Hero:			Traits:
Ranger of the North	Fight Wild+2 Detect Range+2 Rider Strong Swift Climb
Wasteland Warrior	Fight+3 Strong+2 Range Dual Wield Tough Climb Swift
Blue Mountain Dwarf	Fight+2 Strong+2 Under+2 Tough+2 Mech+2 Climb
Valley Elf		Wild+2 Range+3 Music Heal Stealth+2 Swift Climb
White Tower Wizard	Mage+3 Lore+3 Wits+2 Detect Rider
Dread Coast Pirate	Fight Aquatic+2 Wits Lore Steal Detect Stealth Climb
Intrepid Explorer	Fight Aquatic Wild Settlement Under Lore+2 Climb Tough Swift
Travelling Bard		Wits+2 Music+3 Settlement Lore+2 Rider Detect Swift
Dwarf Giant Slayer	Armor+2 Fight+2 (Slay Giant) Under Tough Strong Martyr Charge
City of Brass Thief	Stealth+3 Mech Detect+2 Settlement Swift Climb Steal
Hunted Bounty Hunter	Range Fight+2 Climb Rider Settlement Stealth Detect Swift+2
Cleric of the Just God	Priest+2 Armor Fight Heal+2 Detect Music (Slay Undead) Foresee
Order of Light Paladin	Priest Armor+2 Fight+2 Strong Rider Heal (Slay Undead) Martyr
Witch Hunter		Priest Range+2 Fight+2 Rider Swift Lore (Slay Mage) Detect
Kings Man Chevalier	Fight+2 Rider+2 Armor+2 Charge Lore Music Martyr
Questing Knight		Fight+2 Rider Strong Armor Lore Wits Detect Climb Swift
Gallivanting Prince	Fight+2 Rider+2 Range Wits Lore+2 Dual Wield Music
Druid of the Mistletoe	Mage+2 Priest Wild+2 Rider Stealth Lore Detect Climb
Aristocratic Duelist 	Fight+3 Dual Wield Settlement Swift Lore Wits Stealth
Grey Elf Wanderer	Mage Fight Range Lore+2 Music Wits Heal Wild Rider
High Elf Battle Mage	Mage+2 Fight+2 Range+2 Rider Stealth Lore
Dwarf Rune Master	Mage+2 Lore+2 Wits Tough Under Strong Detect+2
Border Town Rogue	Fight Detect Swift+2 Settlement Stealth+2 Wits Climb Steal
Mercenary Archer	Range+4 Swift Detect Rider Climb Stealth
Village Healer		Heal+3 Rider Settlement Swift Wits Wild Detect
Tomb Raider		Under+2 Fight Climb Swift Detect Wits Mech Stealth Steal
Runaway Apprentice	Mage Swift Rider Settlement Detect Lore Climb Stealth
Frost Lands Barbarian	Fight+2 Strong+2 Stealth Tough+2 Rider Wild Climb Charge
Priestess of Dawn	Priest+3 Wits Lore Detect Heal+2 Music Foresee
Pit Fighter		Fight+3 Strong+3 Dual Wield Tough+3
Half Orc Battlemaster	Fight+2 Tactics Range Armor Tough Rider Dual Wield Strong
Gnome Tinker		Range Mech+3 Detect+2 Stealth+2 Fight Climb, Under
Gnome Illusionist	Mage Stealth+2 Lore Wits+2 Detect+2 Under Swift
Dwarf Runner		Fight Swift+2 Climb+2 Stealth Under Strong Detect Tough
Halfling Burglar	Range Detect Stealth+3 Wits Swift Climb+2 Steal
Halfling Sherriff 	Fight Range+2 Climb Wits Swift Detect+2
Elven Maiden		Mage Heal+2 Wild Stealth Rider+2 Detect Lore Music
Hedge Wizard		Mage Heal Wild Stealth Detect Climb Rider Lore Foresee
Master Artificer	Mage+2 Mech+4 Fight Range Lore+2
Elder Race Invoker	Mage Priest+2 Lore+2 Music Mech Detect Under Wits
