The "Book of Revelation"
(condensed street-level version)


    As one who actually reads about a book every 10 years or so, I was a bit reluctant when I promised Linda Weaver, a lady in my Sunday School class, that I would read the first book in the "Left Behind" series, which deals with Revelation.  After I read that first book, I longed for the rest and proceeded to read one book about every 2 days until I got all 12 read.  As some would say, "I failed to see the forest because there were so many trees in the way".  The following is a simple explanation or condensed version of "The Book of Revelation" as I saw it through the eyes of "The Left Behind" series of books and as my Guardian Angel once again helps me to put all this down in print.  May I point out though that people of various religious intellect sometimes see things in different ways, therefor other versions of what the book "truly" means may also be taken into consideration.  I can not banter words with a Biblical Scholar for I see things in generalities and not in detail.  Most of the sites pertaining to other views had their details and references in order.  But for some the Rapture will come before the Tribulation period.  As one pre-tribulation site said, if the Lord saved Noah and his family (the only believers) from the flood and Lot and his family (the only believers) from the devastation of Sodom & Gomorrah, then I believe he would not leave his church (believers) here to suffer that type of fate as well.  Remember as well that the Bible has gone through some 13 or so revisions now, and in doing so certain words seem to take on new meanings.  What I refer to in this work is my view, having studied this topic from the view of an amateur.  Besides, I think you would rather believe in being taken BEFORE the LORD'S wrath begins instead of at the end of it all.  If you wish to learn more about the latter, just look up "Left Behind Deception" and have at it.  For now, this work is the pre tribulation view.  I will talk more about this at the end of this reading. 


The "Book of Revelation"

    Because of the extensive symbolism the apostle John uses in his writings of what the LORD allowed him to see concerning the end of time, "Revelation" is one hard book of the Bible to understand.  It gets even more confusing because he skips around a bit as well.    You must remember, though, that John wrote Revelation, after his visit with the Lord, while a prisoner on the island of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea.  Understand as well that John was seeing things way into the future, so describing what he saw was a real problem.  Though he had limited mail privileges, he had to sort of "code" everything so it would get past the "sensor" guards, to his 7 churches.  Only those elders could understand his writings and then pass them along.  This was instructed by the Lord.  The following is a simplified version of all that, which makes it much easier to understand.

    When the LORD created the universe He did such out of the goodness that filled His spirit.  In doing so He did not force any of his creations, people or angels, to abide in Him, He gave all a choice.  Of the apparently seven Archangels He created to sort of oversee things (Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer whose names most of us know), Lucifer was the only one that felt he could do things better his way.  This appears to be the beginning of "Good versus Evil."  When the Lord apparently had enough of Lucifer and the 1/3 of Heaven's angels that followed him, they were expelled to Earth to wallow in their misdoing and more than likely to be observed as an example by the others in Heaven.

    Knowing that Lucifer would grow bolder and bolder in his dealings with the people that would also eventually be there as well, the Lord allowed for a warning for all, through His apostle John, that a show down would finally have to take place.  Hence, we the people of earth will be caught up in that final struggle between Good and Evil.

    Because the Lord loves us so much, remembering that the Bible says He knew us before we were born, in the end of times He is more than willing to bend over backwards to allow us the choice to continue on with Him.  That is what Revelation is all about from our perspective, that of His children.  In Revelation He lets us know what is to come through His prophesy to John, and He does such twenty-one times before the very end. That prophecy could only have begun with the forming of Israel as a country in and of itself in 1948.  The next indication that the final phase of the Lord's disdain with Lucifer and the evil he has spawned has begun, will be the calling back to heaven of all those that believe in Him and His son Jesus as the risen Christ, and the ones either too young or incapable of making such decision between good and evil.  That is referred to as "The Rapture". 

    Just prior to the instantaneous calling of His believing flock to heaven He will be giving all those on the edge of decision chance after chance to come under His wing.  Why?  Because after the calling, those left behind will be facing extremely trying times, the price for their folly.  Could we now be seeing that one last chance to decide in the rise of religion, in persons such as Billy Graham and his son and others like the Van Impe's on Sunday morning TV, constantly warning of what appears to be just around the corner?  If one looks at what is now happening around all of us, with the greed of some of the rich and powerful and those that kill without remorse in the name of religion, it becomes easy to see why the Lord might not be very happy with what He sees down here.

