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Family Photographs Page 4

Still more you know all of our family members' names by now? *smiles*

Chloe Spears and Brody Mims

Dec 2004--Playing.
Chloe: Guys don't play with dolls, Brody. We will have to find you a baseball, bat and glove.
Brody: I don't care. A toy is a toy at my age, chickie.

Monica's Luncheon

Jan 2005--This is a luncheon in January at the Bahama Breeze for Monica. Natalie Young is on the left, behind her is Heather (a church friend of Monica's), on the right front is Sarah Beth Young, Monica and then Michelle.

Mims Brothers

Nov 2004--John Thomas and Jace.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Chris (Michelle) Spears.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: Michelle and Chris Spears, Daryl Spears, Steven and Monica Spears.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: Christie HILL, Jamie HILL, Michelle and Chris Spears.

Spears Hill Siblings

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: All the brothers and sisters together. Michelle's half brother Mickey, step sister Kristinna, and sisters Christie and Jamie, Michelle and Chris and his brothers Daryl and Steven with his wife Monica.


Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: PaPaw (William Audrey Hendrix) and Grandmother (Wilda OWEN Hendrix), me and Chris, Granny (Bessie CHRISTMAS Reynolds) and Granddad "Brute" (Don Reynolds)

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: Chris and Michelle Spears.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Brierfield Park: The>

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears' Wedding

Sep 14 1996--Briarfield Park: This photo is from Chris and Michelle's wedding. Chris' Granddad (Don Reynolds), Chris' brother Steven Spears and Michelle's father James Hill.


Dec 2004--Jan REYNOLDS Young, Jill REYNOLDS Denning and Donnie Sue REYNOLDS Spears. Donnie with her twin sisters. Jan has two daughters Natalie and Sarah Beth. Jill, aslo, has two daughters Ashley and Alex.

Very Young Spears Family

July 1968--Mr. & Mrs. Steve Carlyle Spears, Sr. with new bundle of joy, Steve Carlyle Spears, Jr.

Proud Mother with New Babe

July 1967--Proud new mother Donnie Sue REYNOLDS Spears with new babe Steve.

Mother and Son

ca1971--Donnie obseving her son drawing.


ca1971--Donnie and Steven spending some quality time for fun.

Grandma Christmas and Steven

ca1974--Steven with his great grandmother.

New Baby Brother

ca April 1971--Steven presents a new baby brother Christopher Derek Spears.

Another New Baby Brother

ca May 1977--Steven presents another new baby brother Jonathan Daryl Spears, but this time he is introducing him to his first brother Chris. Chris, never having a new baby brother before now, cannot help but want to touch the tiny soft baby brother. The circle is complete...the Three Musketeers have begun to form their bond.

A Birthday with Granny

ca1978--Happy Birthday to Steven! Chris remains handy just in case Steven cannot get all of those candles blown out. That is what brothers are for, you know. And those boys love their granny so very much!

At Rest

Christmas Eve ca1983--Steven, Chris and Daryl all wanted to be together so they made a pallet on the floor for all them to sleep on. Actually they wanted to spy on Santa! *grins*

Petting Lolly

ca1994--Granny and Steven letting Lolly (tiny puppy in Steven's hand) show them who she loves.

VERY Happy Times

Christmas Eve 1999--Chris, Daryl and Steven Spears. Michelle loves this picture for the guys are sooo happy here. I agree, I too like this picture very much so. (Altered).

Easter with Granny and GrandDad

Easter 2000--Standing L to R: Daryl Spears, Granny (Bessie CHRISTMAS Reynolds), GrandDad (Don "Brute" Reynolds), Chris Spears holding son Conner Spears, Steven "Buck" Spears Front L to R: Austin Spears, Alex Denning (Jill REYNOLDS Denning's daughter), Sarah Beth Young (Jan REYNOLDS Young's daguhter), Natalie Young (Jan's daughter) and Ashley Jungkind (Jill's daughter). Alex Denning and Ashley Jungkind are half sisters.

THE Spears Guys

Summer Vacation 2000--Steve Carlyle Spears, Sr. with sons and grandsons, Christopher Derek Spears holding Conner Spears with Austin Spears faithful by his side, Jonathan Daryl Spears and Steve Carlyle "Steven or Buck" Spears.

Monica and Steven Spears

Summer Vacation 2004--Monica and Steven Spears.

The End for Now

Oct 2004--Last picture for now. Chloe Spears and John Thomas Mims.

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