Elementalist		Mage Zap+3 Lore Detect Wild Under Climb Tough
Devout Friar		Priest Fight Tough Rider Heal Music Wits Lore Detect Martyr
Holy Seer		Priest+2 Foresee+3 Lore+2 Detect+2 Wits
Spellsword  		Fight+3 Mage Tactics Zap Charge Stealth Swift Dual Wield 
Otherworldly Warlock	Mage+2 Zap+2 Priest Lore+2 Detect+2 Foresee
Enigmatic Mystic	Mage Priest Lore Detect Wild Heal Wits+2 Music Foresee  
Red Hand Assassin	Fight Stealth+3 Poison Settlement Climb+2 Tactics Swift
Harlequin 		Settlement+2 Wits+2 Detect Foresee Lore Swift Climb Music
Viking Raider		Fight+2 Strong Stealth Aquatic Tough Range Rider Swift Armor
Viking Berserker	Fight+2 Tough+2 Charge+2 Strong+2 Swift Martyr
Greek Hoplite		Fight+2 Swift Armor+2 Range Lore Music Strong Tough
Gladiator		Fight+3 Tough+2 Armor+2 Tactics Strong Swift
Amazon Warrior		Fight+2 Range+2 Heal Swift Rider Wild Stealth Tactics
Ancient Mariner		Aquatic+2 Strong Magic Lore Detect Foresee Tough Fight Climb
Gypsy Traveler		Foresee Stealth+2 Steal Wits Rider Music Swift Detect Lore
Zealot			Priest Fight (Slay Men) Swift Lore Detect Stealth+2 Charge Martyr 
Bodyguard		Fight+2 Martyr Swift+2 Tough+2 Tactics Detect Strong
Philosopher		Foresee+2 Lore+3 Wits+2 Detect+2 Settlement
Dwarf Tunnel Fighter	Fight+2 Armor+2 Strong Tactics Under+2 Swift Stealth
Swashbuckler		Fight+2 Swift+2 Wits Climb Stealth Aquatic Settlement Tactics
Mystic Warrior		Fight+2 Mage Priest Foresee Swift Strong Lore Wits Climb
Half-Elf Mage Thief	Fight Mage Range Stealth+2 Steal Swift Climb Detect Lore
Crusader Knight		Fight+2 Tough+2 Armor+2 Strong Rider Tactics Martyr
Highlander		Fight+2 Strong+2 Rider Wild Climb Wits Music Tough


Magic:			Type:	Traits:
Fireball		Spell	(Fire) Zap +5
Lightning Bolt		Both	(Air Lightning) Zap +5
Cone of Cold		Spell	(Water Cold) Zap +4
Magic Missile		Spell	(Air Earth Energy) Zap +3
Disintegrate		Spell	(Fire Energy) Destroy +3
Light			Both	(Fire Air Energy) Detect +3 Distract +4
Darkness		Both	(Death Sight) Stealth +4 Distract +5 
Danger Sense		Spell	(Life) Stealth +3 Detect +5 Traps (Negate Invisibility)
True Sight		Both	(Sight) Detect +7 (Negate Invisibility)
Open Way		Both	(Matter Space) Get +5 vs Door or Gate or Barrier
Giant Strength		Both	(Transform) Strong +6 Range +5 for rest of Combat
Energize		Both	(Life Energy) Strong +3 Swift +3 Fight +3
Clarity			Spell	(Mind) Wits +5
Mending 		Both	(Matter) Heal +3 or Mech +3
Lay on Hands		Bless	(Holy) Heal +4
Cure			Bless	(Life Holy) Heal +5
Healing Rain		Bless	(Life Water) Heal +7 (Targets all Wounded Heroes)
Reincarnate		Both	(Spirit Holy) Revive +5 (Comes back as a New Hero)
Resurrect		Bless	(Life Spirit Holy) Revive +4
Legend Lore		Both	(Sight) Lore +9
Dragon Form		Spell	(Dragon Transform) Fight +10 Breath +3 for rest of Combat
