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Genealogical Data for Batten in Devon 1664 to 1816
Source: Memorial University of Nfld., Maritime History Archives, Keith Matthews Name Files

Note: Professor Matthews collected data on the basis of those most likely to have a Newfoundland connection. Thus he researched in towns in the south of England that spawned sea farers. It is possible and probable that there are other Batten references in England that do not appear here.

Town of Bovey Tracey
Surname: First Name: Date: Reference:

Batten  	George	  	1733 Apr	George  married Jane Prouse
Battin Richard 1693 Richard had son Robert Batten Richard 1728 Sep Richard married Elizabeth Drake Batten Richard 1736 Richard married Ann Steare
Batton Robert 1664 married Joane Sainthill
Battin William 1707 born to Richard

Town of Marldon
Surname: First Name: Date: Reference:

Batting	Abraham	1692     	Abraham married Mary Pope
Batting	Abraham	1693     	Abraham had son Henry
Batten  	Abraham	1693     	Abraham was Church warden
Batting	Abraham	1694     	Abraham had son Abraham
Batting	Abraham	1702     	Abraham had son Richard
Batten  	Abraham	1711     	Abraham had son Abraham
Batten  	Abraham	1732     	Abraham died
Batten David 1667 had son Abraham Batten David 1669 David had son John Batten David 1679 Jonas, son of David, died Batten David 1689 David had a will probated in Devon
Batten John 1688 John had a will probated

Town of Stoke-in-Teignhead
Surname: First Name: Date: Reference:

Batten  	John     	1738 Sep	John married Ann Reed
Batten  	John     	1739     	John and Ann had son John
Batting	John     	1744     	John and Ann had son Thomas
Batting	John     	1751     	John and Ann had son William

Town of Teignmouth
Surname: First Name: Date: Reference:

Batten  	John     	1754 Nov	Customs record: Imported 36 gallons of bts oil and 1 cask of molasses from Nfld.
Battens	John     	1790     	Death record for John
Battens	John     	1791     	John probated a will in Devon
Batten  	John     	1803     	Feb 3 to Mar 16, in Nfld. Mate on the "Jane" owned by Richard Howard in Teignmouth
Batten  	John     	1812     	John of Teignmouth, Jan 13 to Apr 5,  reg'd on the "Rose" owned by Stephen Harvey
Batten Richard Jr. 1676 Richard Jr. and Mary had son John Batten Richard 1771? Crewman from Stoke-in-Teignhead in Devon, England Baddin Samuel 1681 Jul 19 Shipment of Coal going to St. Andrews on the "Diamond" reg in Teignmouth
Batten Thomas 1770 Thomas married Elizabeth Drew Batten Thomas 1780 Thomas and Elizabeth had son James
Battens William 1773 William married Elizabeth Whiteway Battens William 1774 William and Elizabeth had son John Batten William 1816 William of Stoke-in-Teignhead,Mar 31 to Nov 20, on the "Capelin" owned by Zeb Poland

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