    There comes a time when a cut off date must be set in order to proceed with what is to be.  That time is called "The Rapture" and the bible says it will come in an unknown instant, like a thief in the night leaving just one's clothing and such in their place.  The LORD holds the day and hour of that moment to himself, not even letting any of his Prophets or Angels know of it.  Though the "Left Behind" book series has the Rapture as a silent happening, I believe that the "thief in the night" part of that only implies as to the surprise of the event and not the sound or sight of the event.  For that part of the Rapture, we go to Paul in First Thessalonians 15, commenting on the end of times.  Paul says that when the "caught up" (later referred to as the Rapture) occurs, the LORD himself will descend with a shout, with the voice of an archangel (probably Michael), and with the trumpet of GOD.  That particular section does not say he sets foot on the earth, only that he descends to call up first those already dead in Christ, and then those that are believers at that time.  I do believe those three noises, world wide shout, the voice, and the trumpet will get everyone's attention as it will be world wide.  He lets us know though when it is near through the converging of all kinds of calamities.  The Prophets and John were told that countries and people world wide would be in perplexed. The only requirements for this to begin was for Israel to be a nation again and that it control Jerusalem, which has come about.  Not only have religious shows taken over Sunday Morning TV, but all kinds of "specials" of religious nature are now being seen all over cable and even on the major networks.  Some follow the bible and others try to tear it down, hoping that because it is on TV, you will believe their version of things.  There will be much deception in the last days intended for people to buy into it.  The book "The Da Vinci Code" tells you right on the cover that it is a NOVEL (made up) yet people don't talk of that; they talk of what the author has supposedly found inside.  Remember, Satan has had thousands of years to plant all kinds of seeds of deception that will sucker in all kinds of people seeking to stand out in their fields without having to do all the necessary background work needed to be a true professional in any given field.  As more and more earth changes take place, as diseases get out of control, as computer hackers disrupt things, and nations go to war with each other, we get closer and closer to that time when the LORD calls his church home so those remaining will have to reap what they have sown.  Remember that it's the Rapture that immediately brings on the really hard times prior and during the Tribulation period that follows.  Either way, the people that are left will begin to pay an unbelievable price for their folly.  Many will do "hard" time as some might say, while others will have it much easier.  The key to doing hard time or easier time lies in how soon one accepts Jesus as their savior.  The coming 21 judgments to befall the earth, as all prophesied, clearly show that it now is the Lord's time and each judgment is there to more or less persuade each of those left to make his or her own decision to join the fold or remain outside the fold.  Some will see the light in the first few judgments while others will take in most of the judgments before they too see the light.  For the rest though, their arrogance will doom them to unfathomed misery for eternity.

    The bible gives us no time table between the Rapture and the beginning of the Tribulation period, though most imply that the Tribulation period begins almost immediately after the Rapture.  It makes sense that for those left behind, the passing of the rapture will bring in chaos like never before.  With all those people gone, business as we know it will come to a virtual standstill, so you better get your money out of the bank ASAP.  The paper money flow will be forced to a trickle, which in turn means a lot of people will beout of work, and worse yet, the people relying on government funds will not be getting their money.  Those people with all their riches tied up on paper will more than likely find themselves broke as broke can be while those with tangible assets will find the going much easier.  The loss of all those believers also means that the percentage of unscrupulous people willing to "put-it-to" the less fortunate will be greatly increased.  There may not be many sympathetic businessmen and such left, which in turn means some stand to reap a windfall, such as mortgage foreclosures. With so many people out of work, goon squads should be relatively easy to come by for eviction purposes.  Remember there will be quite a few less police officers around as well and that should mean crime will become rampant.  In a very short time bartering, especially after the great upcoming earthquake, will become the means with which to acquire things you need.  Cigarettes, feminine products, salt, pepper, cooking & heating oil, propane tanks, guns & bullets, camping gear, and such will become your trading materials.  Now empty homes and stores will be ransacked.  The bartering system all this spawns will be the means, which will allow people to survive in the Tribulation period.  Remember as well that most of the farmers will probably be gone too and will that ever put a kink in the food supply system. 

    Right after the rapture, for a while at least, there should be a whole lot less people attending church.  The church-goers that will be left will then, shamefully, find their way to church once again because they realize what has just happened and, though embarrassed as all get out, will wish to get right with the Lord and will be looking for a way to do that.  It will be at this time that a few will find it in themselves to become true believers and begin leading the way for others to be saved as well.  As the word gets out that the Bible foretells all this and what is yet to come, more and more people looking for answers will search out the church.  This is the time when most will see the light and realize that what the Bible says is true and has now begun. This time and the time just after the coming tremendous earthquake that is predicted, are the times that most of the remaining souls will be won over.  The churches will be packed.

    After the Rapture things will be in chaos for quite a while, and it is during this time that the Antichrist begins his climb to his intended throne.  He can not make his move, though, until after the Rapture, or people will see right through him; he needs the calamity the Rapture produces for him to begin his thing.  It may be several months or even several years before he steps forward though.

    Because the Antichrist is one heck of a slick talker and because of his exceptionally smooth ways, he will be swept into power.  He is a person that has been groomed by Satan from birth.  The vast majority of earth's people will have no idea the Bible warns, of not only of him, but of what will come and why the rapture has happened in the first place.  Remember also that the Tribulation period STARTS only after he has come to power and signs the 7 year peace pack with Israel.  His goals are all those remaining souls and a one world power with him in  charge.  After he signs that treaty with Israel, the first four of the seven sealed judgments (the four horsemen) will now begin.  During the twenty-one months allowed for these first seven judgments to take place, 25% of the people on earth will die.

    John was told that the identification of the Anti-Christ was in the number 666.  The bible says; Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.  If you look 666 up on the Internet, you can spend a lifetime going over all the different variations the number crunchers have come up with for that number.  There are also sites that dig deeply into the spiritual realm of what 666 could mean.  Then again there are also quite a few sites that make the Pope out as the bad guy here.  As a child I always thought of it as a tattoo or hidden birthmark that would identify the man.  Find that tattoo or birthmark, kill the man, and the world would be saved.  If you did that, you would be killing the wrong man because prophecy says he WILL come into power.  It all doesn't really matter, because it will be after the fact that those left behind will actually find out.  The fact is he WILL come into power and all 666 does is confirm that.   Prophesy will be prophesy.

