Online Games

Here are some online game sites I thought you might enjoy:

You can download my Whak-A-Brucegame

  1. Play Pong!
  2. Play Chess with Jester(He's like the hardest opponent to beat!)
  3. Play Bomberman!
  4. Second Nature World(A VRML 3-D world where you can explore and interact,you need Blaxxon Contactto play it)
  5. DBZ Personality Test(see who you're most like!)
  6. DBZ Fightgame(hosted by Planet Kanassa!)
  7. Beat up!(hosted by DBZ Dominion!)
  8. DBZ Story Maker!(hosted by DBZ Dominion!)
  9. DBZ Quiz!(hosted by DBZ Dominion Again!)
  10. Gay Test(just testing!)
  11. lot of great online games here!)
  12. lot of classic online games here!)
  13. home for shockwave games!)
  14. good place for multiplayer games like bomberman!)
  15. place for kids!)
  16. of shockwave&flash games here!)