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Genealogical Data for Batten in Hampshire 1668 to 1716
Source: Memorial University of Nfld., Maritime History Archives, Keith Matthews Name Files

Note: Professor Matthews collected data on the basis of those most likely to have a Newfoundland connection. Thus he researched in towns in the south of England that spawned sea farers. It is possible and probable that there are other Batten references in England that do not appear here.

Town of Ringwood
Surname: First Name: Date: Reference:

Batten		James   	1670 Aug	James had son James
Batten		James   	1680 Oct	James, gentleman, had son William
Batten John 1680 John had son John Batten John Jr. 1707 Mar John Jr. had daughter Elizabeth Batten John 1708 Dec John Jr. had son John. Batten John 1711 Sep John had son James Batten John 1714 Nov John, a joiner, had son Samuel Batten John 1716 Jan 17 John, a joiner, had son William Batten John 1716 Jun John, a joiner, had son Edward
Batten Samuel 1668 Mar Samuel had son Samuel
Batten William 1669 Jul William, MR( Master of the Rolls, a Judge), had son Anthony Batten William 1671 Jul William had son Edward Batten William 1699 Apr William, MR, had son Anthony Battin William 1700 Feb 1 MR William of Burly (South Hampshire) had son John Batten William 1705 Jan 6 Edward born to MR William

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