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Family Photographs Page 2

More photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Florida Vacation

Summer 2004--Austin Spears on beach in Florida.

Steven Spears

Dec 10 2004--Chris Spears' older brother at Conner's fifth birthday party.


Halloween 2004--Conner, Chloe and Austin Spears ready to trick-or-treat.

Wraith Austin

Halloween 2004--Austin Spears ready to trick-or-treat after he got tired of other costume..I think it was uncomfortable to him..

Cowgirl Chloe

Halloween 2004--Chloe Spears.

Wizard Conner

Halloween 2004--Conner Spears.

Ruth OWEN Brooks

1993--Sister of Michelle's grandmother Wilda OWEN Hendrix. Photograph made at Lester Owens' (her brother) birhday party in Somerville Morgan County Alabama.

Owen-Goodson Reunion

1963--Norah GOODSON Owen, her daughter Ruth OWEN Brooks Fowler and great granddaughter Penny WARD (Hazel's daughter). Michelle's great grandmother, great aunt and cousin.


1910--Cropped from West Point School photograph below.

West Point School

1910--There are several of our family members in this photograph.

Old Somerville Courthouse

Jan 1978--Old Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama Courthouse


Fall 2004--Hat Day at school.

Monica and Steven Spears

Dec 10 2004--Cropped photo of original.

Somerville Church of God

ca1948--Old Somerville Church of God Several family members in this photograph also.

Jamar Cemetery

ca1992--Obelisk marking Jamar Cemetery where Michelle's great, great, great, great grandparents and family are buried on Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

Michelle's GGGG Grandfather's Headstone

ca1992--Jamar Cemetery, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama-Richard Jamar was born 12 Sep 1785 in Richmond, AbermarleCO, VA, and died 22 Jun 1872 in Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL. He is the son of Henri JAMAR (born ABT 1756 France and died 1793) and Jane\Jeane GATSBY (born ABT 1756). Richard Jamar married Elizabeth "Betsey" ADAMS (born 1787 and died 28 Apr 1832 in MadisonCO, AL). Their daughter Mary C. JAMAR (born 3 Apr 1815 in Virginia, and died 30 Sep 1841) married Thomas J. OWEN Sr. (born 10 Dec 1810 in Virginia, and died 1 May 1878 in Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL). He was the son of Harrison OWENS and Lucy G. VAUGHAN Owen. Mary and Thomas J. Owen's son Richard J. OWEN was born Nov 1833 in AL and married Mary E. GRANTLAND 1860 in MorganCO, AL, daughter of John R. GRANTLAND and Harriett J or C. LOONEY. She was born Jun 1844 in AL. Their son Richard Emmet Owen married Norah GOODSON. One of their children was Wilda Fay OWEN, who is the mother of Vickie HENDRIX and grandmother of Michelle HILL Spears.

Mildred OWEN Headstone

2003--Old New Canaan Cemetery, Union Hill, Morgan County, AL-Headstone of Mildred OWEN, sister of Wlda OWEN Hendrix. Michelle's great aunt.

Norah GOODSON Owen Headstone

ca1996--Old New Canaan Cemetery-Michelle's great grandmother.

Richard Emmet Owen Headstone

ca1996--Old New Canaan Cemetery-Michelle's great grandfather..

Michelle's Great Grandparents Headstone

ca1996--Old New Canaan Cemetery-Full headstone of Richard Emmet Owen and Norah GOODSON Owen.

Michelle's Great Great Grandparents

1910--Grampus and Gram-ma, Martha "Mattie" WHITTLE Goodson and Jefferson Pierce "Jeff" Goodson. They are Norah GOODSON Owen's parents. These are Aunt Wilda's grandparents.

Uncle Boss Goodson

1915--Brother of Norah GOODSON Owen...very, very, very good man.

Owen Siblings

July 28 1993--Michelle's grandmother Wilda OWEN Hendrix and her living siblings. (Standing left to right: Buster, Wilda, Jimmy and Ruth. Seated L to R: R.E. and Lester) They were all celebrating Lester's birthday there at his home in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama.

Goodson-Owen Reunion

1962--Home of Martha OWEN Cooper and Leo Cooper, Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama. This was a wonderful day! Grandma Owen is on here, Mama Dimp and Papa, Aunt Wilda, Aunt Ruth, Uncle R.E. and great Uncle Boss, Jake and Woodford, great aunts Mayna and Claude, Vickie HENDRIX, Phyllis J. K. OWENS.....everyone on this photograph is family.

Baseball Team

ca1915--This picture is one of the only pictures that I know of that has our Great Grandfather Richard Emmet Owen on it. Also pictured are his wife Norah's brothers, Jake and Boss Goodson.

Again, that is twenty-five more photographs. Click on Photos Page 3 below to view more of our photographs.

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