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Family Photographs--Page 1

Pictures include new and old photographs mixed together. The graphics take so long to load; I will limit each page to twenty-five photographs per page.


Halloween 2004--Chloe Spears and cousin John Thomas Mims. Chloe is Michelle and Chris' daughter. John Thomas is Jamie and Johnny's daughter. Jamie is Michelle's younger sister.

Michelle's Parent and Grandparents

2000--Bill Hendrix, Vickie HENDRIX Kent and Wilda OWEN Hendrix. Bill and Wilda are Vickie's parents. Vickie is Michelle's mother.

Michelle's Grandmother

1993-- Wilda Fay OWEN Hendrix. This photograph was taken at Lester Owens' (Wilda's brother) birthday party in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama.

Michelle's Grandmother

2000--Wilda OWEN Hendrix. The date on this photograph is incorrect. Michelle corected me on this after I placed the year on it.


Age five.

Mr. & Mrs. James Hill

Vickie HENDRIX Hill and James Hill. These are Michelle's parents moons and ages ago. Can we say 70s here? *smiles*

Mother and First Two Daughters

Vickie HENDRIX Hill with Daughters, Christie and Michelle HILL.


Christie and Michelle HILL.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Kent

ca 2003--Vickie HENDRIX Kent and Ronnie Kent of Florida.

Mr. & Mrs. James Hill

April 2002--Sherry and James Hill of Florida. This is Michelle's father.

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Arrington

Sept 8 2004--Christie HILL Arrington and Ricky Arrington at Clay's (she and Ricky's only child) fifth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. This is Michelle's older sister.

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Spears

This is Michelle and her husband Chris at the Crab House in Florida. Isn't he a cutie!?! No wonder they have such pretty babies! Of course, Michelle is a looker also. *smiles* It's in the genes. *smiles*

Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Mims

Sept 8 2004--Jamie HILL Mims and Johnny Mims at Clay's fifth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. This is Michelle's younger sister.


Sept 8 2004--Christie HILL Arrington, Michelle HILL Spears and Jamie HILL Mims at Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for Clay's fifth.

Birthday Boy and Mother

Sept 8 2004--Christie and Clay Arrington at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his fifth birthday.

Mother and Daughter

Sept 8 2004--Michelle and daughter Chloe at Clay's Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.

Mother and Sons

Sept 8 2004--Brodie Mims, Jamie HILL Mims and John Thomas Mims at Clay's fifth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.


ca2003--Rex HENDRIX, Jr., grandson of Bill and Wilda OWEN Hendrix. Rex is about 27 years old and not married. He owns several Rollie Pollie's in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Michelle's grandmother's grandson from her son Rex Hendrix Sr. Rex has a daughter named Robyn Hendrix Hyland.

1st Cousin, Mr. & Mrs. Scott McPherson Family

2003--Shawn HENDRIX McPherson, Scott McPherson and Gracie McPHERSON. Michelle wrote: This is Shawn Hendrix McPherson, her husband Scott Mcpherson (district attorney of Oneonta) and their daughter Gracie McPherson (2 years old) age 4 now. Shawn is my grandmother's granddaughter. My grandmother's oldest son Kenneth Hendrix is Shawn's dad. Shawn has a fraternal twin brother Shane and he is married with three kids. Shawn has a new baby boy named Collier. My Uncle Kenneth died when I was two and Shawn and Shane were seven.

My grandmother's youngest child is Greg Hendrix. He is married to Debbie Hendrix and they have two kids, Tamara and Scott Hendrix. Scott is about 19 and Tamara is a senior in High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spears

Dec 10 2004--Monica and Steven Spears at Conner's fifth birthday party in Michelle and Chris' home.


Halloween 2004--Chloe and John Thomas....same as first picture but not framed.

First Granddaughter

Dec 24 2001--Finally!! A granddaughter for Vickie!! All those boys! Hehehee! Proud grandma Vickie HENDRIX Kent and newest arrival, Chloe SPEARS. Michelle wrote: Chloe is wearing the same outfit my mom wore when she came home from the hospital.

Proud Mom

Nov 2003--Jamie HILL Mims and her second son Brody Mims. Doesn't she look great!!! Never would have known that she had ever delivered a baby!! Jamie has delivered another son named Jace. I am waiting for photographs now. Hint! Hint! *smiles*

Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Hill

ca2003--Michael James "Mickey" Hill and Alisa Hill's wedding day. This is Michelle's half brother...looks just like his dad.

Love Bug

Summer 2004--Michelle wrote: This is Conner Spears. He is four years old. This picture was taken at the beach. He's our little love bug. He has a fake tattoo on his arm. He is always wanting tattoos put on him.

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