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1984 VW Rabbit EV
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This project was a challenge. Car was purchased quite cheaply by MendoMotive Electric Vehicles because the person who originally had Electro Automotive convert it left it sitting under a tree in a damp climate for three years shortly after having the conversion done. 
Go Figure.

We could tell that it was in nice condition at the time the conversion was done. Not so nice when we acquired the car.






Battery pack was shot after sitting dead for three years. Replaced with fifteen US 8V 150AH batteries. Much of the wiring was heavily corroded and many terminals and relays were replaced. What wasn't replaced had to be disassembled and cleaned. Original DC-DC converter was dead and was replaced with a 30A Todd. The Curtis controller worked perfectly. 

The braking system was the worst. Every hydraulic cylinder had to be replaced. All steel brake lines were rotted and were replaced as were all flexible lines. The pads and shoes were still almost like new. Vacuum pump and switch were replaced. 






Interior required some heavy duty shampooing and scrubbing. The body rust around the edges was doctored with touch-up paint. We used the car regularly for a couple of months. It was sold to a family in Mendocino where it was used reliably as a daily driver.



Owner: Steve Heckeroth
Albion, CA
Base Vehicle: 1984 VW Rabbit
Advanced DC 8"
Stock Rabbit Diesel
Controller: Curtis 400A
(15) US 8V 150AH
System Voltage:
Zivan K2 120VAC
Heater: hairdryer
DC/DC Converter:
Todd 30A
E-Meter, analog ammeter
Top Speed:
60+ mph
Range: approx. 30
Seating Capacity: 4
Curb Weight: unknown
Originally converted by Electro Automotive

Updated 2/4/06

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