DragonBall Z Music Videos!

Here's my Dragonball Z music video section. Remember that some downloads may take a long time so I recommend a download manager like GoZilla! or Netants! Special thanks to Switcher from DBZGTLegacy for these music vids! Enjoy!

Description: Screen Shots
Lone Warrior Time: 4:20
Format: MPEG/WMV (Windows Media Player)
Band: Godsmack
Song: I Stand Alone
Size: 21 Megs.

Not the best video out there, but a lot of people have been requesting a vid like this, so there ya go. Pretty hard, pretty methodic, a good Vegeta video. Plus the ending rocks.

Time: 6:05
Format: MPEG/WMV (Windows Media Player)
Band: Linkin Park ft. Aaron Lewis
Song: Krwlng (Crawling) (Reanimation Remix)
Size: 30.2 Megs.

A remix if you will, of my golden oldie, Forever Strong. That vid dealt with the History of Trunks, and I know it's a big fan fav, but I feel this version supersedes it in every possible way. Greating timing, mood, and flawless technical aspects, this is some of my best work yet. For those doubters, just download this vid and see...you will NOT be dissapointed.

Wrong Side of The Tracks
Time: 3:21
Format: MPEG/WMV (Windows Media Player)
Band: Crazy Town
Song: Darkside
Size: 16.7 Megs.

My Villains tribute, be it ever so humble. EVERY villain you can name in DBZ is in here somewhere, this vid is action-packed, has awesome timing, and best of all, it's villain-riffic!

Beating Me Down
Time: 4:45
Format: MPEG/WMV (Windows Media Player)
Band: Korn
Song: Falling Away From Me
Size: 23.4 Megs.

An awesome vid showcasing the brutal battle between SS4 Goku and Vegeta vs Evil Shen Long from GT. Really great action, timing, and clips...it rocks!

Over Their Heads
Time: 4:06
Format: MPEG/WMV (Windows Media Player)
Band: Sum 41
Song: In Too Deep
Size: 20.2 Megs.

Trunks vs. Goten in the Junior Division was a great battle, and I decided to make a video for it. It's in great quality, and is chock full of fun n' action! Get it!

Room to Breathe
Time: 6:09
Format: MPEG/WMV
Band: Linkin Park ft. Johnathan Davis
Song: 1 stp Klosr (Reanimation Remix)
Size: 30.1 Megs.

One of the newest vids in my repritoire. A long, epic fight video, really gets your blood pumping near the end. Some of my best work, SSJ3, Buu, Vegito, lots of stuff here.

Cry of Battle
Time: 2:47
Format: MPEG/WMV Windows Media Player
Band: Carl Orff
Song: Fortuna Imperatix Mundi
Size: 13.7 Megs.

A vid dedicating itself to Goku and Vegeta's fight with Janemba in movie #12, it also features a classic...well classical song! It's really epic, and it captures DBZ's feeling very well.

You never know when I might be adding or taking out more vids, so keep checking back! okay?