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Kitty Tease
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John Galkiewicz
(The Galkie Co.)

Third cloud to the left, right section, tire 5, puff 9

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My purpose here now apparently completed I am now "Home" with the LORD.

There is no longer anyone here to move the quality things I sold.
The Galkie Co. is now out of business.
I have left my website up as an example of what was, for it was and still is
full of information and is a very good example of a wholesome home based website. I
am glad I was able to provide this site to those that sought it out.


Kitty Tease" Cat Toy    "Vietnam Moments"   The "Book of Revelation" simplified

Understanding Islam    Inventor Guides/Consulting    Fiberglass Pointers    Swat Rod for Dog Bite Defence

Save-A-Life...With Ice    Cold Sores, Nightime Cough Remedy, and New Poison Ivy Cream

  Private Internet Memorial Sites    Printable Fonts Reference     Spaghetti Sauce Receipt

Kitty Tease Cat Toy/Exerciser

The Kitty Tease is a interactive cat toy that was voted
"Best Cat Toy In The Last 30 Years"

by the readers and editors of 
CAT FANCY magazine, the nation's leading
cat magazine.
"Vietnam Moments"

A collection of short stories centering on John's time in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot with the
281st  & 192nd Assault Helicopter Companies


The "Book of Revelation" Explained
Galkie's Way.

The last book of the bible, "Revelation" is one hard
book to understand.  This is a condensed version that is very easy to understand, whcih will allow you to 
go the Bible, read Revelation and understand it this time around. 

Inventor Guides

Got an idea for a new gadget and don't have the faintest idea what to do with it?  These guides were assembled by the members of the 
Tennessee Inventors Association 
to answer those questions and more...



K-9 Swat Rod

The Swat Rod is a dog-bite protection device that was designed by a frustrated runner to thwart a dog attack before it begins.  Not affected by wind, rain, snow or cold and always at the ready to repel a dog attack before it begins.

(Jeffrey Dobkin)

Save A Life...With Ice

You may be able to extend the life of a drowning victim by 30 or more minutes, which just might be enough time for emergency personal to arrive at the scene, and bring that person back to life.


Got a Cold Sore or Nighttime Cough?

Tired of having "cold sores" on your lip?
Try a dab of "Ether" or "Buttermilk".
Try "Peppermint Schnapps" for that
nagging nighttime cough.

"Private" Internet Memorial web sites.

For those of you that have the urge for spiritual remembrance of a deceased loved one and can not make it to that loved one's final resting place due to sickness, distance or weather I offer you this Memorial option.



Galkie's Printable "Fonts" Reference 

This is a printable "Fonts" reference for those 
of you that are tired of having to look up or go back and forth for that special font you're in need of for that project of yours.

Galkie's Spaghetti Sauce

Quick To Fix - Homemade Tasting
spaghetti sauce and is it ever good.