	Bile Demon (Acid 4/+9/+7) Range+2
54	Detect XX: Secret Door
55	Treasury: 2D6 Gold
56	Dark Mistress: Succubus with Whip (Demon 3/+11/+9) Range+2
57	Casino: Various Monsters (5/+10/+6) Hoard
58	Spike Trap: Detect XX: Murder
59	Destroy Dungeon Heart: Commotion + Progress
60	Young Volcanic Dragon (5/+17/+8) Scales. Fast. Breath +4

1D20	Encounter:
1	Twists and Turns: Maze XX: Delay
2	Dead End: Pathfinder XX: Backtrack
3	Find Chalk or String: Adventure Gear
4	Lost: Wits XX: Demoralized
5	Back Where You Started: Maze XX: Backtrack 
6	Indentation: Detect XX: Secret Door
7	Skeletal Remains: Nothing
8	Center of the Maze: Lore XX: Morale Boost
9	Young Sacrifice: Guide
10	Maze Monster (4/+13/+15) Thick Hide. Fast
11	Darkness: Pathfinder XX: Delay
12	Hunger: Starve
13	Slimy Mushrooms: Food
14	Madness: Wits XX: Accident
15	Path Blocked by Rubble: Strength XX: Progress
16	Wandering Aimlessly: Roll on Event Table
17	Methodical Turns: Wits XX: Progress
18	Waste Away: Starve
19	Going in Circles: Track XX: Backtrack
20	Wander Off: Track XX: Separation

1D20	Encounter:
1	Great Forge: Burning Cinders: Irritant
2	Sentinel Armor (Animated Metallic 2/+9/+15) Alarm
3	Crushing Walls: Climb XX: Massacre
4	Dragon Engine (Animated Metallic 5/+12/+5) Fast
5	Store Rooms: Well Equipped
6	Clay Golem (Regenerating Earth Animated 3/+8/+6)
7	Dark Crystal: Magic Source
8	Disrupt Lines of Worker Drones: Commotion
9	Locked Door: Mech XX: Backtrack
10	Safe Room: Mech XX: Relic
11	Danger Room: Battle Bot (Animated Metallic 4/+3/+7)
12	Giant Furnace: Overheat
13	Reject Room: Misfit Toys (Animated 2/+5/+5) Ambushers
14	Under Construction: Climb XX: Accident
15	Piles of Junk: Lore XX: Delay
16	Conveyor Belt: Dodge Robot Arms: Swift XX: Blast
17	Transformation Vat (Abominations 4/+7/+9) Ambushers
18	Stumbling Eectro Mech (Lightning Animated 4/+13/+4) Range+7
19	Factory Control Room: Sabotage: Commotion
20	Massive Grinder: Swift XX: Massacre

