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Morgan Family Fotos

Heber Morgan

This photo was probably taken during the late 1950's during one of his yearly moose hunting trips.

Ethel Morgan

This was taken around 1918 while Ethel was in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia where she was in service as a cook. While she was there she earned a certificate in dressmaking from a local technical school in Pictou County.This was before she maried Heber.

Heber and Ethel Morgan

They are standing in the foundations of an old house in Indian Pond. The picture was probably taken in the 1950's in their backyard. Notice the wood stave barrels in the background.

Heber with son David

We estimate this was taken around 1945. Despite his appearance, David "Al Capone" Morgan would have been only about 13 years old. Taken in front of the family home in Indian Pond.

Lorraine with daughter Diane

Taken September 1956 when Diane was three months old in front of the new house that Dave built in Indian Pond.

Little Diane with Sandy

Taken in September 1959, Diane was 3 years. With her is her friend Alexander (Sandy) Morgan who would have been about 4 years old. Winter came early that year although Diane was ready with her scarf blowing in the wind and her balloon tied to her sleigh.


Finally, we have an Interpol mug-shot of Diane taken after her capture in Brussels in 1977. Actually it is a photo-booth shot of a very cute Diane, taken in 1983, the year before we were married.

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