Turn into Toad 		Spell	(Transform) Immobilize +2
Find Trap		Spell	(Sight) Auto Negate Trap
Phase Door		Spell	(Earth Matter) Progress Result for Dungeon Terrain
Turn Undead		Bless	(Holy) Repel +4 vs Undead
Fear			Spell	(Mind Chaos Death) Repel +4 vs Men Beasts
Stone to Flesh		Both	(Earth) Destroy +5 vs Stone; Negate Gaze Petrify
Psionic Blast		Spell	(Mind) Zap +4
Awe			Bless	(Holy Sight) Repel +5
Growth			Spell	(Transform) Hero gets Fight +14 for rest of Combat
Gust of Wind		Spell	(Air) Repel +6
Illusion		Spell	(Mind Sight) Distract +5 vs Men Dragons Beasts Giants 
Forget			Spell	(Mind) Distract +6 vs Men Giants
Mesmerize		Both	(Mind Sight) Control +5 vs Men
Charm			Spell	(Mind) Control +4 vs Men Beasts 
Command 		Spell	(Mind) Control +3	
Poison Gas Cloud	Spell	(Air Poison) Destroy +5 vs Men Beasts
Insect Swarm		Both	(Call Life Death) Distract +4
Death 			Both	(Death) Destroy +6 vs Men Beasts
Smite			Bless	(Holy) Fight +4 Double Damage
Haste			Both	(Time Energy) Fight +3 Swift +3 for Rest of Combat
Sleep			Spell	(Mind) Immobilize +4 vs Men Beasts
Paralyze		Both	(Matter Mind) Immobilize +3
Hold Person		Bless	(Holy Mind) Immobilize +4 vs Men
Web			Spell	(Life) Immobilize +5 (Spirits, Elementals Immune)
Shrink			Spell	(Transform) All Traits of Target reduced to Zero
Petrify			Both	(Earth Transform) Destroy +5
Tangle Roots		Both	(Call Life Plant) Immobilize +5
Invisibility		Spell	(Sight) Stealth +7 for Rest of Combat
Dispel Evil		Bless	(Holy Abjure) Destroy +5 Undead Spirit Demon
Dispel Magic		Spell	(Meta Abjure) Destroy +6 Animated Elemental Clockwork
Wish			Spell	(Meta) See Notes
Teleport		Spell	(Space) Progress for non-Sea or Dungeon Terrains
Miracle			Bless	(Holy) Same as Wish
Breathe Water		Spell	(Water) Aquatic +5 (Swimming and Combat only)
Rust			Spell	(Water Chaos) Mech +6 or Destroy +7 vs Metallic
Flight			Both	(Air Space) Climb +7 Swift +5
Magic Shield		Both	(Energy) Armor +2 for Rest of Combat
Magic Armor		Both	(Energy) Armor +3 for Rest of Combat
Circle of Protection	Bless	(Energy Holy Abjure) Protection +4
Divine Intervention	Bless	(Holy) Protection +8
Remove Curse		Bless	(Holy Meta Life Abjure) End a Curse Effect
Curse			Both	(Death) Handicap +4
Earthquake		Both	(Earth) Range +8
Blind			Both	(Sight Death) Handicap +5
Weakness		Both	(Energy Death) Handicap +6
Exorcism		Bless	(Holy Abjure) Repel +7 vs Spirit
Force Field		Spell	(Energy) Protection +5
Summon Wall		Both	(Fire Erath Air Water Call) Protection +6
Invulnerability		Both	(Matter) Armor +5
Raise Dead		Both	(Call Life Holy Death) Revive +5
Divination		Both	(Holy Spirit Sight) Gain 2 Luck Tokens 
Alter Reality		Spell	(Meta) Gain 1 Luck Token and Draw 1 Magic Card
Demonic Tutor		Spell	(Demon) Gain 1 Info Token and Draw 1 Magic Card
Summon Skeletons	Spell	(Call Death) Fight +3 for rest of Combat
