Here you will find descriptions of just about everything ever mentioned in DB/Z, hopefully it is one of the most comprehensive that you will ever read, and I hope you enjoy it. With that said, read on...


A tactic used by Cell to gain perfection, it is also the way that Namek's fuse.

Adult Division (Budoukai)
This was introduced at the start of the Buu saga, where two divisions were formed, one of which being for adults only.

Mr. Satan's hairstyle. Nuff said.

Afterlife Tournament
A tournament between the greatest fighters of the afterlife which Goku was victorious over some very powerful opposition.

An impressive bike that floats on the air, usually able to gain an extremely fast top speed. First introduced by Bulma when she was driving to and from places.

Many different species of aliens were shown in DBZ such as Saiyan's, Yardrats, Nameks, etc.

Alternate Timeline
There are two alternate timelines, as well as the original one. Trunks comes from one and Cell from the other.

Akira Toriyama
The man who started it all - He created the manga of Dragonball and Dragonball Z which was later immortalized on our Television screens.

The artificial humans that plagued Trunks' future, whom weren't all that bad in the original timeline. There were quite a few made, such as #17-#20, as well as all the ones featured in the movie.

The guy who commentates on the tournament fights, he has a huge charisma and is a friend of Goku and some other Z warriors who fought in early Budoukais.

A race that merged with Saiyans in a business decision, where they provided technology in exchange for the Saiyan's to conquer planets for them.

Things that strengthen the users defense, usually worn by Saiyans to absorb some of the impact of an offensive blow.

The profession of Tao Pai Pai, he kills people for great quantities of money.

Vegeta had to destroy one after training intensively, barely managing to do it. He then became a Super Saiyan. The destruction of the Planet Vegeta was blamed on an asteroid by Frieza.

Carried around by a young Indian boy named Upa, he never uses it as a weapon, it seems for show.

An evil sorcerer who releases Majin Buu causing mass havoc to be wreaked upon the Earth.

Badibi's Spaceship
The spaceship of the previously mentioned wizard, it has many levels which the Z soldiers had to get through, beating a powerful opponent on each floor.

Goku's father, he gave his life to try and destroy the evil Frieza.

Used by a Red Ribbon officer on Goku to no effect, only managing to get him angry and resulting in massive pain on his behalf.

The evil magician father of the equally evil Badibi.

The gun that the weaker soldiers of Frieza are equipped with. It gives off a weak energy blast which can easily be deflected by a powerful warrior.

Goku needed this as a sign that he was the one sent by Karin to go to see Kami for training and guidance.

Big Bang
The first attack that Vegeta learnt upon going Super Saiyan, it's a powerful one handed energy ball that causes huge damage.

The surname of the great family of inventors that own Capsule Corporation. Dr. Briefs is probably the most common use of this name as Bulma prefers only to be called by his first name.

An incredibly powerful Super Saiyan who was more powerful than most of the galaxys warriors when he was a mere child. He was eventually killed by Goku, then again by Goku, Gohan, and Goten, and then yet again by Trunks, Goten, and Krillen (Long story).

The little monkey accomplice of King Kai used in training exercises to help trainees get used to the gravity.

Bunny Outfit
The change of clothes that Oolong gave Bulma to wear when hers were all wet and dirty.

The evil fighter who put the world into turmoil for a brief period of time. Since his formation there was Fat Buu, Skinny Buu, Majin Buu, and the ultimate menace - Kid Buu.

The little hoi poi capsules that are often used by Bulma, exploding in a cloud of smoke upon hitting the ground, with a vehicle, house, or other item emerging.

Capsule Corporation
Dr. Briefs business so to speak, with them specializing in selling Capsules, as well as having the ability to create spaceships and gravitons.

A vehicle used to travel mainly by pedestrians, although Goku and Piccolo did try to learn to drive at one point…

The evil organism that became stronger as he absorbed people and Androids, eventually becoming perfect, finally being stopped by Gohan.

Cell Games
The tournament organized by Cell to decide the fate of the universe where the world's best fighters had to face the evil one himself, until there were none left to challenge him, or until he was dead.

Cell Junior
A mini-Cell that was created to attack Gohan's friends so that he would get mad and explode with power. They had immense strength, and did the job perfectly as Gohan became incredibly angry and killed them all.

