The Fourth Dimension

Time Travel

10/2 - I just wanted to add a little something as to why I don't believe in time travel as most commonly connotated. Yesterday I said that it doesn't make sense because dimensions are not physical things. They only exist mathematically. Another thing is that time doesn't exist. Mathematically, time is a thing that can be measured by minutes, months, or millennia. But, in reality, time is nothing more than the passage of events, the motion of particles, the existance of anything. If everything stopped, then there would be no time. That is definately something to think about. If no clock ticked to mark the passage of time, and no event occured to differentiate this year from the last, then did time really progress? Or, did time stand still? Is time really what we think it is? When we talk of time travel, I feel that it is relative to position rather than events. In that sense, I feel that "time travel" may be a misnomer. I could be proven wrong, but for the time being I feel pretty certain about these things.
10/1 - robertmotza - If you place a light source in the confines of any dimension 'N' and then an Occupant of that dimension approaches the source, the occupants shadow will have dimension of N-1. Could we be 'shadows' of four dimensional beings?

Yes, it is true that a 3-d being could be a slice or shadow of a 4-d being. As far as the shadow thoery alone though, my first reaction is that it seems nonsensical. Our shadows do not have a consciousness of their own, nor would we have one if we were only 4-d shadows. If you are speaking more metaphorically, then it might be closer to the slice idea. But, why would we be 4-d beings yet are only aware of our 3-d existance? And why don't we have mobility in the 4th dimension at all? If we did have mobility in the fourth, then we wouldn't have stability in the third.

Although I have proposed theories of my own about dimensions beyond our own, I personally feel it is illogical. I haven't personally looking much into string theory, so I cannot totally say, but hear out my argument. They say that it is closely related to time travel, because the currently accepted idea is that time is the fourth dimension. I have heard that time is relative, and that is how it is possible. But, I believe it is only relative to position, and not events. What I mean is that you could get to a point before light does, but you can't go back to when your great grandfather was still alive. Dimensions are not real world phenomenoms. They are mathematical descriptions. In that sense, it doesn't seem valid that we would have more of what we don't even have in the first place. It may make sense mathematically and may even apply in some aspects, but I don't believe it goes beyond that. Even if time is the fourth dimension, it is not one that we can navigate freely, so it doesn't qualify as a dimension as we know the meaning of the word.

Theory: The fourth dimension is spirituality.

6/5 - Basically God and spirits are capable of roaming about the fourth dimension and can pass through our universe. Try not to picture the the fourth dimension, try only to understand it.

1. It consists of our 3-d "plane" (which is the universe) dividing it into heaven and hell, the two equal infinite halfs of the 4th dimension.

2. Spirits are four dimensional creatures and therefore are see-through and can pass through walls. The soul is capable of coexisting simultaneously with the body because the the soul is actually in a 3-d space parrallel to the one we know of. They are see-through because we only see a 3-d "slice" of what they really are. Let's say for instance there are 2-d people running around on the plane in picture 1.

There is a square with money on the interior of it. As far as the 2-d folk know, no one can get the money without breaking the walls. But, we 3-d people know that if you come in the from the third dimension (picture 2), you can grab the money and amaze the 2-d people.

Try to make an analogy between that and our world. 4-d people can get into a closed box or room without breaking the walls. They appear to go through them.

Theory: The fourth dimension is time.

6/10 - I believe this is a nice idea but I do not believe that we have the capablity of time travel. The present serves as a nice 3-d "plane" that divides the 4-d space into two equal halfs, past and future, both of which are infinite. But, the restriction on our motion in this dimension seems to mean that time is not a physical fourth dimension. In other words, I do not believe that we can travel through time. It can be used as a model or idea though since a lot of the properties of dimensions apply.
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