The Beginning of Time

Infinite Time Theory

8/30 - One question that is important to ask when thinking about the beginning of time is: What will be the end of time? It's just some food for thought.

A counter point to my infinite time theory is that although there may be infinite time with infinite possibilities, it does not explain the fact that we keep on towards complexity rather than entropy. It may be the case that we happened to be complex because it was a rare chance, but what is the chance that the entropy would continue. I talk a little bit more about anti-entropy on the What is God? discussion.

6/29 - Maybe there was no beginning. I personally believe that after the end of the universe there is infinite nothingness. I think infinity, nothingness, and meaningless are some of our biggest ignorances. Maybe time as defined by the existance of anything is infinite. Maybe there always was and always will be particles and energy. In order for us to understand things, we always need a beginning and an end so we can measure it, study it, and memorize it. But maybe time is not easily understood. If it is true that particles have always existed and always will, then it seems logical that a whole universe could have already existed and been destroyed zillions of years before us. Maybe an infinite number of universes have been created and destroyed before us and will after us. It's a little off the subject, but a friend of mine once told me this: "If you give a infinite number of monkeys and infinite number of typewriters, eventually one of them will type the work of Hamlet." Food for thought.

The Big Bang Theory

6/1 - Not that I know much about this, but the big bang theory doesn't seem to explain anything at all. There's a big explosion and suddenly there is a universe right? But, what made the explosion? Where did the energy or particles come from? It could have happened but it doesn't seem to be a beginning at all. There had to have been something before it. The craziness of the idea could possibly be a miracle of God that we are struggling to understand. But then again, ignorance will never prove anything. The infinity of time is also hard to grasp, but so is it's finity.
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