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EV Parts FAQs

Deep Cycle Battery FAQs
Learn how to care for your batteries here:

Bruce Parmenter's Great EV Battery Info Page

MAEAA How to Build It page


 EV Forums 

Electric Vehicle Discussion List 
(THE place for EV enthusiasts)

Current Archives


Voltage Forums at

Yahoo Groups Power-Assist
Human/Electric Hybrids

Yahoo Groups Zappy
Electric Scooters


 EV Parts & Components 

Electric Vehicles of America Inc. 
Engineered Systems and EV Parts 
17 years of Experience

EV Parts Inc.
Your Electric Vehicle Parts Superstore

Metric Mind
Siemens AC Drive Systems:

Cafe Electric
"The Zilla controller powers all the world's quickest electric vehicles" 
Motor Controllers for Racing:

Manzanita Micro
High Performance Battery Chargers and Regulators:

Alltrax Programmable Motor Controllers 

Thunderstruck Motors

4QD Motor Controllers
Learn how motor controllers work here

Electro Automotive
EV conversions, kits, and parts

KTA Services
EV kits and parts

Canadian Electric Vehicles


 EV Conversion Shops 

Electric Vehicles of America Inc. 
Electric Vehicle Conversions
17 years of Experience

Electro Automotive 
EV conversions, kits, and parts

Canadian Electric Vehicles

Left Coast Conversions
EV Conversions


 New EV Dealers and Manufacturers 

Zortch Electric Designs 
High Performance Personal Electric Vehicles

Commuter Cars
Makers of the Tango 0-60 in 4 seconds

AC Propulsion 
200 HP tZero Electric Car 
AC Drive Systems

Electric Vehicles Northwest
Electric Bicycle and Scooter Dealer

E-Bike Electric Bicycles

Electric Motorsport Motorcycles

 Buy & Sell EVs 

EV Tradin' Post 
Buy and Sell Electric Vehicles

Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley
"For Sale" pages

EV Junction Classifieds

EVADC For Sale

EV Finder

 EV Project Pages 

EV Photo Album 
Lots of great pictures and specs of 500+ EVs of all types

Reverend Gadget's Electric Motorcycle

Lightning Rod II
World's First Electric Street Rod

Maniac Mazda
World's Quickest Street Legal EV

Lectro Rover
Rock Climbing Electric 4x4

Jon "Sheer" Pullen's Honda Accord
A/C Drive and Nickel-Zinc Batteries

Victor Tikhonov's Electric Honda CRX
A/C Drive and Lithium Ion Batteries

Bob's AC Drive Minivan

Otmar's Electric 914 Site

Peter Ohler's Electric Vehicle Pages

Jerry Halsteads Electric Mazda 626

Mike Chancey's Electric Honda

Seth's EV Page

Dave Luiz's Electric Ranger Project

1986 VW Cabriolet conversion
A high school student with a budget and a plan...
To convert a Porsche to battery/electric drive...

JB Straubel's electric Porsche 944

J.B. Straubel's Electric Bike

Eric Peltzer's Electric Bike

Motorcycle conversion, with links to other MC conversions 

Royster's Electric Vehicle Pages 
Cars, Tractors, Bikes, Solar Energy


 EV Racers 

  Plasma Boy Racing 
Home of the "White Zombie" Electric Datsun 1200

Current Eliminator III
World's Quickest Electric Dragster
8.91 seconds @ 145.80 mph in the 1/4 mile

Killa Cycle 
World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle
9.45 seconds @ 152.07 mph in the 1/4 mile:

Orange Juice Dragster

Electrathon America

Formula Lighting Electric Racing


 EV Organizations 

Electric Auto Association of America

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (Canada)

National Electric Drag Racing Association


EV Info Websites

V is for Voltage - PEVs and more!

Megawatt Motorworks
Great EV Information Clearinghouse find it here!

EV World 
The World of Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles:

Bruce(EVangel)Parmenter, EV list editor, 
Electric Vehicle, Hybrid, Fuel Cell, 
Renewable Energy, solar, wind, tidal, 
biomass, geothermal:

Darryl McMahon's "Econogics"
Great EV Info Site:



Electric Boat Association of the Americas

Solar Electric Boats

Electric Boat Conversion Info

Electric Boat Component Suppliers

Cloud EV - Electric Racing Boats

Soloman Technologies

Beckman Electric Drive Systems

Duffy Electric Boats

ElectraCraft Electric Boats

Electro Cruise Electric Boats

Black River Electric Boats

Aqua Watt Electric Motor Yachts

Electric Launch Company

Ray Electric Outboards



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AC Propulsion Lithium Ion Powered tZero Electric Sportscar  0-60 in 3.7 seconds  300+ miles range

Current Eliminator III  World's Quickest Electric Dragster  8.91 seconds @ 145.80 mph in the 1/4 mile

Killa Cycle   World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle  9.45 seconds @ 152.07 mph in the 1/4 mile

EV Parts Maniac Mazda  World's Quickest Street Legal EV  11.04 seconds @ 111.80 mph in the 1/4 mile

EV Photo Album  Lots of great photos and descriptions of 500+ EVs of all types