8/22 - Another strong theory that I have is the evolution and make-up of the soul, but I have not really covered the topic adequately. Expect an essay on that topic soon.
8/20 - I took this link off of my links section, but I wanted it somewhere, so I'm sticking it here. It's a little flash music video satire that I made.
8/18 - I got sick of exchange-it, so I got rid of their banner.
8/17 - Most of my theories are based on evolution, and I did not even fully explain the topic of evolution itself. I have attempted to do so here.
8/16 - I made one Index of Topics so that my site is easier to navigate and so I can put the update dates on easier. Also, I updated Is there a God?
8/15 - Lambert Dolphin's Library is an interesting site with a lot of theories and stuff.
8/14 - Here's a link to a site with some philosophical essays. They are worded pretty heavily, but they're there for you. Here are some banners I made for this site if you want to link to it or just look at them:
banner1 | banner2

8/10 - New Topic: What is reality/truth?
8/3 - Here is an essay that pretty much captures my feelings towards religion (it's link #3 on the Is there a God? page). It is agnostic, but leans toward atheism. I had a hard time opposing its ideas, so help me out.
8/2 - "The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an Agnostic." - Charles Darwin

Today's question: How can a unconditionally loving God have allowed/created evil? I say allowed/created because God is supposedly omnipotent. Maybe God exits but isn't omnipotent. Talk to me.

I cleaned up the index code a bit, so it's a little smaller file size and looks better. I'm sick of Explorer because the big back button keeps screwing with me. Basically, it goes back when I don't want it to, and doesn't when I do. Netscape almost makes my page look like I want it to, but the main problem is that the column width doesn't stay at 100. Maybe I'm using an older version, but I don't have much choice at the computer lab.
7/31 - "Not many pages on the net are intelligent and interesting, and yours is." - Fourway Go

There is now another two pages of review on the link on the Is there a God? discussion. Check it out here. Most of these links are really supporting my agnostic belief, although they do not contain agnostic content. I saw a link to a site called agnostic.com. I didn't want to put it in the links section cuz I'm not really sure I support this guys ideas. If you are going to look at that link, be sure to be a critical thinker. After you're done here, go exercise, read a book, and then spend some time outside.
7/28 - TOTD: Question everything, and be content when you don't find the answers.

I reviewed a link on the Is there a God? page. I'm thinking about just writing a book about my philosophy because it's getting hard to keep a continuing sense of everything that I am trying to say with this site.

7/24 - Ok, this new index just isn't working. I see some problems with it in Netscape, and I just don't get a feeling of philosophy from it. No one is even reading what i'm writing here, so it doesn't matter anyway. I wish Yahoo would help me out. I have so many philosophical ideas, but I just don't know how to present them. Somebody please help me!

7/21 - I consolidated the old index and the new one. I put the site index back on the top there. I also brought back the old pulsating title. If you are new here be sure to go to the preface. Each section now has it's own index. I am submitting to Yahoo again for about the millionth time.

7/18 - I am @ college now. Hopefully I can get a computer set up at my apartment so I can update my site, but for now it's hard to keep going to the computer lab. Hopefully my studies in computers won't take away from my interest in philosophy. Keep emailing me.

7/13 - Thought of the Day: Ignorance will never prove nor disprove anything.

New layout. The parts that are updated will be noted here in the middle section. Some of the links still don't work yet.

7/11 - I just saw a movie called Mind Walk last night. It's a great movie for deep-thinkers.

Tommorrow I have to get ready and the next morning I'm off to college, so I probably won't get much updating done for a bit. It's a little scary. But, change is good. Go with the flow. I added the history page for my index comments.

7/9 - Today has been a long day, and I promised myself I would go to bed early to prepare for another one. But, my passion for philosophy has exceded my common sense. It is now four minutes past the start of a new day.

I have been thinking about philosophy a lot lately. It usually consumes my whole day. But, until recently my theories have been random and without action. But now, I feel that I am approaching a culmination to my work. What I am looking into is a spiritual revolution. I.e. We need to change our morals. We can do this by revamping our current religion, or by replacing it with something better. My current studies have been on which is actually better. So, I am thinking about the pros and cons of current religion, and my new theories. Basically, my replacement theories are based on positive atheism or agnosticism. Possibly, evolutionism is one solution. Look for the following topics to follow my theoretical train: a spiritual revolution, is there a god, which religion is right, evolution, and morals.

Also, be sure to go through the preface before you go anywhere. And one last thing, this is some pretty heavy stuff, so don't say I didn't warn you.

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