    Now I have always had a problem understanding the Bible where it says "ALL" nations will come against Israel in the latter days.  How could the U.S. do such a thing?  Where I went wrong in my thinking was that I was assuming the U.S. would stay pretty much as it is now, and that people like myself, with a moral conscience, would still be in great influence.  The fact is, that because we live in such a religiously free country, many more of us will be taken in the Rapture than in other super power countries like Russia and China.  Our numbers will be decimated and that includes our military as well.  That leaves virtually all the US, Canada, and South and Central America in a very vulnerable position.  While industrial based economies like ours falter, the agriculture based economies that are still prevalent in some countries will fare much better.  It won't take long before they figure out the tables have sure turned, and now there is no one to confront their evil ways.  We will be but a paper tiger and they will surely take advantage of that.

    After the rapture some time is needed while the people left behind try to figure things out and begin to screw things up even more.  The period between the rapture and the Antichrist coming to power will more than likely take several years. This is because the Prophet Ezekiel foretells of a future prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.  The Prophet Ezekiel foretells that the nations to Israel's north will attack her with a massive force (Ezekiel-39) but the Lord will intercede and not one person in Israel will be hurt in the attack.  The attackers will be completely destroyed by the Lord and the supplies/remnants from such a massive invasion will supply Israel with all its fuel needs for 7 years.  This defeat more than likely lays the groundwork for the Antichrist to mediate the 7 year peace pack with Israel and its enemies.  The day this peace pact is signed is the exact day that the 7 year timetable to the last day, when Jesus returns as foretold, begins.  Several years, though, will be needed in order for this prophecy to be fulfilled.  After then the twenty-one biblical judgments begin, with the first of those judgments being the four seals pertaining to the Anti Christ's coming to power.

    The First Seal (the white horse) deals with the Antichrist coming to power on a platform of "peace".   That is why he is depicted as being on a white horse with a bow but no arrows.  The Antichrist is to be a person of European descent with ties to the Romans.  A short time later, a second person (religious in nature) is brought into power and he is referred to as "The False Prophet."  The False Prophet will prosper in his duty to form a one world religion and to promote the Antichrist as much as he can.  Both will be given the power to do miracles by Satan and will use such in their attempt to convince earth's remaining people that he, the Antichrist, is the one real savior.

    The Second Seal (the red horse) deals with the start of WW3 as various countries resist his takeover.  It is at this time that people begin to pay with their lives, and if they die without becoming a true believer, they will not be with the Lord.  People who die from then on and have become believers will be called "Tribulation Saints," and will immediately be taken to heaven and be given a white robe, there to wait for the end of times, just a short time down the road.

    The Third Seal (the black horse) deals with soaring prices for goods in very short supply.  People will work a full day for just enough food for one person.  This will force many into acquiring the things they need to survive in a different or less horrible manner.  Many will not make it through this time.

    The Fourth Seal (the pale horse) deals with the world wide death that will come about due to famine and plague.  With supply chains still in dismay, much needed products like food and medicines will no longer be readily available.

    The remaining three seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls all bring harder times, but each in turn allows those left to see the truth.  As each of the above punishments - as you might call them - come about, more and more of the non-believers will see the light and become believers.  Why does the Lord give those remaining so many chances?   I think it is because the alternative is far too gruesome just to let go of even one of his creations just like that; it is his way of bending over backwards for us.  There are many levels of ignorance and arrogance to be overcome, and more than likely the last ones to be saved during the very last of the judgments will be those of deep religious belief that just happen to have someone other than Jesus as the mainstay of their religion.  Some religions keep their followers naive about other religions out there with the threat of severe consequences should one wish to stray.  Many people have only heard of the Bible in passing and know nothing of its content.  Word will get out though for those willing to question the calamities happening around them and some will reason or figure out they were in the wrong religion.  The protected 144,000 will have a lot to do with showing those that have been kept naive by their religions, the true path.  I don't believe the Lord is asking all to form one religion as the Antichrist will do.  The Bible says He has many flocks and believing in Him and His son Jesus as the savior is the key to salvation.  The strictness of some religions will prevent that and it looks like those people will be lost for all time.

    The Fifth Seal, the acknowledgment of those already slain because of the word of GOD, (the cries of the martyrs) is more or less the separation point between what man brings upon himself and what GOD then brings upon man.  Their cries are heard and it is at this time that all those who gave their life for the LORD are given immaculate white robes and told to wait just a while longer as a multitude of others are about to join them. 

    The Sixth Seal, a massive world wide earthquake and its aftermath, comes about very shortly after the appearance of the Antichrist has put the world in dire turmoil.  The earthquake will be felt by all the people on earth and it will bring about massive destruction.  Many will die.  For a time the moon will turn red and the sun will turn black, and people will think it is the end of them all.  This earth wide earthquake may be considered the first of the judgments induced by the Lord, whereby the first four judgments were attributed to the Antichrist and the fifth judgment being up in Heaven, with the calling for revenge by those believers taken to date.

    After this massive earthquake, the Lord does something special for those who have become true believers.  He provides for a seal on the forehead of all true believers that only other true believers can see, though one can not see his or her own seal.  This seal is to be the sign of the cross and it will prove the immediate presence of the Lord.  Having this seal is the Lord's way of making things easier for those that are true believers and to protect them from some of the ill effects of judgments yet to come.  As the judgments proceed, the seal will only be awarded at the exact time one becomes a true believer in Jesus the Christ.  From that time on they will be assured a place in heaven though many will only get there as martyrs for the Lord.  Dying with the seal gets you straight into heaven, where you will be given a white robe and told to wait with the others until their numbers reach the point only known to the Lord.  For many, their only choice will be to die now for the Lord and then live again forever, or live a few more years under and as part of the reign of evil and then join Satan in the lake of fire for all time.

