What is the meaning of life?

Theory: Contentment is the meaning of life

7/6 - I decided previously that love was the meaning of life. In a way I had thought that happiness was the meaning of life, but that that was too selfish. But, since I have thought of the difference between happiness and contentment, I have come to the conclusion that contentment is the meaning of life, or an acceptable one by all people. Remember, contentment has many selfless sides, and is part of the health of the society rather than the individual. In this way, I still think that love is part of the meaning of life, since love is a part of contentment, but that love is not the whole meaning. One pressing reason for this statement is that some people do not experience the fullness of love, as in between a man and a woman. I was thinking, how can they too find their meaning of life? What I realized is that ANYONE can share love, on so many differing degrees. And that leads to contentment for all. What I want to clear up is that relationships are not everything, and contentment can be found without relationships. And actually preoccupation with them can cause stress and frustration, and can actually break down contentment. This is important for everyone to realize.

Now I would like to comment on the meaning of life from making society better. I was thinking that the best way to contribute is to always be doing something. First of all, know what makes you happy. Learn from all around you. Then, once you find your "calling" in life, do it and make the best of it. Think of life as a continuous list of things that need to be done, yet be happy knowing that you can't accomplish all of them. Goal setting is an important part of life, and acheiving them is an important part of contentment. And also, the more you do the less time you have to be bored or sad or lonely. The more you do, the more people you meet, the more places you go, the more diversity you have experienced, and the more things you appreciate.

6/22 - I asked Yahoo "What is the meaning of life?" and here is what I came up with. This girl looks at life from a Christian perspective.

Theory: Love is the meaning of life

6/19 - I think it is safe to say that love is the meaning of life. If it is not the only reason we live, then it is at least a piece of the whole point. Even religions agree that love is a part of what life is about. It is true that love can cause more heartache than happiness, but if a person finds the right mate for them then that is definately something worth striving for. Regardless of any other theory that I may have about emotions, ethics, spirits, or religions, true love as we know it does exist and it is a wonderful thing that is well worth living for. The love I am talking about is a dieing concept these days though, and I think that has a lot to do with the decline of humanity.

First, the love for a member of the opposite sex is a concept that is so distorted and trashed that it makes me sick. This love I am refering to is about devotion, honesty, and selflessness. Too often it is about money and sex. When it comes to marriage, people just don't take it as seriously as they used to, and as it should be. The fact that adultery is so commonplace makes me entirely disheartened. People get divorces all the time, and some people get remarried like ten times.

Second, the love for one another that exists as friendships is also worth living for. Knowing that you can mean something to someone else and that you can make a difference in someone's life are awesome feelings.

Maybe this also has to do with leaving the world a little better than you left it. That seems to be a good meaning of life also. Knowing that you accomplished something or that people can benefit from your hard work, experience, and love. These are all things well worth living for.

A little bit more of a bitter point of view is that maybe there really isn't some grand point to life, or maybe there is but it isn't what we think it should be. But, if this were the case, life is still the same as we have always known it, so we can still strive for love.

6/10 - I used to feel that life was just a test of our soul before we spend our enternity in the afterlife. But, sometimes I think that life is about being content and leaving the world a better place than you left it. If I suppose evolution is true, I tend to believe that life is basically about survival and procreation, with all of our added extras of society that we have created. But then I feel like our lives are no more important than a mosquito's life. They just reproduce, and die. I hate mosquitoes with a passion.

On more simpler terms:
Keeke - Eat, drink, and be merry.