Children's Division (Budoukai)
The division designed especially for children in the Budoukai which was won by Trunks, defeating Goten in the final.

The quick-tempered wife of Goku, and mother of Gohan who is always fast to insist that her boy studies instead of trains.

The brother of Frieza, he is very evil, firstly trying to kill Goku on Earth and failing miserably, then trying to suck out the energy from new Namek as a cyborg. His power was significantly increased, but he was defeated by Goku and Vegeta in the end.

Crystal Ball
A tool used by Baba Uranai to either predict the future, or see events happening elsewhere. It was useful when Goku and company were locating a Dragonball that didn't show up on the radar, and also in helping everyone watch Goku fought Vegeta.

One of Frieza's most powerful henchmen, he challenged Vegeta and lost horrendously, losing his life in the process.

Cyber Tao Pai Pai
After barely surviving the fight with Goku, the evil assassin had some enhancements made to him, allowing him to become some sort of cybernetic fighter. It still wasn't enough though, as Tien easily defeated him.

One of Piccolo's minions he sent out to fight Goku and Yajirobe, this particular one was very unsuccesful.

A creature from the 'evil universe' who resembles the devil in many ways. His spit makes an opponent turn to stone therefore making him lethal to his enemies.

Dead Zone
The portal created by Garlic Jr. which ended up trapping him in complete darkness forever.

Death Ball
Frieza's most powerful attack, it is charged up on his finger, becoming a crackling ball of evil energy. He destroyed the planet Vegeta with this attack.

One of the many creatures inhabiting the world of Dragonball, usually shown getting beat up by powerful kids such as Gohan, Goten, or Trunks.

The ultimate attack of Tao Pai Pai and Chao-zu, it is a small, thin beam of incredible energy, which cannot be countered with another beam. Goku was knocked out by this attack, but later learned to block it.

Another one of Frieza's most powerful henchmen, he fought Vegeta and gave away the secret of the planet Vegeta's real fate to the Saiyan prince, before being killed by him shortly afterwards.

Dog (Satan)
Whilst trying to kill Buu with bombs and other devices, a dog ran up to Mr. Satan, and made friends with both him and Fat Buu. When it was killed both Satan and Buu became incredibly angry, but luckily Fat Buu revived it.

The golden balls used to make wishes come true, once seven are gathered together, Shenron the dragon comes out and will allow you almost anything you want.

Dragon Radar
The device used to detect the aforementioned Dragonballs, there are varying types, with the one created by Bulma being the most widely known.

Driving Instructor
The stressed people who were forced to test Goku and Piccolo, with them getting more than they bargained for with the two super powers.

Driving Lessons
Goku and Piccolo both failed miserably in these, and Chi-Chi was incredibly mad. They were either too fast, too slow, too dangerous, either way they were always doing something wrong inside the car.

The planet that seems to breed the most powerful warriors in existence, and is where most of DBZ takes place.

Egg Shell
The thing that Cell came out of when he matured enough, before he ventured away from the time machine and began terrorizing the whole world.

Emergency Shut Down Controller
The remote control created by Bulma to shut the Androids down. Krillen destroyed it when his feelings for #18 overwhelmed him. Dr. Gero also made one, but it was destroyed by the Androids before he had a chance to use it on them upon them being awakened.

Energy Extractor
Used by Badibi to gain energy from Gohan firstly, then used to absorb the damage energy suffered by Goku and friends. The energy was used to awaken Majin Buu from his eternal slumber.

Energy Meter
This showed how much potential energy certain people had to drain with the energy extractor. It clearly showed that Gohan had masses of energy to steal.

Energy Ball (KI Ball)
A common method of attack used by the strongest fighters in the universe, with many different variations such as the Kamehameha, Masenko, and Burning Attack.

Eye Laser
A small KI beam that emits itself from a warriors eyes causing moderate damage to the attackers opponent. It is usually used as a distraction tactic.

Fake Namek
The first planet that the Z soldiers landed on, which they mistook for the real Namek and almost got stranded there by deceitful aliens.

Fighter (Namek)
One of the classes of Namek, this one is more common than the others and is the class of Piccolo and Nail.

