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Spears~Hill Pedigree

Generation 1

Austin Cade Spears ~~ living
Conner James Spears ~~ living
Chloe Michelle Spears ~~ living

Generation 2

Audrey Michelle HILL Spears ~~ living
Christopher Derek Spears ~~ living

Generation 3

Vickie Suzanne HENDRIX Hill Kent ~~ living
Harold James Thomas Hill ~~ living

Donnie Sue REYNOLDS Spears ~~ living
Steve Carlyle Spears, Sr. ~~ living

Generation 4

WILDA Fay OWEN Hendrix ~~ living
William Audrey "Bill" Hendrix ~~ living

J V Hill
Fannie Maybell WILDER Hill

Bessie CHRISTMAS Reynolds ~~ living
Don "Brute" Reynolds ~~ living

Plummer Lee DEWEESE Spears
James Kenneth Spears

Generation 5

Norah GOODSON Owen was born 10 Feb 1888 in MorganCO, AL, and died 10 May 1971 in Arab, MarshallCO, AL (Arab Hospital). She is buried in Old New Canaan Cemetery, Union Hill area, Morgan County, Alabama.
Richard Emmet OWEN was born 18 Nov 1882 in MorganCO, AL, and died 2 Apr 1931 in MorganCO, AL. He is buried in Old New Canaan Cemetery, Union Hill area, Morgan County, Alabama next to wife; share a double headstone.

Mrs. ____ Hendrix
Mr. Hendrix

Uler "Mamaw" REDDEN Wilder
Mr. Wilder

Mrs. ___ Hill
Mr. Hill

Nettie "Grandma" ___ Christmas
Robert Christmas

Mrs. Beulah ___ Deweese
Mr. Deweese

Mrs. ____ Reynolds
Mr. Reynolds

Mrs. _____
Mr. ______

Mrs. Spears
Mr. Spears

Generation 6

Martha Ann WHITTLE was born 22 Sep 1856 in Upper King's Bridge, MurrayCO, GA, and died 8 May 1945 in Morgan City, MorganCO, AL.
Jefferson Pierce GOODSON was born 8 May 1853 in Villanow, WalkerCO, GA, and died Jul 1938 in Morgan City, MorganCO, AL.

Mary E. GRANTLAND was born Jun 1844 in AL.
Richard J. OWENS was born Nov 1833 in AL.

Generation 7

Mary C. JAMAR was born 3 Apr 1815 in Virginia, and died 30 Sep 1841 in unknown.
Thomas J. OWEN, Sr. was born 10 Dec 1810 in Virginia, and died 1 May 1878 in Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL.

Harriett J or C. LOONEY was born ABT 1816.
John R. GRANTLAND was born ABT 1814 in VA, and died 10 May 1859 in MadisonCO, AL.

Nancy Francis WHITLEY was born 26 Jan 1832 in Habersham, HabershamCO, GA, and died 28 Mar 1905 in Naomi, WalkerCO, GA.
Williamson Byrom (Sr.) GOODSON was born 14 Aug 1831 in Habersham, HabershamCO, GA, and died 11 Sep 1879 in Cotaco, MorganCO, AL.

Martha Ann JULIAN was born 1832 in Tennessee, and died in unknown.
Woodford M. Byars WHITTLE was born 1823 in KnoxCo, Tennessee, and died in Spring Place, MurrayCo, Georgia.

Generation 8

Lucy G. VAUGHAN was born ABT 1789 in CulpepperCO, VA, and died 29 Jan 1838.
Harrison OWENS was born ABT 1789, and died Jan 1844.

Elizabeth "Betsey" ADAMS was born 1787, and died 28 Apr 1832 in MadisonCO, AL.
Richard JAMAR was born 12 Sep 1785 in Richmond, AbermarleCO, VA, and died 22 Jun 1872 in Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL.

Susanna DRAPER was born 1789, and died AFT 1850.
William GRANTLAND was born ABT 1787 in VA, and died in MorganCO, AL.

Nancy CAMPBELL was born 1794, and died 1868 in TX.
John Warren LOONEY, Sr. was born 1793 in MadisonCO, AL.

Barbara Sarah WHISENANT was born 1 Jan 1813 in York District, SC, and died 2 Dec 1893 in Villanow, WalkerCO, GA.
Jacob M. GOODSON, Sr. was born 14 Dec 1805 in NC, and died 9 Jun 1882 in Villanow, WalkerCO, GA.

Frances _WHITLEY was born ABT 1812.
Nathan WHITLEY was born ABT 1812.

Nancy HUFFAKER was born 13 Jan 1797 in French Broad River, KnoxCo, Tennessee, and died in unknown.
George WHITTLE was born 1782 in AmhearstCo, Virginia, and died AFT 1850 in CatoosaCo, Georgia.

Catherine _Julian was born ABT 1812.
James JULIAN was born ABT 1812.

Generation 9

Jane/Jeane GATSBY of France was born ABT 1756.
Henri JAMAR of France was born ABT 1756, and died 1793.

unknown1 _Grantland was born ABT 1765.
unknown1 GRANTLAND was born ABT 1765.

Elizabeth _Draper was born ABT 1767, and died in unknown.
David DRAPER was born ABT 1767 in VA, and died 1827 in AL.

Bettie Peggy WILLS was born ABT 1763, and died 1825 in Indian Creek, Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL.
Absalom (Jr.) LOONEY was born 1763 in BotetourtCO, VA, and died 1818 in Indian Creek, Huntsville, MadisonCO, AL. He was the son of Absalom LOONEY, Sr. and Margaret Eleanor MOORE.

Elizabeth CAMPBELL was born ABT 1775. She was the daughter of Owen CAMPBELL and unknown1 _Campbell.
unknown2 _Campbell was born ABT 1775.

Nancy _Goodson was born ABT 1777 in North Carolina, and died in HabershamCo, Georgia.
Jake GOODSON was born ABT 1777.

Nancy THOMPSON was born ABT 1793.
John Nicholas WHISENANT, Jr. was born ABT 1793, and died 1859. He was the son of John Nicholas WHISTENANT, Sr..

Sarah "Sally" JOSLIN was born 1750 in AmhearstCo, Virginia. She was the daughter of John JOSLIN and Dinah _Joslin.
John W. WHITTLE, Sr. was born ABT 1750 in AmhearstCo, Virginia, and died ABT 1815 in CaseyCo, Kentucky. He was the son of Matthew WHITTLE and Elizabeth "Betty" WARREN.

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