    At about this time the Lord brings about 144,000 witnesses who will go throughout the world and proclaim his teachings. They will come from the 12 Jewish tribes of Israel, which originally settled the Holy Land.  Each will have a definable mark on his forehead that will provide them safety as they proceed to win those left over to the Lord.  They will be a real "pain-in-the-butt" to the Antichrist, but he can't do a thing to them because they are protected by the Lord.

    The Seventh Seal ushers in the first of the seven "Trumpet judgments" which are so devastating that there is silence in heaven for 1/2 hour.  First, though, a special angel hurls to earth thunder, lightening, and an earthquake, which may be the warning that bad times are ahead.  The seven trumpets, which will take place over the next twenty-one months and take the lives of one-third of the remaining people, are then allowed to take place. 

    The angel holding The First Trumpet is then allowed to hurl down upon the earth hail and fire, mixed with blood, which burns up one-third of the earth.  Because ALL the grass is also burned up, this catastrophe seems to cover the entire earth. A certain amount of time then passes by, intended to let the judgment sink in to those close to becoming believers while the Antichrist turns the devastation around for his advantage.

    The second angel then sounds The Second Trumpet, and something similar to a huge mountain that is ablaze is hurled down and crashes into the sea, turning one-third of all the seas to blood, which in turn kills one-third of all the sea creatures and one-third of all ships are destroyed.  Because this is a single item, I do not believe this will happen in an area that will involve the Americas to a great extent.  The people there will learn about it soon enough and surely take it in heed.  I believe the LORD will put it right smack in the middle of the ocean area of earth that has the most non-believers of Christianity and Jesus, and that would probably be the Indian Ocean.  The religions and beliefs in that part of the world run very deep, and those folks will more than likely be the last to see what is happening and why.  Those people will probably be the last to convert.  The Lord then again gives those who are left time to decide their fate while the Antichrist again tries to turn what has happened to his advantage.

    The third angel then sounds The Third Trumpet and that angel then sends a blazing star known as "Wormwood" to the earth.  Wormwood puts a bitter taste in one-third of the rivers and springs of earth, such that many will not drink of such or became gravely ill and even die from the bitterness.  Here again a single item is hurled to earth but this time, because the rivers and springs are effected, it sure sounds like it hits land.  Again, I do not believe "Wormwood" will hit the Americas.  I believe the LORD will put it right smack in the middle of the land area of earth that has the most non-believers of all of Christianity and Jesus.  That would probably be on the western edge of Mongolia, thereby effecting Russia, China, India and the other smaller countries in that area.  And again, the Antichrist does his thing by turning all this around and fooling the people.

    The fourth Angel then sounds The Fourth Trumpet and one-third of the sun will be struck taking one-third of the moon's shine and one-third of the stars with it for a time.  The resulting "winter" devastates the entire planet as well as all the animals, crops, and those in warmer climates not accustomed to such cold weather.  Once again, some of those realizing that such was foretold in the Bible turn to the Lord and receive their cross on the forehead.  Many more, though, are still aligned with the Antichrist and will need further convincing of their folly.

    The fifth angel then sounds The Fifth Trumpet and a star will strike the earth with such force that it digs deep into the interior of the earth.  The sun and sky will be darkened by the smoke that arises from the hole, and out of the smoke will come locust-like creatures with faces like people, teeth like lions and stingers like scorpions. These creatures are only allowed to attack, for five months, (the same exact time between the beginning of the flood of Noah's time and when the ark settled on ground), those without the Lord's seal upon their forehead (Revelation 9:4).  Though their sting is not allowed to kill, the sting's pain is so great that one stung will wish to die and many will try, but the LORD will not allow that to happen; they will have to live with it.  It is during times like these that believers, now being hunted by the Antichrist's henchmen, could venture out in relative safety to forage because the mark of the Lord on their foreheads protects them from the attacking swarms of these locust-like creatures.

    The sixth angel will sound The Sixth Trumpet and a massive army of fierce horsemen will descend upon the earth.  Fire, smoke, and sulfur will come from the horses' mouths and kill one-third of those now left.  It is presumed that these horsemen can be seen only by true believers and that those killed are of the very wicked that would not come to believe no matter what.  Those with the LORD's mark are again protected from this devastation.   

    The seventh angel will sound The Seventh Trumpet and ushers in the remaining seven angels holding bowls of wrath to be dispensed at the appropriate time.  These judgments will last 42 months.  Well before the first angel was released to pour his bowl on mankind, the Lord had sent down to earth two Witnesses (some believe Moses and Elijah while others believe them to be Elijah and Enoch, the only two biblical people not to have yet died) who would prophesy, in Jerusalem, for 1,260 days.  Because these two witnesses were protected by the Lord until their foretold time and their prophesy was heard by so many, many were converted to the great disdain of the Antichrist.  The two witnesses were given the power to withhold the rain over Israel for their 1,260 days and to turn water into blood, which they did.

