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7/18/02 - I had my email removed from this entire site in order to avoid having my email address harvested. So anytime you see links to contact me, you will be sent to my profile on my other site EntropicOrder.net. Here's the link.
1/16/02 - I have been working on a brand new site lately. It's called EntropicOrder. I will leave this site up as well, but most of the future philosophical updates will be on the forums at my new site.

So everyone, please come and join in the discussion at EO Talk. :) (Note: EntropicOrder's domain has been changed to EntropicOrder.net and the forums are not active at this time. 1/9/08)

6/19 - Nothing in reality is ever truly defined. We could be living in the matrix for all we know. We can make certain assumptions, like that our senses are always reliable, but even then there are exceptions. We can choose to extend our assumptions to any depth we choose. Some of them may be controversial, some of them may be what we call "obvious," but it's really hard to say for sure that any assumption is right or wrong.

Technology is not unnatural in the sense that we think of it. A beaver who uses his environment to build a dam is not unnatural. Man uses his environment to create new things in this same way, so why is that suddenly unnatural. I realize this may seem to be a mere argument on the definition of words, but I'm talking about the concept more than the definition. What I'm saying is that I believe it's natural for there to be an inbalance in nature such that a certain species does not have to worry about interspecies survival. That species is bound to destroy itself and much of it's environment. We are not destroying out surroundings because we are outsiders messing with a perfect system (as I believe the common notion to be). Instead, we are a part of an imperfect system that happens to be relatively stable at this moment (i.e. a relatively small passage of time relating to the total age of the universe.)

1/23 - Here are a few brief meals for thought that are condensed to the point of injustice:

You cannot imagine anything you haven't experienced.

If you were born with no senses, you could not think, nor would you realize that you exist.

There is no randomness, and the future is set, but we can never know that future.

God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell: none of these exist, but the concepts they embody are the product of absolute brillance.

Here is an email I sent to my friend talking about determinism a bit more. I didn't feel like formatting so I just directly copied it.

I guess I really don't believe in randomness anymore. I like entropy, which sort of means randomness. But, what I enterpret that randomness to mean is complex interactions. Simple interactions do not appear to be random to us because we understand them. Complex interactions are the ones we don't understand, and so we call them random. Miracles and wonders are complex, as well as human decisions. Immediate cause and effect and certain physics are simple. Maybe I shouldn't use the word simple, because everything is complex. What I mean by simple is that we understand it. The reason I'm liking this is because it breaks down the seperation between "reality" and "fancy." It shows that everything is reality, and that everything happens for a reason. The only difference is that we either understand it yet or not. And of course the line between the two extremes is forever changing.

1/18/01 - I have been thinking about a few ideas lately. A few that were brought to my attention are stoicism, dadaism, and determinism. What I get out of stoicism is that there are things in life that you can't control, and those things should not cause any worry or fear. We must accept the inevitable. What I get from Dadaism is that knowledge does not always equal happiness, and that we must appreciate the simple things in life. The last concept, determinism, is the one I like the most. My friend explained to me that the idea of fate is more associated with a higher power who lays out our future, or who has some grand plan. Fate comes with meaning to every action. But, determinism is more of what I am talking about. Determinism means that everything happens because something made it happen, not with meaning or purpose, but solely because something else caused it to happen. The only counter to this belief may be that the soul exists or God exists and they intervine with a super-physical force that can direct itself. If this sparks your curiousity, please read my essays on the soul and God.

I guess I'm getting a little lazy in my setup on this site. Maybe one day I will put all my ideas into proper categories again. Maybe I will instead write a book. The only thing I have been really doing is thinking and corresponding through emails. So, if you have an idea, please feel free to email me.

12/20 - It's emails like that this that make working on this site worth it:

I am just sending this to let you know that I agree with almost everything on your web site, and I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to create and update this site.

I stumbled across it when I was looking for a site that agreed with my view of fate and free will to quote for an essay that I'm writing for my English class (I'm a sophmore in High School).

Well, I guess I've decided to stop updating for a while. I may take it back up in a bit, but I am busy with college and my flash projects that can be seen at this link. Once again, I still respond to emails, so please send them.

11/8 - Although I haven't been updating lately, you can still email me with comments and questions. Here is a list of links about various topics:

10/21 - A friend of mine told me an idea of how freewill and fate are the same thing. Assume that my theory that the soul is nothing more than a complex evolutionary product is true. Also, assume that everything moves because something moved it (a basic law of physics). This means that the only variation in time is the beginning of time (possibly an unmoved mover, God? Possibly infinite time, no beginning). What happens (at least here on earth) is that the more things move and interact, the more tertiary structure forms, and the more properties emerge. The reason we feel we have freewill is that the properties are too complex for the human mind to understand. What I am saying is that, hypothetically, if we knew all the properties of space and physics, and we could take a snapshot of the universe that includes every vector and state of every particle at an exact instant, and we ran this information through a computer, we could tell the future. The computer could calculate where each particle will go, and what things will occur, including human's decisions.
10/20 - Go see the flash introduction to my complete network at www.angelfire.com/fl4/entropy/flash.html. It links to my music page, my flash games page (a work in progress), and this site. Also, here are some cool flash sites:
NewGrounds | Romeo Design

10/17 - After a long argument on the existance of God, people sometimes tell me, "Well, I guess we'll find out when we die, won't we?" But, if there is no God, then we would simply discontinue to exist, and our awareness would discontinue to exist as well. Therefore, the only way we will find out is if God does exists, otherwise we won't realize anything at all.
10/2 - I finally typed up my thoughts on agnosticism. Please give me some feedback on this one. Also, I wrote a little bit more about time travel. There are definately some interesting thoughts there.

I am trying to combine some topics so that the site is more navigable. For this reason there may be some broken links for a while.

10/1 - Good news today: another search engine has accepted me! This time I didn't even have to submit it! So, welcome all visitors from www.OpenHere.com. Also, I posted an email and my reply on the 4d page. I went into time travel a bit.
9/28 - Check it out, I'm already updating! The anti-entropic force question has been answered.
9/28 - Welcome all visitors from Yahoo! Now that I am on a search engine, I plan to begin updating again. This is a response based discussion of philosophy. All topics and ideas are welcome, and so far I have responded to all emails. I am also looking for help with the site if anyone is interested. Also, I do reciprocal links if you want to trade.


Steve Castro
9/27 - Here are two songs by New Zion about philosophy and uncertainty:
Dunno | Bold

9/3 - TOTD: Reality is relative.
9/1 - TOTD: Our intelligence has become our ignorance.
8/31 - I met some fellow students who are interested in philosophy and who are interested in helping with this site. I plan to make the site more comprehensive and professional.

Updates: What is God? | The Beginning of Time | What is a Soul?

8/27 - Go to Stephen Hawking's Universe to read some interesting science stuff. I feel that many of my ideas are closed minded. After viewed that site I feel more open-minded to ideas such as time travel. Check out A Brief History of Time, a movie about Stephen Hawking.

I feel that I must redesign my site. My main idea now is the Agnostic Spiritual Revolution. I plan to build a foundation for that theory, in order to build upon it. I will keep my theories, but I will be more thorough.
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