1D50	Encounter:
1	Dark Elf Scouts (Men Mage 4/+14/+11) Range+3
2	Underground River: Strong XX: Separated [A]
3	Dark Denizens: Derro (Men 3/+6/+9) Range+2 Ambushers
4	Sinister Mind Slaver and Thralls (Men Mage 4/+15/+12) Zap+5
5	Web of Tunnels: Maze XX
6	Clever Spiderfolk (Poison 3/+6/+10) Ambushers
7	Suspicious Dwarf Patrol: Wits XX: Ally (Under Fight Climb) 
8	Bloodthirsty Troglodytes (Men 4/+7/+8)
9	Gray Dwarves: Give 2 Gold: Guide
10	Edible Fungus: Food
11	Kuo-Toa Traders: Pay 2 Gold: Resupply or Adventure Gear 
12	Savage Grimlock Tribesmen (4/+8/+9) Range+3
13	Deserted Passages: Starve
14	Vile Hook Horror (Abomination 3/+11/+8) 
15	Lightless Depths: Demoralized
16	Hideous Fomorian (Giant 6/+14/+7) Thick skin
17	Deep Gnome Town: Roll twice on Village Table
18	Hidden Caves: Favor Foe
19	Enormous Quarry: Ponderous Stone Giant (5/+13/+6) Stone
20	Vampire Troupe (Undead Recruit 4/+13/+10) Fast
21	Foraging Deepbear Nomads (Beasts 4/+10/+9)
22	Stale Air: Irritant
23	Fierce Minotaurs (Composite 4/+14/+10) 
24	Crystal Spars: Worth 3 Gold
25	Barbaric Goblinoid war Party (Men 3/+7/+8) Range+3 Ambushers
26	Torches Go Out: Survival XX: Delay
27	Orc Infestation (Men 4/+8/+8) Range+3 Shielded Ambushers
28	Geothermal Fumes: Survival XX: Blast
29	Hulking Umber (Alien Gaze 4/+12/+9) Thick Hide Ambusher
30	Shadow Portal: Detect XX: Separated
31	Lich Realm: Roll twice on the Necropolis Table
32	Eye Tyrant (Alien Mage 3/+8/+10) Zap+6
33	Giant Cockroaches (Swarm 4/+6) Shell
34	Black Pudding (Slime Acid 4/+10/+6) 
35	Fossil Chamber: Roll on Event Table
36	Earth Elemental (5/+15/+7) Armored and Stone
37	Rift: Climb XX: Delay
38	Copper Dragon (Fire 5/+14/+9) Fast Breath+4
39	Subterranean Sea: Roll twice on the Sea Table 
40	Wererat Troupe (Shapeshifters 3/+8/+11) Ambushers
41	Cave Pearls: Worth 2 Gold
42	Treacherous Ground: Climb XX: Accident
43	Three Armed Rock Eater (Alien Mage 3/+9/+8) Thick Skin
44	Geodes: Worth 3 Gold
45	Vast Cavern: Roll twice on the Mushroom Forest Table
46	Crumblestone: Swift XX: Massacre
47	Ice Cave: Survival XX: Freeze
48	Volcanic Region: Roll twice on the Volcanic Table
49	Lava Tubes: Maze XX: Delay
50	Quickstone: Swift XX: Death