Air Elemental   	Spell	(Call Air) Fight +3 for rest of Combat
Fire Elemental  	Spell	(Call Fire) Fight +5 for rest of Combat
Earth Elemental 	Spell	(Call Earth) Fight +6 for rest of Combat
Water Elemental 	Spell	(Call Water) Fight +4 for rest of Combat
Summon Wolves		Spell	(Call Life) Fight +4 for rest of Combat
Time Stop		Spell	(Time) Immobilize +6 
Reverse Time		Spell	(Time) Replay Challenge from the Beginning
Destruction		Both	(Chaos Abjure) Commotion
Enchantment		Both	(Transform) Gain 1 Relic
Alchemy			Both	(Transform) Gain 1 Potion or 2 Gold

-Summon and Call Spells can only be used in certain Terrains: 
Wolves: Wilderness Only 
Zombie, Earth, and Fire Elementals: Street, Wilderness and Underground
Water Elementals: Sea, Wilderness, Street, and Underground
Air Elementals: Sky, Sea, Wilderness, Street, and Underground

Wishes and Miracles have multiple possible Effects. Pick One: 
-Draw 5 cards from the Magic, Hero, or Relic Deck and keep one. 
-Heal or Revive a Casualty automatically. 
-Choose the Result of a Target Die-roll. 
-Mimic any other Spell or Bless.  


Relic:			Traits:
Magic Plate		(Matter) Armor +3 
Enchanted Hauberk	(Transform) Armor +2 Strong +1
Dragon Scale Armor	(Dragon) Armor +2 Fight +1 
Mithiril Mail		(Earth) Armor +1 Tough +2
Holy Mace		(Holy) Blessed Fight +5 vs Undead
Holy Symbol		(Holy) Repel +3 Undead Demons (Once per Combat)
Wizards Scroll		(Meta) Arcane Discard to Draw 3 Spell Cards Keep one. 
Staff of Power		(Meta) Arcane Mage +1
Cloak of Invisibility	(Sight) Stealth +4
Rope of Climbing	(Air) Climb +4
Boots of Speed  	(Air) Swift +4
Potion of Strength	(Transform) Discard for Strong +5
Bag of Holding		(Space) Hero can Carry an extra 3 Relics
Rod of Blasting		Arcane (Energy) Destroy Door (Once per Turn)  
Wand of Foom		Arcane (Fire) Zap +5 (Once per Combat)
Wand of Plinking	Arcane (Energy) Zap +1 
Wand of Wonder		(Meta) Arcane Distract +2 (Once per Combat)
Deck of Many Things	(Meta) Mage +1
Djinn Lamp		(Call) 3 Wishes (As Wish Spell) then Discard
Antidote		(Life) Potion: Discard to Heal Casualty caused by Poison
Polymorph Potion	(Transform) Discard for Fight +10 this Combat
Potion Invulnerability	(Energy) Discard: Negate 1 Future Casualty this Encounter
Luck Potion		(Fate) Discard: Party gets +1 to all Tests this Turn
Great Spear		(Matter) Fight +2 Range +2
Vorpal Blade		(Space) Fight +4 (This does an extra Hit of Damage 50%)
Pole of Plenty		(Water) Fish +3
Salve of Healing	(Life) Potion: Heal +2. Discard after 3 Uses
Time Turner		(Time) Replay Encounter from the Beginning (Once per Turn) 
Mirror Shield		(Sight) Destroy +10 (once per Combat) Foe with Gaze
Enchanted Net		(Water) Immobilize +3 (Once per Combat) Fish +2
Dagger of Venom		(Poison) Fight +1 vs Men Beasts
