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Genealogical data for Batten in Newfoundland & England
Last Updated: Nov. 14, 1999

This page is maintained by Paul Batten formerly of Foxtrap, Newfoundland, Canada. In the search for my own roots I have gathered a lot of information on the Batten surname in general the majority of which is presented here. I have traced my own line back to 1795 and the data from the 1800's onward is quite good. There are references to the surname (in its current form) in Newfoundland back to 1675. There are intriguing hints that the name may be an anglicized version of a french name that came from the Channel Islands off the north coast of France before 1610. More lately I have found a contact in Scotland who has done a One Name Study on Batten and suggests it may have originally been a Flemish surname from the area around Bethune, France.

There is a mountain of data here and it is entirely possible that I have made errors. If you see anything suspect, by all means, let me know ( Your comments are welcomed.

Family Tree for Paul Batten b. Foxtrap, 1961

Family Tree for Diane Morgan b. Seal Cove, 1957