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Marriages in the Port de Grave Area 1829 to 1890
Source: Anglican Parish Records


Name:                   Birth Place:    Marriage Date:	 At:            Witnesses:

John Batten W		unknown   	Dec 18, 1829	Bareneed	? Farell, John Richards
Catherine Morgan	unknown

Thomas Batten		Bareneed	Nov 24, 1831	Bareneed	John Batten, William Efford
Elizabeth Efford	Port de Grave 

Mary Batten		Bareneed	Nov 24, 1831	Bareneed	John Batten, William Efford
William Snow		Bareneed 

Amy Batten		Bareneed	Dec 5, 1837	Bareneed	William Batten, John Batten
John French W		Bareneed 

Mary Batten		Bareneed	Dec 3, 1840	Bareneed	John Batten, Samuel Batten
Henry Spencer		Cold East Point

Emma Batten		Bareneed	Dec 10, 1840	Bareneed	William Richards, John Daw
Robert Daw		Ship Cove

Samuel Batten W  	Bareneed	Dec 15, 1841	Bareneed	John Batten X, William Moore
Mary Boone W		Bareneed 

John Batten		Bareneed	Dec 16, 1841	Bareneed	Samuel Batten X, George Bartlett
Rebecca Bartlett	Bareneed 

Susannah Batten         Bareneed	Nov 9, 1842	Bareneed	William Batten, Elija Daw
Jacob Bishop		Sandy Cove 

Samuel Batten		Bareneed	Dec 15, 1842	Bareneed	John Batten, George Bartlett
Rebecca French		Bareneed 

William Batten		Bareneed	Dec 15, 1842	Bareneed	Jacob Delaney
Mary Delaney		Bareneed					Isaac Boone

Emma Batten		Bareneed	Dec 22, 1842	Bareneed	Isaac Boone X
John Boone		Bareneed					Samuel Batten

Ruth Batten		Bareneed	Dec 7, 1843	Bareneed	John Batten, John Beauchamp
William Stevens		Bareneed					Charles Stevens X

Mary Batten		Bareneed	Dec 5, 1844	Bareneed	William Batten
George Bartlett		Bareneed					Sarah Bishop

Benjamin Batten   	Bareneed	Nov 26, 1846	Bareneed	William Richards
Mary Morgan		Bareneed					Thomas Batten

Thomas Batten		Bareneed	Jan 12, 1848	Bareneed	Isaac Richards, William Batten
Mary Richards		Bareneed					William Richards

Ann Batten		Bareneed	Dec 21, 1848	Bareneed	Isaac Richards, John Richards
William Richards	Bareneed					Jacob Bishop, William Batten
									Susannah Bishop

Ann Batten		Bareneed	Dec 6, 1849	Bareneed	James Stevens
Benjamin Stevens	Bareneed					John Bartlett

John Batten				Dec 18, 1851	Bareneed	William Batten
Rachel Boone								Abram Boone

Samuel Batten		Bareneed	Nov 25, 1852	Bareneed	William Bussey, William Batten
Elizabeth Bussey	Port de Grave					Ann Batten, Ann Hussey

Patience Batten		Bareneed	Dec 21, 1852	Bareneed	Virtue Richards, Fanny Mercer
Edward Mercer		Mercer’s Cove					Fanny Parsons, Ann Batten
			(Bay Roberts)					George Bartlett

Ann Batten		Bareneed	Jan 3, 1855	Bareneed	Emma Richards, Rachel Batten
Joseph Barrett		Bishop’s Cove					Samuel Batten, Robert Barrett
									John Batten, Mary Ann Drover

Edward Batten		The Dock	Dec 12, 1855	Bareneed	Elizabeth Snow, Mary Adams
Emma Andrews		Salmon Cove					Fanny Snow, Abraham Fraly
									James Adams, Thomas Batten

Rachel Batten		Bareneed	Dec 23, 1856	Bareneed	Elizabeth Batten, Henry Gosse
Robert Barrett		Bishop’s Cove					Emma Richards, Thomas Batten
									Mary Jane Batten, ? Batten
									Robert Thomas Dobre

Elizabeth Ann Batten	Bareneed	Dec 9, 1858	Bareneed	Emma Batten, William Daw		Ships Cove					John Batten, Rachel Hampton Elizabeth French	Christopher Lacy

Elizabeth Batten	The Dock	Dec 6, 1859	Bareneed 	Rebecca Batten, Ann Batten
Joseph Reed		South River					Rebecca French, Job Newell
									Henry Daw, Ann Reed

Rebecca Batten		The Dock	Dec 15, 1859	Bareneed	Ann Batten, Mary J. Batten
Henry Daw		Ship Cove					Mary Daw, Abraham Batten
									? Batten

James Batten		Bareneed	Dec 22, 1859	Bareneed	Susan (?) Richards, Eli Dawe
Grace Richards		Bareneed					Eliz. French, Emma Batten
									James Batten

John Batten		Salmon Cove	Jan 5, 1860	Bareneed	Grace Tucker, William Batten
Maria Mugford		Sandy Cove					? Mugford, Emma Batten