1D70	Encounter:
1	False Tunnel Trap: Roof Collapse: Detect XX: Massacre
2	False Tunnel Trap: Trapped Inside: Swift XX: Buried Alive
3	Colorful Mosaics: Info
4	Counter Weighted Poisoned Spike Pit Trap: Detect XX: Murder
5	Bronze Chest Poison Needle Trap: Detect XX DM +2: Murder
6	Lever Activated Deep Pit Trap: Lore XX DM -2: Massacre
7	Rune Message on Floor: Info
8	Arch of Mist: Teleport Puzzle: Wits XX: Separated
9	Great Green Devil Face: Sphere of Annihilation: Wits XX: Murder
10	Forsaken Prison: Mech XX: Backtrack or Buried Alive
11	Lever Trap: Deep Pit: Mech XX: Massacre + Buried Alive
12	Huge 4 Armed Gargoyle (6/+16/+9) Stone: Treasure + Info 
13	Complex of Secret Doors: 3 Tests of Mech XX DM -2: Casualty + Retry 
14	Great Hall of Spheres: Detect XX: Delay
15	Illusion Covered Crawlway: Detect XX: Delay
16	Magic Archway: Wits XX: Separated + One group Loses all their Relics
17	3 Armed Statue: Wits XX DM -2 and lose 3 Gold: Gain Gem of Seeing Relic
18	Gold Chest: Asp Swarm (Beast Poison 3/+6/+9) Fast
19	Silver Chest: Dart Trap: Blast + Relic Ring
20	Wood Chest: Giant Skeleton with 2 Scimitars (Undead 6/+14/+8) Armored
21	Magic Mouth: Info
22	False Door: Spear Trap: Swift XX: Murder
23	Chapel of Evil: Detect XX: Treasure
24	Gas Trap: Tough XX: Weakened
25	Opalescent Blue Altar: Lightning Trap: Swift XX: Blast
26	Glowing Orange Archway: Wits XX: Cursed
27	Stone Gate: Wits XX and lose 1 Gold or Relic Ring: Delay
28	Wooden Door in Pit: Detect XX DM -1: Delay
29	Locked Oaken Door: Strength XX: Delay
30	Tilting Floor into Fiery Pit of Molten Lava: Swift XX: Massacre Permanent
31	Magic Secret Door: Mage XX: Delay
32	False Crypt: Fear Gas: Tough XX: Delay
33	Webs: Magical Fire to pass or Backtrack
34	Zombie Imposter (Undead 3/+7/+8) Armored 
35	Jade Coffer: Treasure + Relic Potion + Relic Scroll
36	Programmed Illusion of Cave-In: Wits XX: Barred
37	Mummy Preparation Room: Huge Ochre Jelly (Slime Acid 4/+11/+7)
38	Huge Pit of Shooting Spikes: Mage XX: Massacre
39	Agitated Chamber: Angry Asps (Poison 2/+6/+10) Fast: Loot
40	Large Tapestries: Green Slimes (Acid 5/+15/+9) Ambusher
41	Good Siren: Wits XX: Ally (Mage Stealth Music) 
42	Cavern of Gold and Silver Mists: Delay
43	False /True/Trap Door: Wits XX: Delay
44	Sleep Gas and Stone Juggernaut: Tough XX: Massacre Permanent 
45	Adamantite Door: Wits XX: Delay
46	Pillared Throne Room: Levitation Trick: Mage XX: Separated
47	Charred Remains: Evil Exploding Gem: Lore XX: Massacre
48	Ebony Dias and Silver Throne: Wits XX: Delay
49	Cursed Crown and Scepter: Wits XX: Death Permanent
50	Stone Table: Mummy (Undead 4/+12/+8)
51	Animated Swords & Shields (Metallic 7/+17/+9) Fast
52	Chamber of Hopelessness: Demoralized
53	Wondrous Foyer: Heal XX: Massacre 
54	Valves of Mithril: Wits XX: Separated + One Group loses all Relics
55	False Treasure Room: Nullify
56	Bronze Urn: Efreet: Ally (Mage Wits Detect)
57	Granite Sarcophagus: Shattered Skull: Broken Staff: Nothing
58	Iron Chests: Poison Needle Trap: Mech XX: Death: Loot
59	The Crypt: Ascending Vault: Swift XX: Blast Permanent
60	Pick the Right Key or Explosion: Wits XX: Casualty
61	Swirling Dust: Ghost (Spirit 3/+13/+8)
62	Pile of Gems: Treasure
63	Find Relic Sword, Relic Staff, and Relic Ring 
64	Temporary Respite: Rest
65	Secret Door: Detect XX: Delay
66	Find all Relics lost when Separated
67	Vulture Headed Demon (6/+15/+10) Fast
68	Horned Demon (6/+14/+11) Fast
69	Cursed Weapons: Lore XX: Cursed
70	One Way Doors: Backtrack

Foes are Combat Challenges. 
They have the notation of (Type X/+Y/+Z) 
X = Hits and Armor Trait Bonus 
+Y = Fight Trait Bonus. Half of +Y rounded down = Strength Trait Bonus  
+Z = Stealth Trait Bonus 
-The Range of the Swiftness Trait is given by the Terms: 
Slow (1D3 -1) or Fast (1D6 +5) If neither are mentioned, the 
Foe will have a Swiftness of (1D3 +2) 
-The Armored and Metallic Traits will Double the Armor Bonus. 
-Traits like Shielded, Shell, Stone, Scales, Thick Hide give +2 to Armor
-The Type will include 1 or more Traits. If any of these traits can be 
Negated (like Poison or Mind or Invisible) the Fight Trait will be 
reduced by -5 to a Minimum of Zero. 


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