    At about this time the Antichrist is slain by a sword and dies, only to come to life again in three days.  There is now one big difference, though, and that is the fact that Satan himself has now taken over the body of the previous Antichrist.  In mimicking Jesus, he tells all that he is the true GOD and his rising from the dead now proves such and he is believed and hailed as GOD by most.   It is at at this time that the boldness and arrogance in him emerges to its fullest and he has HIS mark forced on all those left.  His mark is to be placed on one's forehead or right hand and with it, that person is allowed to buy and sell as needed.  Though Satan thought virtually everyone would jump at the chance to get the mark, many will resist.  To solve this problem Satan will then bring in guillotines to help "persuade' those unwilling to take the mark, to take the mark.  Just seeing all those guillotines will bring many more to the side of Christ.  Satan will then order that all those without the mark could be killed on site by anyone with the mark and be rewarded for such.  The guillotines will then be used to their fullest, with many becaming martyrs for Christ.

    Around this time a Sanctuary is provided the people of Israel (Revelation 12:6) and others to which they could flee to, not to be touched by Satan, and to be provided for, for 1,260 days.  Though this sanctuary is not named in the bible it could very well be, and many people believe it to be so, a place called "Petra" (see map below).  Petra is about 10 miles across Israel's southern border in the country of Jordan.  Many people will flee to the sanctuary, wherever it may be, for the safety it will provide.  Try as he might, Satan will not overcome the LORD's protection over such a place or those en route to it.  Now comes the Bowl Angels.

    The First "Bowl" Angel then pours out its bowl and terrible sores will come upon all those that now bore the mark of the beast.  The sores will produce such pain that those with such will be rendered  incapacitated, which in turn again allowes those still left without the mark of the beast to forage.  It also allowes many of those still in doubt to come over to the Lord's side.  Still there are many that will not believe, but the Lord again will not give up on them, for he knows with each additional judgment, he will get more converts.

    The Second "Bowl" Angel then pours out its bowl, which then turns all the seas to blood, killing all creatures in its waters.  The vast numbers of dead sea creatures that then wash upon the shores will cause such smell and disease that those living in the immediate area will have to move inland.  And again the Lord gaves time for more to see the folly in their ways because He so loves His people.  And an angel in Heaven proclaims that the blood in the sea was in response to the blood shed by believers at the hands of evil.

    The Third "Bowl" Angel then poured its bowl, and all the rivers and springs also turned to blood.   And though the number of converts was now diminished, the Lord still waits for those few more to join in His belief.  Those with the mark of the LORD will have clean water to drink.

     The Fourth "Bowl" Angel then pours its bowl, and the sun will grow so hot it will scorch the people with fire and still the vast majority of those left will refuse to repent.  Those with the mark of the Lord will be unaffected by the scorching heat.

    The Fifth "Bowl" Angel then poured it's bowl, which has a specific purpose and that was to plunge the domain of the Antichrist (Babylon, the hub of all Evil) into complete and total darkness.  No light whatsoever is allowed to shine in the entire city, and that even includes matches.  People in such darkness tend to go crazy in but a few hours.  The city of Babylon will now be useless.  With this judgment the Lord will begin preparing for the final battle between good and evil about to take place.

    The Sixth "Bowl" Angel then pours its bowl on the great river Euphrates, which in turn dries it completely up, thus preparing an easy route for the Kings of evil and their many millions to proceed from the place of their gathering to the vast Valley of Megiddo (Armageddon) for their attack on Israel/Jerusalem.  This will allow Satan to show his arrogance to prophecy.  

    The Seventh "Bowl" Angel then pours its bowl, which will be the last of the bowl judgments.  Jesus will then emerge on a magnificent white horse as will his legions of mounted angels and will descend upon the evil forces gathered at Armageddon.  At the same time an earthquake much greater than that which had previously devastated the earth, flattens all the mountains and takes away all the islands and seas.  A vast hail storm then sends hail stones weighing 100 lb. and more that devaste the remaining armies amassed at Armageddon while Jesus and his angels cut the remainder to pieces.  Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet who worshiped him will all be judged and thrown into the "Bottomless Pit" for the next 1,000 years.  Jesus and His army of angels will then finish off the remaining forces of evil.

    A short time later Jesus will descend in all His glory, on the Lord His father's behalf, with the new city of  Jerusalem upon the very spot from which He had ascended into heaven after His death and resurrection, which in turn redeemed mankind.  And there will be no more sun light because the goodness of the Lord will illuminate everything.  All the remaining people on earth will be judged and those that took the mark of the beast (the unpardonable sin) are reunited with Satan in the Bottomless Pit.

    Jesus will reign for 1,000 years at which time Satan will be let out but for a short time, then thrown into the Lake of Fire for eternity.  Why the 1,000 years?  Because children will have been born during the preceding time and they too will be given the chance to choose between Jesus and Satan.  Those that choose Satan, and some will, will then be defeated once again and then will be permanently thrown into the Lake of Fire.

    The judgments are there to show man his folly and to win those remaining souls by persuading all that the path of evil has but one judgment, a judgment so terrible that, should you experience it for but for a few seconds, you too would do your best to save others, even your worst enemy, from such a fate.

