Got A Cold Sore?

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Got A Cold Sore?

    Got a Cold Sore starting?  This is what worked for me and my wife.  I put a little "ether" on a cotton ball and dabbed very sparingly (just 1 or 2 dabs) on the cold sore area.  From that time on, it started to go away.

    I use to get cold sores on the left side of my upper lip about 3 times a year.  I always knew the day before that one was on it's way because of the strange tingling feeling I got in that spot.  Mom would have me put on some Blistex but all that did was advertise  the fact that I now had a cold sore on my lip.  That lasted some 40 years.
    Several years ago I read an article about applying "ether" to the area, which then would stop that cold sore flat.  I tried it and did it ever work, only problem was that I put too much on and scabbed it over and that lasted longer then the original cold sore would have.  I have probably stopped over two dozen cold sores before they got started using this treatment.
   Ether is hard to find and no matter how tight I got the cap it would evaporate out over time.  I use to buy a small can of ether at the drug store but now few drug stores carry it or will even order it for me.   When I had it and felt that telltale tingle on my lip I would put a little on a cotton ball and dabbed the tingling spot just 1 or 2 times, not 3 or 4.  Somehow, the ether acted like a "switch" and stopped the cold sore in it's tracks, at least that's the way it did for me.  I would dab it again just before bed time, just 1 or 2 times, and that's all there was to it.   Again, I tried not to overdue it because my lip could only stand a little of it at a time.  If I dabbed more than 2 times it would scab over instead of going away so now I do not dab more than twice a day when I feel one is on the way.  I use to think "a little more is better" but now I know better.  It worked for me.

Note:  It has come to my attention that several people out there have had problems finding ether in the pure form.  After all my ether had evaporated away my wife started coming down with a cold sore and we could not find any ether in the pure form.  She was desperate so her only other option was to go to an auto parts store and purchase a spray can of "starting fluid" that had ether as the main ingredient.  She sprayed a little on a cotton ball and applied it as normal.  It worked and her cold sore started going away before it had a chance to really get started.  This worked for her with no side effects but each person is different and again I am not a doctor, just a cold sore depository!  It works for me as well.  If you decide to go this route please email me with your results so that others may benefit from your experience.

Buttermilk may also help...

    While talking with a nurse friend lately I was told that "Buttermilk" also did wonders for early stage cold sores.  It seems that the high concentration of "Lysine" in buttermilk is not a very friendly environment for the "herpes cold sore virus".  Though I have not as yet had the opportunity to give it a try I just thought I would pass that along.  Beware though, that stuff tastes awful and I do not know if you have to drink a lot of it or just dab in on like ether.  Though I know buttermilk is not compatible with most taste buds going with straight lysine is a different story.  If you decide to go with this supplement please check it out to find out what lysine is NOT compatible with.

"Curasore" may also be of help..

    As more and more people find this site in relation to their cold sore problem more information about  such keeps coming in to me.  I have recently been told that a commercial product called "Curasore" is on the market and Internet, ( which also combats cold sores with ether.  I have never heard of this product so I can not vouch for it.  I am letting you know about it because remedies that actually work are indeed rare.  Sometimes though the little guy has the answer, which the BIG boys don't really want you to know about.  You may have to ask your druggist to order this one for you because at this time it is not available on their site.

Night Time Cough

Got a bad cough especially at night, try Peppermint Schnapps!

    When I was stationed in Germany I learned one of the best kept secrets that the Germany people enjoyed.  Got a bad nighttime cough, try sipping a little Peppermint Schnapps.  Peppermint Schnapps cost less than $4 for a small bottle and you only need a little bit so it goes a very long way.  For me it seems to coat the throat all the way down and in doing so sort of peppermintly stuns the sides of the throat which somehow stops the coughing.  It gives me about 20-30 minutes to get to sleep, which is usually enough.  It takes only about 2 minutes before the cough amazingly stops.  Give it a try and you may never buy the much more costly bottled cough syrup again.   And remember, for the best effect, don't swallow until you are lying down flat.  A tablespoon is all you should need. 

Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy seems to seek me out.  I have had it really bad twice in my life and I sure do not like it.  This last bout with it left my forearms swollen and my right eye swollen shut as well.  I had it for several days, trying to relieve the itch with Calamine & Caladryl lotions, when a friend told me to immediately take an antihistamine and some of that NEW Poison Ivy cream.  I had never heard of a cream for poison ivy but at this point I was willing to try about anything.  I immediately took off for Wal-Mart and picked up some allergy medication.  I then asked the pharmacist there about the cream and he immediately put me on to a new cream just for poison ivy and such called ZANFEL.   I looked at that little tube and it's $30 price tag and wondered if I was just about to waste $30.  Knowing what I know now I would have paid $100 for that little tube.
     When I got home I read the simple instructions then squeezed out about 2" worth and rubbed it into my wet hands.  It felt like toothpaste with quite a bit of sand in it.  As I rubbed that paste into my forearms that sand in there did all the scratching I so badly wanted to do to myself.  I just rubbed and rubbed until most of the paste was gone, I was in 7th heaven during that scratching.  Seems the sand irritates and opens up the pores of the skin exposing the ivy toxin URUSHIOL, which is what makes you itch so badly.  Whatever is in Zanfel grabs those urushiol toxins and holds them on the surface so they can be simply rinsed away.  The manufacture was right and after I rinsed my arms there was no more itch.   It wasn't but a short time later I noticed the redness starting to go away.
     I now gladly pass this knowledge along to you in the hopes that it will save you a whole lot of aggravation when you or someone you know also comes down with poison ivy.  Sure wish I had heard of this "Miracle" Medication sooner.

