8/17 - In this update I am going to try to explain more fully my theory of evolution. By whatever means we evolved (which I have no expertise since I am not a scientist), at the begginning of life it was all about survival. We did what it took to keep the species alive. At first it was mostly about sex, food, and safety. From these come our complex morals and emotions and even our society. The obvious emotions such as fear and "fight or flight" were basic for survival. Amity became important at some point in order to help each other help our species, and humans realized that murder is bad for our survival. Competition was important, because a healthier mate makes healthier kids. Love meant commitment, which meant less time competing and more time having kids. Longer lives meant more kids. We also decided to parent our children in order to have higher success rates. Now we have our morals and emotions.

Now at this point it is ok to have as much sex as possible, as soon as possible. Also, it is ok to be selfish, in order to better your survival. But, through evolution came intelligence. With this intelligence we have the ability to realize what is best for us, and what makes us happy and healthy. With this comes the religious morals.

Since survival of the species has not been an issue (and since overpopulation became more of an issue) morals declined, and suicide increased, and depression increased. This is part of the natural process of population control. Those who don't adapt to new morals, such as the religious morals, will eventually die off from STD's or from the unhappiness associated with greed.

One part of our society is recreation, which deals mostly with competition and bettering oneself (which also stems from competition). We have complex mating rituals in order to produce better offspring. Our ideas of beauty stem from competition of a better mate. Finally, our soul is basically an emotional and moral machine that is so complex we think of it as its own entity.

I guess I have made more of an outline or overview than an explanation. Responses will definately help my explanation.

6/25 - These guys like evolution a lot, and they explain the moral/evolution theory MUCH better than I do.

6/12 - Most morals can be explained through evolution and all lead to the direction of survival of the species. A basic example of this is the accepted moral that murder is wrong. What does this have to do with evolution? Well, we learned a long time ago that if we kill each other then we won't survive too long. In more recent times, people don't need to worry about survival, and so we built this society full of entertainment, culture, and immoralness. Then, when you get into love and the way we do things, most of it can be explained through evolution. We love in order to protect other members of our species, especially our children. This corresponds with the idea of altruism. So, if you have a question about life or morals, think about how it effects humanity and how evolution has taught us to think. (This has to do with my theory that emotions are scientific and not spiritual, and also has to do with the theory on the meaning of life.)

6/5 - I believe very strongly in evolution. But, that does not mean that I don't believe in creationism either. Evolution is greatly supported but it is still something that does not seem very likely or scientific. How could such a complex structure such as a human come from tiny organisms? And where did the organisms come from? Spontaneous generation? Maybe evolution was the process that was guided by God.

Some thoughts on Genesis in the Bible:

Let's suppose for a minute that Christianity is the correct religion. I think that it is possible that the story of Creation is only a way of making the people understand that God created everything (supposing God did create everything). The people need something concrete to believe in. If it was just said that God created the universe, people would agree with it for a few generations. But, then someone would say "How did God do it?" Then those how's would turn into questioning and disbelief. Maybe God didn't create everything exactly like it says in the Bible. Maybe God created through evolution.

I think the Bible is a great book that is not meant to be take literally. I think people who base their whole ideology on one interpretation of the Bible are ignorant unless they have really thought it over and their lives depend on the interpretation. If it isn't really urgent to make a decision on an interpretation, then don't make one. Think it over and maybe find the best one that makes the most sense in your mind (and I don't mean selfish sense either. I mean logical sense).

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