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Bussey/Cable Family Fotos

The Busseys and Cables

back, l to r: Jacob Cable, Willie Cable, Peter and Emily Bussey, Jimmy Greeley.
Jacob is Emily's brother.

front: David and Mary Cable, children of Jacob, and Peter Bussey Jr.

Peter Cluney Bussey as a wee lad.

Peter is in the center. This photo would have been taken about 1916 when he was about 3 years old. Warrick Butler is on the left and Amy Cluney is to the right. Both are Peter's first cousins on his mother's side of the family

Margaret Jane Cluney

Margaret Jane is Peter Cluney Bussey's mother. She is shown here with her nephew, and Peter's cousin, Ronald Cluney.

Peter Cluney

This photo would have been taken about 1910. Peter Cluney is shown here with two daughters, Margaret Jane (b.1888) on his left and Matilda on his right. Matilda married a Delaney. Margaret Jane married Joseph Bussey from Port De Grave.

Three of the Bussey Brothers

The first is Joseph Bussey of Port De Grave. He married Margaret Jane Cluney and they had the following children:

  • John b. 1909
  • Willie b. 1911
  • Peter Cluney b. 1913

He died March 31, 1914 when the sealing vessel, Southern Cross, sank on its return trip from the ice floes.

The second is Thomas Bussey. He died at the same time as his brother Joseph when the Southern Cross went down. He was just married at about age 18 to Esther Butler. Esther later remarried to William Morgan making her my wife's great great aunt.

(Another brother, Alfred was also lost on the Southern Cross.)

The third is William George Bussey or Willie George as he was commonly called. Willie George died as a result of being pushed off a train near Portugal Cove. This was apparently due to a dispute over a lady.

Henry Cable

Henry, of Peachytown, is shown here with his daughter Emily. Holding his hand is his grandaughter, Mary, by his son Jacob. Emily is holding her youngest child, Wayne.

Walter Cable

Walt Cable with his sister Emily Bussey (nee Cable). The baby is unknown but could be her oldest son Joseph. Anybody know for sure?

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