Final Flash
Vegeta's most lethal attack, he spends a great deal of time charging up energy, then releases it in a mammoth blast causing mass damage.

The most evil villain in the history of DBZ in my opinion, he had many different forms which he could change into to increase his power, and was merciless to others. He was eventually killed by Trunks after getting defeated by Goku on Namek.

Frieza's Henchmen
The soldiers that fight for the tyrant, willing to give their life for him. Usually they're all terrified of their evil master.

Frieza's Pod
The small floating pod that Frieza used to get around in, it could reach immense speeds, although it wasn't as fast as he could be when flying his fastest.

Frieza's Ship
The large craft that Frieza flies through space in, it is an excellent form of transport and bares a huge glass porthole at the front which the tyrant generally stares out of.

Full Moon
When the moon is full, it allows Saiyan's with tails to transform into Oozarus should they dare to look up at the moon.

Full Moon Krillin
This was the nickname given to Krillen after Roshi used his bald head to simulate the moon in turning a werewolf back into a man.

A concept learnt by Goku in the afterlife which he implemented during battle, helping to teach Goten and Trunks . It allows for two warriors to fuse into one and gain huge power increases.

Gameboy (Satan's)
A small handheld computer owned by Mr. Satan, which Buu played on and lost miserably on the game, getting very annoyed at it.

Gannet Gun
One of Vegeta's most powerful attacks, he used it when on Earth, planning to either exterminate Goku with it, or blow up the Earth, he really didn't care.

The evil father of Garlic Jr., he ran for Kami but was beaten to the throne, so he attacked with an army of demons, only to be vanquished away for an eternity.

Garlic Jr.
The small but mighty warrior who twice attempted to take over the world, and was twice sealed in his own Dead Zone (You'd think he'd learn after the first time).

The evil scientist who created the Androids, and immortalized himself as one of his own creations, putting his brain inside a cyborg body.

The fighting uniform worn by Goku, Krillen, and the others, it is light and compact, and some forms of it works as minor armor.

The captain of his small squad of fighters, he has awesome power and an incredible ability where he can swap bodies with his opponent. He was turned into a frog because of this though, and was unable to get his old body back.

Ginyu Force
Frieza's private army consisting of the world's most elite fighters - Jeice, Burta, Guldo, Racoome, and their leader, Ginyu.

Godly Water
This is a huge risk to take for any mortal man, as it is a terrible poison which, if survived, can give you a massive power increase, but has a large chance of killing you.

Goku's House
The place where the Saiyan resides with his wife and son, it is isolated away from everything and is a nice country cottage-style building.

The second son of Goku, he was able to become a super Saiyan easily at the youngest ever age. He and his best friend Trunks are constantly getting into trouble from being mischievous

The gravity machine which makes everything seem incredibly heavy, and can make the gravity far worse, with Dr. Briefs being a master at making them.

The little cricket sidekick of King Kai, he teaches the trainees how to move fast with weighted objects encumbering them, thus allowing them to go even faster without any such things to slow them down.

Tao Pai Pai threw one of these at Goku in a last ditch effort to kill him, only to have it batted directly back at him, almost killing him.

The wise old creator of the Namekian Dragonballs, he is a sight to behold, giving birth to practically the entire population of Nameks.

Bulma has had a wide array of these, as well as a couple of other characters such as Gohan and Goten. The hair for Bulma seems to change every week or so.

Used to enhance the training given by King Kai. The pupils must use it to hit Gregory the cricket.

Healer (Namek)
Another class of Namek, these gifted people have the power to heal with their bare hands, emitting some sort of magical power. Dende specializes in this.

Healing Tank
The tank that is used to heal people rapidly, where they are immersed in a sort of healing fluid which rejuvenates the old, injured cells. Goku was in one of these during the opening stages of the Frieza battle.

Heart Virus
The terrible virus that killed Goku in Trunks' timeline, and prevented him from battling the Androids in the original one. He was in bed in immense pain as he rolled around in agony trying to rid himself of the overwhelming pain.

The place where evil spirits reside after they've died, paying for all of their sins in a terrible place.

The English version of Hell, censored for young people's viewing.

Hide KI
A useful technique practiced by the people of Earth, giving them the ability to completely vanquish their power level from senses, and hide it majorly from scouters.