    How does the Mayan date of 2012 fit into all of this?  Though it is not a "death to the planet" date, it may be close. At the December 21, 2012 date, our solar system supposedly will be passing through the Galactic Plane, that the Mayans referred to as "The Dark Rift", which apparently happens every 26,000 or so years.  Think of a kitchen sink half full of water and then you pull the drain plug.  The small whirlpool that forms is like the center (black hole) of our Milky Way galaxy and the surface of the water now becomes the galactic plane, which is made to swirl around as well as make its way to the center of the small whirlpool.  In outer space, its gravitational waves that spins/aligns everything out in a similar plane.  Now think of youself standing on a merry-go-round with your chest representing the galactic plane.  The horse that goes up and down in relation to your chest is pretty much what our particular solar system (our sun and its planets) is doing as it wobbles its way towards that whirlpool in the center of the Milky Way.  That Horse going up and down represents the 26,000 years it takes to do one half of that up and down cycle.  Now think of trying to fine tune a distant radio station.  Finally getting that station represents the maximum concentration of gravitational forces our solar system will have to pass through.  You don't hear (in our case feel) anything until you get right on that station's exact wavelength.  All along that fine tuned galactic wavelength are lots of rocks and asteroids, and pieces of busted up things as well as gravitational turbulence and lots of it.  All of that is lined up there is there for a reason, so there must be something pretty darn strong there to do that.  Since the earth is pretty much like a Jell-O ball, it probably will get the dry heaves and the crust will shift to and fro when it passes through the exact center of that gravitational wave.  Match up the calamities in the Book of Revelation starting with the sixth calamity, the Big Earthquake (first four are man made), and the next five (trumpets) seem to all deal with things hitting the earth.  Trumpet #4 says one-third of the sun, moon, and stars will be blocked, resulting in a winter like state, that could be from the earth passing through the exact center of the plain where a huge amount of dust may be.  We won't know until we get there.  Lots to ponder here.

    There is something else to think about concerning all the above time line and it lies in one of the side books of the Bible that is mentioned several times in the Bible but not included in the Bible, that book being the "Book of Enoch".  In short, Enoch, 7th from Adam and great grandfather of Noah, was a scribe whom the LORD found great favor in.  The "Sons of God" (200 fallen bad angels) had come down to earth and began corrupting the people and taking mates from their women, which resulted in giants (Nephilim -
twelve feet tall and 1,000 lbs).  The 200 were called the "Watchers."  GOD knew about this and had the good angels take Enoch into Heaven and show him around a little so he may return and warn the people of the LORD's displeasure with things down there.  Enoch was shown both what hell was like for the wicked and what the good side was like for those that believed and were good people.  To give Enoch credibility when he returned, he was both allowed to take notes and was given notes about many things that he would normally not have known about as yet.  One of the books that Enoch brought back was called "The Turning of the Lights in the Sky" and had the exact number of days of that time set at 364 (74:12).  This particular book is loaded with precise numbers and pretty much says that such will remain the same until the last days, when it will be disrupted (80:2 and on).  So what does all this mean?  It may mean that the earth changes of 705 BC may have been part of Satan's great plan of deception for discrediting the Bible and may not have taken place at all other than in writings.  The five (5) days added to the existing calendar at that time may have been just a different way of doing the same old thing.  The Jewish calendar added an extra month of 30 days to the end of every sixth year, so adding five (5) days at the end of every year (5 X 6 = 30) comes out to the Jewish additional month of 30 days added at the end of every sixth year.  Just another Politicians' trick or Satan's deception?   One other interesting fact I found in this particular study was the fact that all the books that Enoch had were passed down to Noah, also a scribe by family trade, who then took them with him on the Ark.  It appears copies of these books were found with the "Dead Sea Scrolls", which is why we have them now.   And Enoch was one of only two people in the Bible (Elijah...2nd Kings 2:11, being the other) that have yet to actually die, both taken directly to Heaven, maybe to be the two Witness, to be sent into Jerusalem at the middle of the Tribulation to confront the Anti Christ, and who will die at THAT time. 
    One other aspect/twist to add into all of this is the apparent approach of Planet "X", which could also be responsible for a lot of the earthly judgments the Bible has befalling mankind.  Planet "X" is supposedly a small dwarf brown star, which some refer to as Nibru.  Could Planet "X" bring about the catastrophes indicated in Revelation", just like the passing through of the Galactic Plain?  Some believe the existence of Planet "X" and that its pending approach is the 3rd secret of Fatima.  It's supposed to have an odd orbit that last some 3,600 years and which brings it through the center of our small solar system from south to north.  The ancient Sumerians supposedly write of an object being seen in the sky for 10 days and for 3 of those days it was larger than the full moon.  When it passed by, it caused all kinds of earthquakes and storms, and when it left, they found the sun now setting where it had previously rose and vice versa. Apparently we began spinning in the opposite direction.  The Book of Enoch disputes this though.  Could the nearness of Planet "X" bring about the catastrophes indicated in Revelation?  Could the nearness of Planet "X" to earth have caused the pulling up of the mountain ranges we call the Rockies and the Andes, which form a line running the length of both continents?  Could the passing of Planet "X" have busted up the past planet that we now refer to as the asteroid belt, which is just past Mars? And what about the large empty space there before the next planet Jupiter, the giant in our solar system?  Why does the Vatican have an observatory in Arizona on Observatory ridge and why does the U.S. have an infra-red telescope in Antarctica?  Could they both be looking for an inbound celestial body such as Planet "X"?  Why the huge deep underground seed bank in Norway that is supposedly only one-third full and why are so  many countries contributing to the huge underground particle collider (CERN) under the French/Swiss border that is some six miles in diameter?  Could both really be for the select people to go to in the event that the earth is really going to experience some of the above here very shortly?  400+ mph winds for a day or so will pretty much flatten everything on the surface.  There is also talk about super huge underground bases in our desert west that can house 25,000 each for 20 years.  Lots to think about here, especially when Revelation talks about those hiding in their caves as not being safe either.

