"High-Vis" Fiberglass Pointers

I have now passed on and there is no one left here
to continue to manufacture or fill orders.  All that
is left is what was.

      The "High-Vis" line of tapered fiberglass pointers was developed to fill the huge void between the traditional 50+ yr old wood pointer and the new high-tech laser pointers.  For the instructor giving an important presentation commanding the respect of the audience just doesn't seem to make it with a laser pointer.  But with a "High-Vis" solid fiberglass pointer in your hand you command the same respect and attention that a General does when using his "swagger stick" to show just who is in charge.  The use of one of our "High-Vis" pointers lets you freely use "Body Language" to its fullest.  You can't do that with a laser pointer.
      Their high profile attention getting appearance is just one the many unique qualities of these pointers.  Their exceptionally high contrasting colors (Yellow or Black) match the boards you are working with in such a way that even the last row will see the point and you can not get the point if you can not see the point.  Black pointers for white boards, you can't beat that and  Luminescent Yellow with its "Radio-Active" look is as good as it gets if you are working with maps or charts.  If you don't think so just ask Judge Ito because those were my "High-Vis" pointers he used throughout the trial.
      Our pointer selection ranges from the 38 inch "Full Board" pointer to the little 10 inch "Reading" pointer.  Need a pointer for hand-held presentations?  Our 16 inch "Personal" pointer or the 18 inch "Mini" pointer are perfect for the task.  Teaching computers and tired of an aching back from all that bending over, try our "Computer" pointer, it's 25 inch length is ideal for pointing out the proper keyboard stroke or screen location without requiring you to bend.
      With our pointers you can match the pointer to the board or application and look "professional" while doing so.

While supplies Last

All our pointers come with a 30 day full money back guarantee and a full year warranty
but they will probably last you a lifetime.
For those wishing to order several pointers, I only charge one $5.00 S&H charge per address.

The Galkie Co.

Harrogate, TN  37752


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