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EV Parts HotRod Golfcar Yamaha G1
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I worked for EV Parts from Oct. 2001 to Sept. 2002. When I could get away from doing tech support and sales, I was able to play with the company toys.

Though I have worked somewhat with the other EV Parts vehicles- Street Rod Maniac Mazda Lectro Rover and Gone Postal

I did the most custom fabrication on the golfcar. When I started it was running the stock 6 gauge cable, contactor/resistor type speed controller, and a 72V string of 12V 38AH batteries.

More of the same batteries were racked up to increase the voltage to 108, (since increased to 120) created mounting for and installed Curtis potentiometer under driver's floor, mounted custom modified Curtis 500A controller in rear, mounted Czonka 200 contactor, installed high-amperage breaker thru bodywork (visible in photos below driver's left) in case of emergency, modified the stock FWD/REV switch with beefier copper to handle the higher currents, rewired all the control interfaces, and custom fabricated 1/0 cabling for the entire high current system.

Also custom installed the smoked plexiglas headlight assemblies and slapped some stickers on it.

The modified controller came with adjustable ramping, I turned it up to the max so the power would slam on as quick as possible.

The package does not disappoint, tire smoke on demand and a white knuckle ride is to be had by all. It gets to 50 mph very quickly, and remains the favorite method of demonstrating the power of EVs to the disbelieving uninitiated.

If a person stands on the back bumper and hangs on to the roll bar, it will wheelie on demand and point the nose in the air while dragging the rear bumper for as long as you want it to (and more).

Too much fun!



Owner: EV Parts Inc.
Location: Port Townsend, WA
Base Vehicle: Yamaha G1
Motor: GE 3hp vented at brush area
Drivetrain: stock Yamaha w/hi-speed gearset
Controller: Modified Curtis 500A
Batteries: (10) 12V 38AH Flooded Lead-Acid
System Voltage: 120V
Charger: various
Heater: solar
DC/DC Converter: none
Instrumentation: Curtis SOC Meter
Top Speed: 50 mph
Range: 20 miles
Seating Capacity: 2
Curb Weight: unknown
Tires: Goodyear Eagle Low-Profile
Comments: burns rubber, pops wheelies


Updated 2/4/06

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