    The above is the literal view of "The Book of Revelation" taken just as John told it.  To others, though, those who dwell much deeper into the bible than most, what John sees is symbolic, meaning it has a much deeper meaning.  Other prophets and some of the apostles also wrote about the end of times.  When you link in their writings and add in the past biblical meanings of some of their words and phrases and what John uses you may begin to see things in a different way.   Those that see things in this manner tend to believe that most or all of the judgments are what man brings upon himself as things get worse and worse.  Could the things that fall from the sky really be Satan and his followers?  Could the bitter waters be the scarcity of money and all the problems that will cause?  Could the BIG earthquake be the collapse of the world banking system?   Most of these I find well over my head in understanding.

       There are others that feel it will be aliens that create all these upcoming problems and that they will try to convince those here that they were the ones that created religion and put Jesus in place way back when, in order to keep all of us in somewhat of a peaceful state.  They may even be able to provide some type of video proof of such.  With that in mind remember that Hollywood can do a pretty good job of that right now as well.  And then there is the question of; if they could do all that way back then, then why do they have to rein us in now?  Why didn't they do it thenAnd why would they want to empty all the churches, which the Rapture would do?  How can they write off or explain away the feeling of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of so many?  Satan has had a long time to plan all this out and you have to admit, using space aliens and planting all that deception for scientist to find certainly makes for a believable story.  It is my gut feeling that just maybe, after the Rapture, the Aliens will be brought in to shift the focus from the bible explanation of the rapture to that of a mass alien abduction.  Note; While listening to late night radio one night they had a guy on that was talking about abductions.  When he said that there were "failed" abductions, that really caught my ear.  He went on to explain that you don't hear about them because they all seem to point a good finger towards religion.  If I remember correctly, in every case of a failed abduction, the name of "Jesus" was invoked in the few seconds the people have before they are immobilized with their "freeze-o-beam."  Hearing such, the aliens simply left.  Interesting isn't it?  The guy went on to say that was proof enough that the aliens were really satanic in nature.

    Bottom line, when/if all those people (world wide) that are true believers become missing in an instant after a tremendous shout from the sky and nothing but a pile of cloths is left in each of their places you will finally realize that GOD is for REAL and it has started and you were not calledONLY the BIBLE and it's supporting books warns of this.  ONLY the BIBLE and it's supporting books tells   you what is to follow and of the two choices you will then have, which will determine where you spend the rest of eternity.  Remember as well that Satan is the great deception (deceiver?) and he has been planning for this for thousands of years so he is going to convince a lot of those around you that he is the answer, and they will in turn pressure you to believe the same.  You will be in the minority.  Satan has planted a lot of seed out there that is timed to blossom when needed and sadly enough is the fact that a lot of that seed is in the form of other religions.  I believe that these other religions, which in most cases lock out all teaching of the bible, may provide the willing army in support of the anti-christ.  Then again, the Nephillim could be the ones making up that huge 200 million man army, which is to fight in the battle of Armageddon.  And if the Nephillim, at twelve (12) feet tall and very muscular, do indeed make up that huge Army, that would explain the Bible's prediction that the blood in the valley will rise to the level of a horse's belly.  By the way, the Nephillim the Bible talks about are about twelve feet tall, have six (6) fingers and six (6) toes, and have two rolls of teeth, which makes them meat eaters (2nd Samuel 21:20).  Many also have red hair.  Like I say, Satan has been planning for this for thousands of years.  Now though, you know a lot more about all the happenings/options here. See for more on the above picture and of the giants of the Bible.

    This is the best I can do to explain things, at my level of understanding, and at a level that will now afford most of you the opportunity to read "The Book of Revelation" and to understand it much better this time around.  The knowledge is there for the taking.  Why I was given this task is beyond me but that seems to be the way things work out in life.  It is my hope that when the Rapture does come, that you seek me out in Heaven and let me know if the work my Guardian Angel and I have done here has helped you to also be called instead of being one of the ones left behind.  I highly recommend you begin reading the "Left Behind" series of books, for reading those books gave me the insight to do all this for your sake.  For the answers to all your other questions, you will find those in church as well as from some pretty good people.  The Internet as well has many fine sites with information on this subject from different view points.  If anyone reading this wishes to share it with others or use it for a Sunday School class or Church Service please feel free to do so.  Knowing such will make my day.

     For a very interesting little 30 second video on the Rapture click HERE.

    For those interested in the Edgar Cayce earth changes maps, here they are;


October 8, 2009 update or rant if you wish to call it that;

