What is God?

9/28 - I just talked to my high school science teacher via email, and I asked him about the anti-entropic force. What he told me was that the sun is our anti-entropic force. The reason this still supports entropy is because the whole system actually results in a lose of energy. Even though we use a large amount of energy here on earth, that energy is universally puny.

8/30 - Humans are very complex, as is our earth, and everything about our daily existance. Science explains that things naturally tend toward entropy, but how do we explain so much complexity here on earth? Not only is there so much complexity, but according to evolution, we are continually becoming more complex. This leads us to ask the question: does an anti-entropic force exist? I don't know the answer, but it seems to me that there must be in order for our situation to prevail. Maybe the "super energy" that I proposed below is such a force. Maybe it is God, or a product of God. Or maybe it is exclusively scientific, yet appears Godly to us. Another thing, maybe the amount of complexity on earth is actually nothing compared to the entire universe of disorder, and we are living in a relatively puny "occurance of order." Millions of years of disorder does not seem to be puny, but it may be on the scale of the universe.

Here is a different interpretation on a more bitter note. Our world today, although mostly populated by "believers of a higher power," is a paganistic one. Money, power, greed, and self are our gods, and those with the most of these rule. And does this lead to contentment? No. Does it lead to destruction? Yes.

Theory: If energy is a higher form of matter, then maybe God is a higher form of energy.

Note: This is not a idea that we should worship matter. Materialism is NOT the way to go.

6/1 - It seems that God has the opposite properties of matter. God cannot be measured and is everywhere all at once. God is infinite and can exist simultaneously where something else is. Maybe if we had the knowledge that God has then we would be able to scientifically turn matter into energy and then turn energy into spirit.

Another theory is that He is four dimensional.

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