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WO-2  John Galkiewicz
"The Kid"

"The only difference between wars is the time and the toys"
(Author unknown)

These are the stories, as I remember them, of my time in
Vietnam while serving as a helicopter pilot with both the
281st and 192nd AHC (Assault Helicopter Company).

"You are finally a Professional when you no
longer have to prove you are a Professional."
Life has shown me over and over that in any
given profession probably only about 5% truely
"understand" that profession and those are the
people you want to be around.

John Galkiewicz

Vietnam  (281st & 192nd)
How It All Began
Gulf of Mexico
New York City
Head Waters of the Amazon
Coal Fields of Kentucky

Note:  Please bear with me on the grammar for I am not a
school trained writer and if you find sections
of some stories seemingly missing, please
let me know so I can put them back in.

The Pilot's Prayer

LORD, please don't let me screw up and get someone hurt or killed.

281st AHC ('67-'68)

Prelude    281st Introduction

The First Months   The First Hot LZ    Christmas 67'   Shot Down

Sp4 Paschall's Death   The Teams  And Out He Went  The Miracle Rocket

Pucker Factor    The Shark and the Hospital Ship

  Psy-Ops Warfare   The Antenna  Up Lift International

  The Longest Night of My Life   Working With The South Koreans   Dalat

  Dalat's South Pass   The Reporter   How "One-Lung" Got His Nickname

The Major, Mountain Yards, and the Monsoon   The Faked TV Assault

Marble Mountain    The Russian Helicopter    Sniper    The Crash

Original 281st
281st Association


192nd AHC ('68)

Into the 192nd

 Captain Casey     The People Sniffer     Cpt. Kim and the Ambush

Not Mature Enough    Scared to Death #2 and Epilogue

All Other Chopper

How It All Began

How It All Began   Basic Training    Flight School


Germany   The Huhns


Korea    Regrets

Gulf of Mexico

Petroleum Helicopters    Gulf Life

New York City

 Rail Road Track Police Patrol    Heavy Lift   The Night Bank Run

Head Waters of the Amazon

Off To Peru    Lima   The Headwaters of the Amazon

The Coal Fields of Kentucky

Off To The Coalfields    Harbert Construction   Limits & Medivac Flights

Pulling Rank    "Slick"   Jet Planes   Wire Strike     Mr. Harbert's Mom

Lunch   My Shooting Range   Wildlife On The Jobs   Being Professional

Who Left The Seatbelt Out   The Millionaires Club

The Beginning Of The End



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