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-Original Dragon Ball airing at 5:30 pm on Cartoon Network -Season 5 of DBZ has ended, series has begun its boring reruns on Cartoon Network. -Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow around October 2002. #5 will not be released in theaters. -Infogrames/Wizard Works is currently producing the upcoming DBZ games. First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance. Looks great ^_^. Also, coming out with a 3D Single player/multiplayer fighter that may come out for any next gen console like Gamecube, X-Box, and PS2. -Thanks goes out to jpinballjay for sending me this link. -The site gives you a release date of November 30,2002 and some basic info on the game as well as some (small) screenshots. Here is what the site posted about Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super WarriorsCombines action with dramatic story lines. -Acquire new skills in the story mode and customise them for use in the battle mode. -Fight with or against your favourite Dragon Ball Z characters – choose from 23 different characters. -Buy new skills with your tournament prize money, or exchange skills with your friends. -Full of animation based on the TV series.

Detailed character art makes the most of PS2 graphic capacity. - Features:
  • Story mode: Collect skills while playing the Dragon
  • Ball Z story
  • Battle mode: Allows you to fight with custom-edited
  • characters
  • Practice mode: Perfect key attack combinations in preparation for battle
  • Skill Edit mode: Edit or exchange acquired skills
  • Tenkaichi Budokai mode: You must win gold medal at the tournament to access this mode PLUS an extra hidden mode that the player must unlock
  • -Games looks kind of promising for it's number of different modes, only time will tell how it does though. Hopefully it will be better than Legacy of Goku which works very well as a coaster.

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