A huge green monster that appeared in movie 13, that was eventually killed by Goku after wreaking terrible havoc upon the world.

Goku Jr. hitchhiked part of the way to Mount Paozu in order to find a Dragonball so he could heal his grandma Pan.

Holy Water
Goku had to try and get this from Karin on top of his tower. It is basically just water, but the person attempting to get it is secretly trained as he tries to grab it.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber
This is an incredible training room where one day on the outside is the equivalent to one year on the inside. It is good for training when there is very little time to prepare for an incoming, powerful enemy.

Garlic Jr. wished to be immortal, and he got it, becoming indestructible. He was later sealed inside the Dead Zone forever, unable to escape and forced to live a terrible life inside of it.

Instant Transmission
A useful technique Goku learned on Yardrat which allows him to teleport to any KI that he can feel.

Kame House is situated on a small island in the middle of the sea.
The Androids fled to an island to try and escape Cell, only to have him destroy all the other ones in the area.

Jackie Chun
Master Roshi's secret identity during the Tenkaichi Budoukai's, he used it so his pupils didn't realize that they had become more powerful than him, and gain a big head.

The ultimate evil, he's a monster who welds an incredible sword who could only be defeated when Goku and Vegeta fused to become Gogeta.

Jet Plane
Used to transport groups of people to and from places. The most famous use of one was probably when Goku was taken from his house to the Kame house.

To be trained by the legendary King Kai, one must first tell a joke and make him laugh. For some it is an easy task, but for some like Tien and Goku it can prove to be quite tough.

The Lord of all Kai's, he is the most powerful of them all, and possesses powers unrivaled by any other Godly creature. He quickly realized that the Earth's most powerful fighters had by far surpassed him though.

Kame House
Master Roshi's house, it is situated on a small island in the middle of no where, and is sufficient space for about 4 people to live there.

The Earth's God, he's a Namek and lives on top of the lookout high above anywhere any regular Earthling could get to.

Kami's Lookout
An extravagant palace which floats high above Karin's tower, with beautiful architecture and an amazing appearance.

A small, wise cat with squinty eyes, who always carries a staff around with him, he is an excellent trainer and can give a valuable insight into improving your fighting technique.

The energy that everyone possesses going through them, it can be used to make energy balls and is the thing that people sense in order to determine someone's power.

The man ho lives with Kaioshin on his planet, he is an intimidating sight although he's very kind hearted. He possesses the power to heal people after they suffer damage or loose massive energy.

Tien's ultimate attack, otherwise known as the tri-beam. It takes an awful lot of energy from the attacker, but in term really does injure the opponent badly. If used too much it can kill the offender.

King Cold's Ship
The ship used to rejuvenate Frieza after they found his 'bits' floating in space. It heads towards Earth and lands there, with Frieza vowing to gain revenge.

King Kai
Possibly the best trainer in the galaxy, it is a debatable opinion of mine that without him Goku wouldn't possess half of his strength. He was taught an impressive repertoire of techniques and attacks whilst under the catfish-like creature, as well as gaining a significant power boost.

Lost Boys
The orphans who found and befriended Gohan when the young Saiyan was washed up on the shore with fairly bad injuries.

Machine Gun
After sneezing, Lunch turns into a machine gun welding maniac, prepared to shoot anyone who annoys her.

Magic Carpet
Mr. Popo's preferred method of travel, it is efficient, fast, and easily storable.

The name given to Chao-zu when he was using his powers to freeze Goku and Krillen to the spot, as well as when he rigged the draw for the Budoukai.

Magic Seal
Something put on Buu's prison to prevent him from getting out easily, unfortunately it was broken, allowing the evil creature to escape and wreak havoc on Earth.

An attack used to seal someone in a small jar, very few have mastered it, and Kami tried to use it to trap Piccolo, only to have it reversed.

When Badibi possesses someone to do his bidding they have a large 'M' on their forehead, showing off the fact that they are Majins.

Medicine For Heart Virus
Trunks gave Goku some medicine for a heart virus he was going to get, which proved to be very useful when it kicked in, literally saving his life.

Mighty Mouse
This is Yamcha's first ever car, and it looks fairly impressive, in a humorous sort of way. He used this when trying to steal things off weary travelers.

