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Virtual home of Paul and Diane Batten.

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Atacama Sam

Hola Compadres,

I'm Atacama Sam, intreped desert reporter, not to be confused with my washed-up competitor, Snoopy. I've been holed-up down here in the Atacama for the past couple of years reporting on the various escapades of some of the Canadian expatriates. That's a job and a half, I can tell you! You're welcome to look around and be sure to have a look at the Photo Gallery of Chile. I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile.

We, me and the couple of humans I allow to share this site, welcome your comments.

By way of a Bio, there really isn't all that much a humble sort like me could say about oneself. I'm a displaced Newfoundland Dog now living in Chile. To be honest, I was born in Labrador, Nfld and I am a dog but I'm not a Newfoundland Dog, then again I'm not a Black Lab either. Are you still with me? Now that I am living in Chile the humans refer to me as a ... you guessed it ... a Chile Dog. (You begin to see what I have to live with.)

After a couple of years in Labrador, I moved to northern Ontario to cover the mining scene, first in Timmins and then in Red Lake. That's where I cut my teeth in the business. Of course, you aren't a real reporter unless you've got some over-seas experience, so when the opportunity came up to be a foreign correspondent in Chile, naturally I grabbed it.

So now here I am. I quit my job and started my own rag called the Desert Post and it looks like I'll probably retire here. With all the friendly chicaditas here to keep ya' company during those long, hot siestas (my favorite's called Paola), it's easy to contemplate staying. That is if your intestines can get used to the idea. (Know what I mean, Vern?)

This is a picture of me heading off into the desert on the San Pedro caper. What a day that was. I almost bit the big one as I damn near got trampled in a stampede. Got some great pictures though; ancient ruins, Incan gold, mummies and the like! Have a look at the San Pedro link in the Photo Gallery. What you won't do to make a livin' eh!

Atacama Sam