Real Cures For Cancer?

    The wife of a close couple I know had cancer and when late night radio talked about a book on "Natural" cancer cures I ordered the book.  Was I ever impressed.  Unfortunately I am in the minority and when I told others about this book I got favorable nods but no real interest.  This book goes into detail to explain why a person gets cancer and how to prevent it and pretty much does all the hard research work for you.  Did you know cancer can not grow in an alkaline body, I didn't know that.  Seems a normal person should have a PH reading of 7.0 with numbers below that being considered "Acidic" and numbers above that being "Alkaline".  My initial reading was a 6.4 once I got the PH paper on the Internet because drug stores don't carry it and it jumped to 7.2 at times so it looks like I am right in the middle, where I pretty much should be. In short the book says that an acidic system does not have enough oxygen in the blood to help the good cells to clear out all the junk cells.  When the junk cells build up some turn into themselves and begin doing things they shouldn't and we call that cancer.  Seems there are things out there, natural things, that crack open these bad cells and allow the oxygenated cells to have at them and eliminate them from your body.  Several times throughout the book it spoke of people that the doctors have given up on and sent home to die only to get the book, try some of the things in it, and end up defeating the cancer.  
    I have always been the odd person in the group due to being an avid inventor as I see things more in theory instead of detail.  I consider myself right with the LORD and should I die, no big deal because it would only mean I was going on to the next GREAT ADVENTURE, whatever that will be.  If the doctors told me that I had cancer and had a month or several months to fight it with I would not let them start their thing on me with surgery or Chemo.  I would instead start 3 different ways to increase my PH so that my body could get rid of the bad cells all by itself with no side effects for the rest of my life. Those 3 things being, buy some Laetrile pills, take a tea spoon of baking soda a day, and begin the "Budwig Diet", which is simply a mixture of Flax seed oil and cottage cheese, both of which are in Wal-Mart.  After several weeks I would then go back and have the tumer dimentions checked.  If I was in really bad shape and had money, I would get my butt down to one of the legit clinics mentioned in Mexico, where all this is still legal and not controlled by big pharamasuticals.  
    Now Laetrile is simply crushed apricot seeds in pill form, which by the way is illegel to sell in the U.S., the book explains why.  Apple seeds also help but not as well as apricot seeds.  The book tells you where to order and get the real stuff and not a fake or diluted version. I ordered some from them for my friend and they got here in but a few days.  They come in 100 mg ($21) & 500 mg ($84) doses, I got the 100 mg dose for my friend so that when her count goes up she can start taking that on the side.  May I point out here that "Cancer free" is not really cancer free, it is but a cancer reading below a certain level, which was established as a point from which to work from. You have to be told something.  Page 172 of the book explains just what B17 (Laetrile) does its magic on cancer cells.

    Baking soda is pure alkaline but doesn't taste good at all, you pretty much have to mix it with some drink.  It gets in you, spreads out, and your blood cells really like that.
     I had heard of the Budwig Diet quite a while ago via an article I read on it.  The flax oil I use is the Wal-Mart version because I don't have the money for the really pure expensive kind.  Its about $6 in Wal-Mart.  Seems the cottage cheese reacts with the Oil-soluble Omega 3 in the flax oil turning it into Water-soluble Omega 3, which is what takes on the cancer cells.  If you are OK with cottage cheese, this is an easy mixture to swollow down.  
     The book touches on other silenced cures and helps for things like gall bladder, kidney problems, removing Mercury from your system, colon cleansing, along with several other aliments.  I beleive the Bible says someplace that the good LORD has given us all we need to take care of ourselves.  Seems that the people in this book have done just that.  Even if my cancer has been cured, I would still like to know of what this book has to offer.  The author is Ty Bollinger and the ISBN #is 0-9788065-0-6 

Miracle Water for Kidney Problems?

        When I first got to this area of Tennessee some 37 years ago I saw a TV segment on a guy that seeminly had water on his property that cured Kidney problems, both large and small.  Seems a gentlemen named William Avery Houston has a serious Kidney problem and had a "vision" about it.  In his vision he was told to go to a certain spot on his farm and drill down to exactly 252 feet and to drink the water from the well he was suppose to put in right there.  He was also apparently told not to make a profit on the water.  After drinking the water he was cured of his kidney problems and he began sharing his find with those around him.  I had long ago forgotten about that little TV segment until the Knoxville channel did another segment on "Houston's Mineral Water".  I was surprised that he is still selling the water, but at a cost of just 50 cents a gallon so as to pay expenses.  Apparently people are coming from all over to get the water. With that in mind, if I had kidney problems as well I sure would like to get a bunch of that water to bring back home with me and give it a try. His web address is ( and apparently he offers the water right on the main road between Knoxville, TN and Morristown, TN.  Bring your own jug though.

John Galkiewicz

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