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Modified 1999 EV Global 24V Ebike
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 This project was my own daily transportation for while. I purchased the bike used in "like new" condition. While it went through a few changes, I never did take it as far as I wanted to, which was to go to 48V with (4) 12V 14AH Evercel NiZn batteries or some Hawker Genesis AGMs and high output 48V controller(s) hooked to the two hubmotors.

I tried it a few different ways, keeping with the original 24V battery pack. First with just an on/off switch to the front motor and the original controller to the rear. This did not help much  :-)

Next I added a Currie type thumb-actuated potentiometer to the left handlebar so there could be two controllers used. (see third photo)  I used a couple of controllers I had leftover from scooter projects, I hooked a Badsey HotScoot controller to the rear motor and a clone of a Curtis 1505 to the front. These modifications did not increase my top speed, still being at 24 volts, but did help acceleration, mostly from the rear motor.

Adding the front motor made the bike look a lot like a motorcycle with a front drum brake, the bike drew many strange looks from people :-)

I ended up selling the bike to make room for more projects.



Owner: Roy LeMeur
Location: Seattle, WA
Base Vehicle: 1999 EV Global Ebike
Motors: Heinzmann 400W rear and Chinese 180W front
Drivetrain: hubmotors
Controller(s): various... including stock 24V Ebike, Badsey HotScoot 24V, and Curtis 1505 clone 24V 80A
Batteries: (2) 12V 10AH
System Voltage: 24V
Charger(s): Ebike 24V 5A,  Currie 24V 5A
Heater: Solar :-)
DC/DC Converter: none
Instrumentation: LED bar graph
Top Speed: 15 mph
Range: 10-20 miles
Seating Capacity: 1
Curb Weight: approx: 95 lbs. w/all the stuff aboard
Tires: 26 x 2 3/8
Comments: sold

Updated 2/4/06

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