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Postcards from World War I

Most of the following collection was either sent to or sent by Heber Morgan during his tour of duty in the British Navy. Most are between him and his future bride, Ethel Morgan, but there is one from his sister, Laura, whom he cherished. There are also a couple showing ships he served on.

May 19th 1916 Seal Cove (Nfld) - from Ethel to Heber

The message reads: Dear, Many thanks for your parcil recieved yesterday Charmed with them hope you got some letters by this time wrote you few days ago News is scearce just now was at Codnor school last night to a consort got home at one o clock I remain yours truly E Morgan to H Morgan

The card was made by The Valentine and Sons Publishing Co. Ltd. Montreal and Toronto, printed in Great Britain

Christmas 1917 - Ethel to Heber, The message reads: from Ethel with Best wishes for a Happy xmas and a Bright and Happy New Year 1918
The card was copyrighted 1912 by Heyman, Series No. 7095, probably sent from Nova Scotia.
Printed on the front of the card:

Gibralter - The Convent and South ?Port? Street

Love to Ethel was written on after using gold glitter over red ink.

March 12, No year, Heber to Ethel,

The message reads:

Just a word to let you know where I am and still alive
I don't know when I shall get another letter
I am living in hopes yet so good night sweet

The card is by V.P. Cumbo of Gibralter Series No. 73446

Printed on the front of the card:

Genova - Ponte Federico Guglielmo - Stazione Marittima.

No date, Heber to Ethel, The address is:

Any Address H. Morgan, S.S. North Pacific c/o GPO London.

The message reads: ta ta and This hankerchef comes from Gibralter
and this is where I am now

There is no printer's information.

Sept 6, no year, Liverpool - from Heber to Ethel

The message reads:

My Dearest Ethel, Just a post Card
Wrote to you the other day and I adressed it home
I didn't know your adress but I got a letter from you this morning and I am sending this Card
we are sailing tomorrow so good bye from your love

Love H Morgan to Ethel good night

The card was made by J. Beagles and Co. Ltd. of London, England, E.C. series 894.F.

No date, Laura to Heber,

The message reads:

to Heber from Laura Fannie

The card was made by Rotary Photo, E.C. series 5159 A

The stamp location says:
INLAND 1/2d.

This is the R.M.S. Celtic. A note on the back says: Gramps Morgan's boat he sailed on in the navy 1914.

The card was printed in Great Britain but has no other information.

This is the R.M.S. Virginian. of the Allen Line. 12,000 Tons, Turbine.

A note on the back says: Heber, Ethel 1914. Their pictures were added in the portholes by placing photos behind actual holes in a reusable form and re-photographing it.

The card was printed by American Galleries, 7 Lime St., Liverpool.

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