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I have now passed on and there is no one left here
to continue on.  All that is left is what was.
Please feel free to copy this page for your
own use, hopfully for a loved one.


It is my intent to help the "non computer oriented" person establish a simple but private "spiritual" Internet memorial site for a deceased loved one.  This site is your opportunity to memorialize your loved ones on the internet.  You supply the pictures (up to 9) and the wording you desire.   I will then arrange them according to your desires and establish an Internet site that you or those you choose, may visit at any time day or night.  This allows you to view your memorial at your convenience.  This service is needed for those who are unable to visit their loved ones burial sites or are too far away to visit on special days or occasions.  This site is fully loaded when you hear "Amazing Grace".  Nine pictures and up to 400 words for $100.

John Galkiewicz  1 - (423) 869-8138
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(I do this for others in memory of my father who passed away in January of 2000)

In Fond Memory Of

Loved One's Name


(Examples of Sentimental comments)

_______________________ passed away at his home on January 1st, 2000.
He was surrounded by all the members of his immediate family.
His passover to the other side was with Honor and Dignity and he is now with the Lord.

He loved to hunt and fish and spent his free time with his family.
He was a member in good standing at ___________  Church.
All he seemed to want out of life was for his children to grow up in the ways he exampled and to help others
to see the joy of life that he so proudly cherished.

His greatest pleasure, in his latter years, was to be surrounded by his beloved grandchildren.
It was his intent to instill in them the virtues he so prized in his own life and exampled for his own children.
Through his presents they saw and learned love, pride, respect, and dignity among many others.

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Picture #3
Picture #4

Surrounding him with kids always brought a smile.


This space for that


Picture or Prayer


When he had free time he always liked to fish.

Picture #6 here

Additional pictures and messages here.


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_________________________ now lays at rest at ________________ Cemetery


May He Rest In Peace

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