Site FAQ

Here are a few of the questions people have asked me several times and it began to annoy me after the third time of being asked the same questions. So here are the questions you people have been asking me:

Question: Where's the Quick Guide?

Answer: I moved the Quick Guide to the "Guides" Section.

Question: Where's the Fusion/Merges Section?

Answer: The Fusion/Merges Section has been moved to the "Miscellaneous" Section.

Question: Where's the chala song?

Answer: You can download it in the "Song Gallery" or you could listen to it in the "Guides" Section.

Question: When will the Clips Sections be up?

Answer: Whenever I get time to update them.

Question: Where's the DBZ World Map??
Answer: You can find it under /Guides/Universe Guide/North Galaxy/Earth.

Question: Where did the Attack List/Body Count/Saiyan Stages/Race List Sections go???
Answer: I felt like organizing my site, so I put them in the Miscellaneous Section.

Question: Where's the FAQs Section?
Answer: The Game FAQs section has also been moved to the "Guide" Section.

Question: Is it true that you steal stuff from other sites because you are too lazy?
Answer: Hey! Quiet you...

Question: I don't like the pop-ups, can you get rid of them?
Answer: I'm hurt,I thought you people liked my pop-ups. I can't change it, but you can find one with frames in it at my other website(!) Or you can just choose another version of the site!