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An Introduction to The Shape of the Universe

My name is Steven Castro and I am an agnostic philosopher. I am not agnostic because of ignorance though, as I feel a lot of people may be. I am so because I have a desire to learn like I never have before. I have a desire for spirituality also, which I cannot satisfy by accepting what I am told, or what I was brought up with. I have a desire for the common good of the human race.

This is a constantly evolving site. The information on this site is meant for open-minded, deep-thinking people. These ideas are not meant to be taken lightly, and only consider them to be your own beliefs after careful thought. I do not mean to offend anyone, and I do not mean to lead anyone astray. The effect I'm going for here is knowledge and invokation of thinking. I am trying to give the internet something that is more worthwhile.

In philosophy I allow a difference between action and theory. There are many applications to this, but basically we are here for the sake of knowledge, not to judge.

If you send me an email, you are giving me permission to post it unless otherwise specified. Words other than mine will be light blue with the author's name. My remarks are in white and will not have my name with them. When I respond, don't be surprised if I oppose your theories or my own, because I learn from opposing theories. If I really like or agree with something that is said though, I will try to say so.

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About the Author

I graduated high school 12th out of 170, with a GPA of about 3.6. I got an honors diploma and I was a member of the National Honor Society. I am currently attending DeVry Institute of Technology for Computer Information Systems.

My address to Christians

I sometimes get frustrated when I talk to Christians, because frequently everything they say I can predict before they even say it. This is because as a former Christian, I have experienced all those things. I feel that if there is such thing as a personal relationship with God, then to the best of my awareness I had one.

I wish to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. No matter how compelling I can be, some Christians have decided long before they talk to me that God exists and they are not willing to accept otherwise. But for that reason I get frustrated with Christians, and I am sorry for that. And even still, I understand. If I had been approached when I was 14 and a diehard Christian with these kind of theories, I would ask myself how can I help this person realize the truth (of the Christian God), and I wouldn't even wonder if these theories were true.

I openly promote Christianity, as well as any other religion, because I believe that they are sources of great amity and motivation for people to live a good life. I do however feel that it is brainwashing. I do not mean to downgrade it by saying that, but I feel that religion, by nature, uses the same techniques as brainwashing. Regardless of it if it actually a good thing or not, people are often helpless to resist the conditioned mind.

Therefore, to all my Christian readers, please understand where I am coming from if you wish to philosophise with me.

A spiritual revolution

I think something every one can agree on is the fact that the condition of our world is terrible. I think that we will bring our own extinction eventually, but there are things we can do to slow the process. We need to change the world. We need to be idealistic. Basically, we need to strengthen morals and the family, and everything after that trickles down. My main proposition is agnosticism.

Basically, it addresses the mass uncertainty and moral deficiency. Agnosticism is a theory that works with religion. It uses philosophical and scientific logic and evolutionary morals to govern the people. It looks at religion undecidedly, yet spells out the morals common to all good religions. The main thing is the promotion of true contentment to all people. By this we must rid ourselves of the lies society gives us on how to be happy (read more on how to be content here). It is a very controversial and difficult topic, but it is one I wish to thoroughly tackle.

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