Emma Batten		Bareneed	Dec 24, 1861	Bareneed	Mary J. Batten, William Batten
George Daw		Ship Cove

Emma Batten		Bareneed	Dec 24, 1861	Bareneed	John Batten, Jane Hussey
Geo. Daw		Ship Cove PDG					

John Batten		Bareneed	Jan 6, 1863	Port de Grave	Wm. Christopher
Harriet Lear		Hibbs Hole					Mary Jane Batten

John Thomas Batten	Bareneed	Dec 17, 1863	Bareneed	Joseph Roberts
Eliza Snow		Bareneed					Mary Jane Batten

Mary Jane Batten	Bareneed	Dec 29, 1863	Bareneed	Thomas Batten
Robert Strange		Port de Grave					Selina J. Barrett

Eli Batten		Salmon Cove	Dec19, 1865	Bareneed	Isaac Butler, Emma Batten
Caroline Richards	Port de Grave

William Batten		Bareneed	Dec 17, 1867	Port de Grave	Thomas Batten,
Emma Tucker		Port de Grave					Eliz. A Keeping

John Batten		The Dock	Dec 27, 1867	Bareneed	Jacob French, Emma Batten
Elizabeth Victoria	Bay Roberts	

Ann Batten		Bareneed	Nov 15, 1868	Bareneed	Thomas Batten, Eliz. Rolfe
Charles Daw		Port de Grave

Emma Batten		The Dock	Dec 25, 1869	Bareneed	John Batten, Emma Daw
Samuel Daw		Ship Cove

Mary S. Batten   	Port de Grave	Jan 2, 1870	Port de Grave	Thomas Batten, Lavinia Daw
John Wm. Efford

Elizabeth Batten	Salmon Cove	Dec 1, 1870	Salmon Cove	Priscilla Bishop, Emily Wells
Joseph Andrews   	Salmon Cove

Dorothy Ann Batten	The Pond	Nov 25, 1873	Bareneed	Robert J. Batten, Fanny Daw
Geo. Daw		Bareneed

Mary Ann Batten W	Ship Cove	Nov 29, 1877	Port de Grave	Samuel Dawe, Emily Dawe
John Stevens		Bareneed

Eliza Batten W   	Bareneed	Dec 10, 1878	Bareneed	Elizabeth Batten,
Thomas Boone W   	Bareneed					Thomas Snow

Samuel Batten		Port de Grave	Dec 23, 1878	Bareneed	Jane Batten, Abraham Boone
Hannah Moore		Bareneed

Emma Batten W   	Ship Cove	May 15, 1879	Port de Grave	Chrisanna Ridout
Noah Ridout		Long Pond					Joseph Tucker
			(Sth Shore)

Rebecca Batten   	Coley’s Pt.	Nov 5, 1879	Bareneed	Emma Jane Batten
Isaac French		Bareneed					John Boone

William Batten	 W	Bareneed	Nov 30, 1879	Burnthead	Thomas Roberts, John Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop	Burnt Head

Mary Batten		The Dock	Jan 1, 1881	Bareneed	William Batten
John Thomas Curlew	The Dock					Eliz. Ann Newell

Jane Batten		Bareneed	Dec 22, 1881	Bareneed	Mary Dawe,
George Earle		Port de Grave					Emmer Hampton

Isacc Batten		Bareneed	Dec 27 1881	Bareneed	Isaac Batten, 
Rachel Selina Boon	Bareneed					Benjamin Batten

Samuel Batten		Bareneed	Jan 3, 1882	Port de Grave	Wm. Morgan, Mary Frances Morgan
Delilah Porter		Blow Me Down

Joseph Batten		The Dock	Dec 22, 1882	Bareneed	Geo. Richards
Patience Emmeline	Bareneed					Elizabeth A. Batten

Elizabeth Ann Batten	The Dock	Jan 3, 1883	Bareneed	Joseph Batten
Archibald Pearce	The Dock					Mary Butler Pearce

Elizabeth Batten	The Dock	Dec 1, 1886	Bareneed	Wm. Batten, Patience Mercer
Nathaniel Bradbury	The Dock

James Batten		The Dock	Dec11, 1887	Port de Grave	Issac Boone, Selina Boone
Rachel Bishop		Pick Eyes

Rebecca Jane Batten	Bareneed	Dec 19, 1887	Port de Grave	Samuel Batten
John Morgan		Hopewell					Lawrence Amor
			(Sth Shore)

Sarah Ann Batten	Bareneed	Jan 3, 1888	Bareneed	John Pamiter,
Charles Barnes		Topsail						Elizabeth Batten

William Batten 31	Salmon Cove	Dec 21, 1890	Salmon Cove	Wm. Thomas Moore
Emily Moore 23   	Salmon Cove					Jacob Moore

James John Batten 22	Bareneed	Dec 30, 1890	Port De Grave	Chas. W. Morgan
Mary Patience Meale							Elis. Jane Neil

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