K-9 Swat Rod
(Stop a dog attack before the bite)

I have now passed on and there is no one left here
to continue to manufacture or fill orders.  All that
is left is what was.

        I like dogs and cats and I grew up with dogs and cats.  I just don't want to go to the hospital for stiches or Rabies shots because someone didn't raise and train their dog properly.  Out of necessity I took on the problem, as an inventor, and came up with the "Swat Rod"  and I am more than happy with the results.  I hope you will be too.

      The "Swat Rod" is a 38" tapered very high quality solid fiberglass rod  that weighs just over 2 oz.  It has a permanently mounted wood handle and is so light it can be brought into action in a split second.  Simply give an attacking dog a good whack across the face and he's on the run.  Whatever force you elect to use is transmitted across a very small area of the dog's nose or head and that hurts.  It is the same principle as that of a lady's high heel shoe being slammed down on the top of a mugger's foot.  All that force goes to just 1/2 sq. inch of soft snout or head tissue which then immediately takes the dog's attention off of your leg and focuses it on it's nose.   If you are fast, and I do mean really fast, you may have one more shot at a good whack to his butt area before he leaves the scene.

(Order several sent to one address and pay only one $5.00 S&H charge)





Stop a dog attack before it begins!

Carry your “Dog Bite Insurance Policy” right
In your hand.

A dog attack or bite is no fun for anyone of any age.  The Swat Rod was designed so that you can enjoy the outdoors and feel conformable in doing so.  Each Swat Rod comes with its own “Owner’s Manual”.

K-9 Swat Rod
(Owner's Manual)

    The Swat Rod that you now have is a product designed by a frustrated jogger, mainly myself, to  get back at vicious dogs.  I now do my jogging with confidence and a smile...knowing I now have the means to adequately protect myself.
    The swat Rod is made of extremely high quality fiberglass, which makes the rod extremely light in weight and durable.  It weighs just over 2 oz. which means that you can easily carry it on just about any length run or walk you choose.
    The Swat Rod has a natural balance point about 6" below the handle.  To run with it just place your hand about 6" behind the handle with the handle pointed forward.  This allows the rod portion to streamline to the rear naturally (see picture).
    As your pace slows, say for a steep hill; just slide your hand up towards the handle slightly.  This gives you a new balance point for the slower pace.  As your pace quickens and your arms fly out further move your hand down the rod until you find your new balance point.  Finding the balance point come naturally and takes all of two seconds.
    The effectiveness of the rod comes in the fact that it transfers whatever amount of energy you wish to generate to approximately 1/2 sq. inch of the dog's head or nose.  This usually smarts something fierce and immediately changes the focus of the dog's attention from your leg to his nose.  With the dog totally off guard, I sometimes turn the table on him and start chasing HIM for a change.  They don't know exactly what just happened to their nose but natural instinct tells them they sure don't want any more of the same.  After a short distance, I usually return to my run with a big smile and sometimes even laughing a little.
    When in stride or a normal walk, carrying the Swat Rod in the normal handle forward position, the rod can be brought into action with a simple flick of the wrist.  It takes about one second to do this and the amount of force you can apply can range from a slight tap to a nose splitting whack that the dog will remember for a very long time.  I don't recommend doing that unless necessary though because less force will get the same job done and the dog will remember his lesson.  I grew up with beagles and still like dogs.  I just don't like them biting my leg.
    Now I'm not advocating going out and looking for trouble.  A serious runner is only interested in protecting him or herself and staying in stride.  In most cases a dog is just establishing his territory and a confrontation can be avoided by simply moving to the opposite side of the street.
    Though the swat rod is extremely effective on just about every dog, I doubt it would be of much use against a pit bull or a Doberman that has just been given the "KILL" command.  You would need a pistol to save yourself from that situation.  Please keep that in mind.
    On 9 our of 10 dog encounters that I have had, you can remain in stride by simply sticking the rod end of the Swat Rod in the dog's face.  This usually catches the dog off guard and he will usually stop.  A normal stride should put you about 10 or so paces further along on your run.  This is usually enough distance to make it not worth the effort to continue the harassment.
    You usually can tell when a dog is just having a little fun with you and when one is coming in for meat.  Little bitty dogs seem to be the ones that bite the most.  Be careful of using excessive force on the little ones.  Undue force can result in a flattened nose provided by the animal's owner.  Remember that most little dogs carry "OFFICIAL CHILD STATUS" in their owner's eyes.
    The Swat Rod is a well-made product with high quality parts.  The handle is made of birch and should stay well in place.  If it should ever come loose, just glue it in place again with some Elmer's glue.  I sell the replacement little rubber tips for 50 cents and a self addressed stamped envelope.
    The Swat Rod is an effective running aid designed to minimize the chance of dog bite.  Used correctly it should last you many years.  Wind, rain, snow, or cold does not effect it.  It is effected by abuse.  Don't use it to cut down bushes and don't use it on people.  If you put a good welt on somebody's body, you're likely to get a good welt put on your wallet via an attorney.  It's not worth the aggravation.
    I am proud of my little invention and welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

John Galkiewicz

1 full year rod warranty30 day full money back guarantee

Traveler Version (2-piece)

Swat Rod

(Order several sent to one address and pay only one $5.00 S&H charge)

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