About Webmaster Tongzouca2(A.K.A SuperTong)

Name: SuperTong
Occupation: Saving the world from evil
Location: Planet ???
Race: Super Legendary Z Warrior
Email: Tong_Zou@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger: Gofishus@hotmail.com
ICQ Number: 156521674
Quote: "I am Guardian of the Epoch"
Websites I've created:

 Tong's DBZ Domain(www.tongzou.0catch.com)
 SuperTong's Liero Center(www.angelfire.com/d20/liero)
Chrono Trigger Realm(www.angelfire.com/d20/crono)
 DragonBall Z Fantasy(this website!)

My Oath:

There comes a time when destiny calls forth 
a being and demands a sacrifice. Now is that
time, I am that being, this is my doctrine. 
every day, I am tormented eternally and every 
night,lamented infinitely. I am without doubt, 
without a soul, without a true purpose. I am the 
sever of souls, a light that darkness cannot prevail. 
For without virtue, there cannot be love and without 
love there cannot be hate. Only the quintessential 
illusions of hope and despair will confine me to 
my prison. A meaningless person with a careless soul. 
This is I and I cannot be vanquished. For 
the soul of Gofishus Maximus will live 
throughout my life and my actions. My gift,
 my curse,living in spite of it, and 
longing for the day that i will be free.
 My name is Tong Zou 
and this is my vow.