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Family Photographs Page 3

A few more photographs.

Third Cousin, Phyllis J. K. Owens

Halloween 2004--Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens, daughter of Lonnie Verne Owens and Glenda Sue GRANTLAND Owens; granddaughter of Lester Bert Owens and Dorothy Dimple FLACK Owens, great granddaughter of Richard Emmet Owen and Norah GOODSON Owen.

Chloe Spears

Dec 2004--Chloe Spears in her Christmas ensemble. Isn't she just darlin'?!! Li'l Miss Christmas.

Spears Siblings

Dec 2004--Conner, Austin and Chloe Spears in front of their Christmas tree. Absolutely beautiful family!


Dec 2004--Conner and Austin Spears....fine looking young Spears men! Future heart throbs.....future generations of the Spears clan are certain.

Summer 2004

Conner, Austin, Steven and Chloe Spears having beach fun! Austin says, "Come on, Uncle Buck!! Let me get that hat off while we are in the water! I bet you wear that thing to bed at night! You using crazy glue?!! My hands seem to be stuck here! Conner! Chloe! Help me here! Uncle Buck, please don't stand up!"

Conner Spears

Dec 2004--Conner Spears....very loving little sweetie!

Birthday Girl

Dec 20 2004--Birthday Girl Chloe Spears with Mommie and Daddy. With nose in air, Chloe states, "Yes...I am the Princess Chloe. But you can call me Chloe-bug, if you home."

Chloe Spears

Dec 10 2004--Chloe in her room after Conner's fifth birthday party. See the pink bear!?!!! He is mentioned elsewhere on this website.

Chloe Spears

Dec 10 2004--Altered copy of above photograph of Chloe. Yep, pink bear is still there after the crop too!

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Spears

Aug 1995--Steven and Monica's Wedding Day.

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Spears and Chloe

Dec 20 2004--Poppy (Steve Spears) and Nana (Donnie REYNOLDS Spears) celebrating Chloe's third birthday with her. Steve and Donnie are Chris' parents.

The Winning Coach and Wife

ca1996--The winning coach of the Championship! Steven and Monica Spears with trophies. Steven had coached Daryl's (his youngest brother) team. The win....trophies...and a kiss too!
NOTE: Michelle loves this picture.

Brody Christmas

Dec 2 2004--Brody Mims at Christmastime 2004. He looks as if to say, "Hey, get this off me! What did you use to hold it on? Super Glue!?!!" Hmmmm...perhaps some of the crazy glue that was on Steven's hat too.

Jace Mims

Dec 2 2004--Little kewtie!

Mims Brothers

Dec 2 2004--This is a really nice photograph of Brody, John Thomas and Jace at Christmas 2004.

Austin and Granny

Dec 1996--Austin's first Christmas.

Chris and GrandDad

Dec 10th, 2002--Chris and GrandDad at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating Conner's third birthday. Chris and Steven have always really looked up to GrandDad. Shortly before Steven's death, he stated that he wished to be just like GrandDad.

Conner and Granny

Dec 10th, 2002--Conner and Granny (Bessie CHRISTMAS Reynolds) celebrating his third birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Granny states that she has no favorites. *wink* *wink* But we know she loves all too. *smiles*

Granny and GrandDad

Dec 1996--Granny (Bessie CHRISTMAS Reynolds) and GrandDad (Don "Brute" Reynolds) at Christmas.

GrandDad and Granny

Summer 2004--GrandDad and Granny in Michelle and Chris' backyard visiting.

Debbie and Donnie Spears

Dec 2004--Debbie Spears (Mrs. James Spears) and Donnie Sue REYNOLDS Spears (Mrs. Steve Spears)--sisters-in-law.

Brody Mims

2004--Can you see Brody here? He is camouflaged.

Christmas 2004

Dec 2004--Granny, Donnie Sue and GrandDad.


Dec 2004--John Thomas Mims holding newest baby brother Jace Mims.


Nov 2004--John Thomas and Jace.

The End for Now

Oct 2004--Last picture for now. Chloe Spears and John Thomas Mims.