     So many things seem to be coming together now with limits of time being met and seeming nearing an end, that I worry.  Friday morning NASA will hit the moon with a rocket designed to make an explosion so large that it can be seen from earth.  They say it is to dig out a hole so as to test for water.  Late night radio says that the satellite and lander the people from India sent up there just months ago already did that.  The place they want to hit is just on the dark side of the moon, where the temperature does not fluctuate very much and where most of the mining sites are said/seem to be.  Late night says NASA (part of our Dept of Defense) will instead be blowing up some kind of base there, whether ancient or ongoing we do not know.  They also predicted that by the end of the year "disclosure" will come about, that is the public display/introductions of space aliens of several verities, and that more than likely Obama will be the world leader to do that.  When that happens all his other problems become peanut problems. 
     What I have amassed from my studies is that when Satan and his 1/3 angles were cast down to earth, they came in several forms and with full knowledge of how to do things and of the time limit they had.  The multitude of lower level angels are somewhat stuck with the limitations the LORD intended (greys).  The lessor amount of higher up angels can shape shift as we refer to it as, and as it now appears can look just like us if so desired. Their time limit is the inbound Planet X. This time limit also allowed Satan to get one heck of a head start planting things and people that would/who raise questions as to the legitimacy of what the Bible says. We don't know how much that 1/3 is but it sure seems to be a heck of a lot.  So while Adam & Eve were just starting out Satan and his crew were busy making and using technology.  It is my belief that the earth is special and that there is no other life on other planets, no matter what the numbers say.  God says it is all happening here and now.  They were cast down from a place with no time to a linear dimension here, a place with time, and they don't like it at all. The aliens we see or hear about are those fallen angles getting ready for their part/struggle in relation to the end-of-times, when their time limit will come to an end. The purpose of the aliens (fallen angels) seems to be to raise doubt concerning the accuracy of the Bible.  These aliens have been giving help, in trade for integrity, to those that accept such to forge ahead of their fellow mankind as an elite to the rest of us.  These aliens have created/guided history to the point we are at now, the time of the end when it will all be wiped away when Planet X flies by Earth.  This time is when a vast amount of unknowing bodies and soles will be reaped via poor/misguided decisions, their harvest will be ready shortly.  Red Elk, a native American prophet, warns that when the space ships come to take us up and save us from the earth changes, not to is a trap.  Going aboard will be our choice, it will not be forced upon us but that choice comes down to whether you believe in the Bible and its message or what you see immediately before you.  When/if you enter their ships two things will happen, you will have granted away your soul and you will become food for the aliens.  The grays can't eat, they have to spend time immersed in a vat of minced animal/people mixture, (cattle/people mutilations) which is then absorbed through their skin.  Red Elk says to ride out the storm right here and I believe him and others with this line of thought.
     It takes a lot of belief and courage for one to stand up to criticism, especially when the numbers against one are seeming so huge.  I now stand as one of those people.  I do not hear voices or have had visions, I just have this deep inner feeling and feel as if I have been purposely led in the direction I have found myself in.  I am a chopper pilot, that means I am much more aware of the happenings around me then the vast majority of people. As a pilot I get people from point "A" to point "B".   I am also an inventor, that means I see things without all the fluff of camouflage, I see the theory in things and not so much the detail.  I am old, with limited mobility, that means I have the time to research what interest me.  The only two things that still really work well with me are my mind and my taste buds and the mind is crying out for more input and that cry is for what is about to come down for all of us.  Lastly, I am somewhat of a writer.  Because I have no college/English training behind me I am limited in my writing to what is called "street level", something that is easily understood by all.  All I can give you is a warning as I perceive it, directed, via its importance, by that drive that is within me. 
     When you see the plume that crashing rocket puts up, reason why it had to be so huge.  When you see different types of aliens paraded before you, think abductions and cattle mutilations and not saviors of humanity.  When you finally see/hear about the incoming Plant X, you will finally realize why all that is happening now is happening.  You (governments) can now go into debt all you/they want because there will be no system left to collect that debt.  Where has all our money gone, it has gone into underground compounds for the elite/the chosen ones and programs pertaining to such.  Why the rush for swine flu inoculation when supposedly it is one of the most mild of flu's that is out there?  It is to get us use to jumping through our butts when the government says to?  It is to prepare us for the next set of injections that will cull us out as to who is important/needed and who is not? The long patterned lines in the sky that spread out into clouds that we have been seeing for years now only need an "activator" to bring us all to that point.  We must be controlled and that is how they will do such.  These are surely interesting times.  Red Elk says that when you see the rushing water before you, not to stand back and be afraid but to jump in and enjoy it for what it is, we are in amazing times.  We are but pawns in the battle between good and evil and our simple choice is whether we believe what is in our hearts or what is being played out before us.  Very soon we will have to pick a side.  It is my hope that what I have said here will give you the knowledge to question what is about to be put before you, so that you can prepare.  Things will soon be happening faster than people can think about them.  Obama got elected by media manipulation and proclaiming "change" to a massive gullible market that didn't bother to ask just what that "change" really was.  He got elected on hype, he got elected on salesmanship, and the Bible tells us that those kinds of people will be in charge at the end of times.  The world's elite have planned for this and very shortly a price will begin to be paid. 
    All the above is what I perceive as a person that has the time and desire to delve into all of this while you work at your jobs.  The pilot part of me has pretty much now been fulfilled as I have gotten you to point "B".  The Bible's "Book of Revelation" is pretty much divided into three seven (7) part sections, pertaining to it's prophecy.  The first 3rd pretty much deals with what man does to mankind and with a singular earth change (massive world wide earthquakes) that will show us the Bible was right and IT has begun.  The middle 3rd (the trumpets) pretty much pertains to things hitting the earth, which is accomplished by the incoming and passing of Planet X.  This gives us the time of choice between what the Bible has told us would be happening and the direction our individual paths may have taken us.  Some will realize what is happening but most will not.  For all it will become the most important part/decision of their existence.  Most will write me off as a nut but some/you will remember what I have said here.  That apparently is my purpose now, to inform or plant the seed, needed to be kept in memory until that knowledge is requested by the actions of what is going on.  You have been given a brain for a reason so you can learn and dissimulate between right and wrong.  All I ask is that you ask "why" when things begin to happen.

John Galkiewicz