Holy Hand Grenade	(Holy) Blessed Discard for Range +6
Holy Water		(Holy) Potion: Discard for Range +6 vs Undead Demons
Hammer of Throwing	(Earth) Fight +2 Range +3
Lightning Rod		(Lightning) Arcane (Lightning) Zap +3 (Twice per Combat)
Dancing Sword		(Life) Fight +2 (Owner may use another Weapon) 
Firebrand Sword		(Fire) Fight +3
Acid Flask		(Acid) Potion: Discard for Range +4 
Rune Sword		(Death) Fight +3 Heal +2
Elder Bow		(Sight) Range +3 Hunt +2
Sling of Seeking	(Sight) Range +2
Rod of Resurrection	(Holy Life) Revive +5 (3 Uses) 
Dragon Spear		(Dragon) Fight +2 Strong +1 (Slay Dragons)
Goblin Bane Sword	(Matter) Fight +2 Strong +1 (Slay Humanoids)
Ice Bow			(Cold) Range +3
Endless Quiver		(Matter) Gain 2 Ammo Tokens at beginning of Turn
Eldritch Blade		(Spirit) Fight +2 Strong +1 (Slay Spirits) 
Horn of Gales		(Air) Repel +4
Crystal Ball		(Sight) Foresee
Horn of Summoning	(Call) Warrior Allies (Fight Strong Armor) Once per Turn
Winged Boots		(Air) Swift +1 Climb +3
Titans Shield		(Transform) Armor +2 Strong +1
Shield of Faith		(Holy) Armor +2 Martyr
Great Helm		(Matter) Armor +1 Fight +1
Jade Helmet		(Mind) Armor +1 Resist Mind
Commanders Helm		(Mind) Armor +1 Tactics
Crown of Control	(Mind) Control +5 vs Men (Once per Encounter)
Snake Staff		(Holy) Blessed (Poison) Fight +2 vs Men Beasts
Flask of Poison Gas	(Poison) Potion: Discard for Destroy+4 Men Beasts
Ring of Protection	(Energy) Armor +1 Tough +1
Ring Fire Resistance	(Fire) Resist Fire
Magicians Scroll	(Meta) Arcane Discard to Draw 3 Spell Cards keep 1 
Mages Scroll		(Meta) Arcane Discard to Draw 3 Spell Cards keep 1
Staff of Healing	(Holy Life) Blessed Heal +4 (Once per Encounter)
Holy Grail		(Holy) Priest +1
Holy Sword		(Holy) Fight +2 Strong +2 (Slay Undead)
Magic Skeleton Key	(Matter) Mech +4 (Opening Locks only)
Potion of Healing	(Life) Discard for Heal +6
Elixir of Life		(Life) Potion: Discard for Revive +6
Ogre Gauntlets		(Transform) Strong +4
Staff of Striking	(Holy) Blessed Fight +2 
Amulet of Warding	(Meta) Foe Mages get -3 to their Spell Tests
Magic Pipes		(Sound) Music +5 Control +4 vs Beast (Once per Combat)
Horn of Plenty		(Matter) Gain 1 Food Token at beginning of your Turn
Philosophers Stone	(Transform) Gain 1 Gold at beginning of your Turn
Demon Mask		(Demon) Repel +3 vs Men Beasts (Once per Combat) 
Magic Mirror		(Sight) Arcane Lore +5 (Once per Turn) 
Magic Goggles		(Sight) Detect +1 Mech +1
Gem of Seeing		(Sight) Detect +2
Thinking Cap		(Mind) Wits +1
Bottle Imp		(Demon Call) Gain 1 Info Token at the start of your turn

-Big: You cannot get this into or out of a Dungeon
-When searching for a Potion, Scroll, or particular type of items, simply 
Flip through the deck and draw the first one you come across. 


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