Music Box
This was used to seal Tapion and Hildegern away, but an old wizard tricked Gohan into getting Shenron to open it for him, thus releasing them both.

A species of creature that is generally green with pointy ears and white fangs. There are two classes as mentioned in this encyclopedia: Fighter and Healer. Namekians come from the planet Namek, which was destroyed by Frieza after all it's inhabitants were wishes to Earth (Except those fighting).

Namekian Spaceship
The spaceship that Bulma, Gohan, and Krillen traveled to Namek in, it originally belonged to Kami, but he allowed them to use it to go and get the Namekian Dragonballs.

The bald sidekick of Vegeta, he was a useful and powerful ally until Goku defeated him. Vegeta then decided he had no further use for him, so mercilessly slaughtered his partner.

New Namek
The place that the Namek's moved to after their original planet exploded thanks to Frieza. They used the Dragonballs to get them there, and lived a peaceful life there until Coola came along.

Goku's flying cloud which was given to him as a present from Master Roshi. After his original one was destroyed he was able to get a new one from Karin. To ride Nimbus you must be pure of heart, thus the reason Roshi couldn't stay on.

The instrument that Tapion used to force Hildegern back inside of him. It was very useful but eventually proved to be of no use as the monster became too strong for its limited powers.

The cowardly shape changing pig who became only a minor character as Dragonball went on, keeping up his constantly scared attitude.

Oolong's Caravan
This came from a capsule, and was used in an emergency as Goku, Bulma, and Oolong all temporarily lived inside of it. It was later destroyed by Yamcha and his Panzer Faust, a bazooka-like weapon.

Papaya Island
The place where the Tenkaichi Budoukai is held, which becomes a very popular tourist resort as people flock in to witness the fighting.

One of Oolong and Roshi's favorite things, they always try and take a peek at women's, and always end up getting beat up because of it.

Goku's nemesis in the early stages of Dragonball, although never really able to do much to the seemingly invincible kid.

The particular one that I'm thinking of was a yellow passenger plane driven by a young lady and her child, with Cell and Krillen fighting atop of it.

The comparatively weak law enforcement, quite a few squadrons of them were destroyed by the Androids as they grew impatient of being chased.

Master Roshi's choice of literature, he spends countless hours a day staring at it, with it being his favorite thing in the whole world.

Potara Earrings
If worn by two fighters then they immediately fuse permanently, gaining an immense increase, and attaining a completely different personality and appearance. This method of fusing is good because there's no limit on the time that two people can stay together as one.

Power Up
Seen many times throughout the series, this is where fighters concentrate their energy to increase it, and reach their maximum potential.

PP Candy
A humorous invention which makes the consumer have chronic diarrhea whenever the words 'Pee Pee' is whistled.

The small floating accomplice of Yamcha who resembles a stuffed toy cat more than any thing else. She has an annoyingly high pitched voice, but is very caring towards her friends.

Punch Machine
This was used to determine which fighters were allowed to enter into the Budoukai as a sort of preliminary round, and it was broken on a few occasions by the Z soldiers who weren't even trying to hit it remotely hard.

To detect someone moving too fast to see, the defender needs completely silence, if all isn't quiet then he won't be able to hear where the offender is.

Red Ribbon Army
The army created by Dr. Gero consisting mainly of intelligent and powerful robots. Goku single handedly destroyed the whole thing though, thus creating the motive for revenge.

A green, sniveling creature who mutters incessantly, and seems to have no sign of any kind of intelligence. Despite this they have incredible strength and are great fighters.

Quite possibly the most popular species in all of Dragonball, the average Saiyan has a tail emitting from his rear, and incense to fight constantly.

Satan, Mr.
The World Champion who has bribed practically everyone of his final opponents to throw the match. He also took credit for the defeat of Cell, although it was Gohan who beat him.

Satan City
The city named after the World Champion in his memory as a tribute to him supposedly defeating Cell.

Satan City Hospital
The hospital located in Satan city where a lot of people go to heal, even the most powerful ones.

Senzu Bean
A small, green bean that can completely replenish someone's strength if they eat one, no matter how badly wounded they are.

Shape Shifters
Creatures that can change their shape and form to that of something else, usually completely different. Puar and Oolong are masters of this, although they can't maintain it for very long.

Soul Cleanser
The thing that cleans the evil souls of spirits in the afterlife. The evil is drained into a machine which is emptied at regular intervals by a staff member.

The thing used by Goku to escape off planet Namek, it is a small, spherical object which can travel at amazing speeds in a very efficient method. Unfortunately it seats only one.

Many different variations have been done on this from the start to end of DBZ, with Goku's ship being among the most well-known. It is a large sphere with a graviton, a bed, a closet, a bathroom, and of course, a fridge.

The thing worn by people when they venture out into the depths of space so they can breathe oxygen, and safely travel along without the need to be in a ship. Usually there is a cord that is attached to the ship so they don't stray away too far.

Used ineffectively by Dabura in a futile effort to kill the almost immortal Buu, it went straight through him stunning the devil-like creature.

Spice Boys
Garlic JR's group of minions during the saga (not movie), with them consisting of powerful fighters with highly irregular names such as Salt and Spice, all prepared to do anything for their master.

Super Saiyan
A transformation that allows a Saiyan to move up to the next level of power, giving them a significant power boosts. Once mastered, fighters can maintain this form for a long time. It has blonde hair and green eyes, with upgrades available to the incredibly strong such as Ascended Saiyan and Super Saiyan stage 2-4.

A brave warrior from the past who was sealed inside a music box in order to trap the evil monster Hildegern. He was accidentally released by Gohan and friends though, and proved his worth by giving his all to defeat the beast.

Tapion's Sword
A very powerful blade which he gave to Chibi Trunks at the end of movie 13, and is used thoroughly throughout DBGT.

Tenkaichi Budoukai
The World's Martial Arts Tournament where the greatest fighters compete to gain the title of World Champion. Past winners include Master Roshi (Jackie Chun), Goku, and Tien.

Time Machine
The machine used to travel back in time by future Trunks. It only has enough power to go to and fro once before having to be charged up for great quantities of time.

Many of these occur throughout DBZ, with ones from Frieza, Goku, Cell, and Buu all included. Basically the transformer gains a massive amount of power and changes their appearance slightly.

An unlucky dinosaur that decided to chase Gohan when he was training in the wilderness. When the boy became strong though he chased the T-Rex, and kept on eating bits of his tail for a meal.

Trunks' Sword
The weapon of future Trunks, it is a blade of remarkable quality and packs awesome powers, being dented only by the powerful arm of #18. This is not Tapion's sword however.

This is the turtle owned by Master Roshi, who is slow and was the one who originally introduced Goku and his master accidentally.

Van (Budoukai)
Goku and Tien were falling to the floor in the Budoukai, and whichever one touched the floor first would lose the fight. Goku seemed to be winning until he hit and van and rebounded against it to hit the floor rapidly, landing slightly ahead of Tien. Because of this he was defeated.

Weighted Clothes
Clothes with added weight to them used to enhance training, making it harder and allowing fighters to increase speed and strength. Once taken off, fighters can raise their power significantly further.

Whilst training in the afterlife, Goku has massive weights attached to his arms and legs which weigh massive amounts. He struggles with them until he goes Super Saiyan, where he doesn't have any problem in moving freely with them attached.

Yamcha's Panzer Faust
A bazooka-like weapon used by Yamcha to blow up Oolong's caravan, and temporarily knock Bulma unconscious so he could deal with Goku (He's scared of girls, especially ones he fancies).

The fat, rude, arrogant fighter who befriended Goku near the start of Dragonball, and was at one point even stronger than the young Saiyan, but he stopped training when everyone else continued, and gradually everyone pulled away in terms of strength and power.

Yajirobe's Car
This is a hovercar owned by the aforementioned man, which can travel across water and land easily, and at a great speed.

An officer of the Red Ribbon army. They were all named after colours, such as Red and Blue.

Yemma, King
The demon Lord, he decides who goes into heaven, and who goes into hell. He is a very powerful fighter too.

Z Sword
An incredibly heavy sword that Gohan trained with whilst on Kaioshin's planet, and after finally getting used to it, he broke it first swing. It was revealed that this weighty weapon was used to enhance the training, not meant for a cutting blade.

Z Soldiers
The members of the Earth's elite fighting team, including Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, among others, even Vegeta at times!