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3.6kW Solar Charging Station
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This project was conceived, designed, and constructed (with help) by Steve Heckeroth, who is a pioneer in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and sustainable living. Please see Steve’s website. Steve is currently the director of building-integrated photovoltaics for the Uni-Solar Corporation.

Building is oriented exactly to solar south. The reinforced concrete posts were formed and poured onsite. Photovoltaic panels are Uni-Solar triple-junction amorphous silicon. They are adhered to structural standing-seam roofing panels. Inverter is Trace (now Xantrex) SW4024 4kW. Unit is grid-intertied (as is the rest of the PV systems onsite) and supported by the State of California with yearly net-metering.

All the electric cars and tractors onsite (48V tractor dump-charged to 80% in 20 minutes with 2/0 cable) were charged with this unit.  





My role in this project? Though at the time I was heavily involved in the reconstruction of this car. I did help do a few things. I installed the battery bank and fabricated the cabling for it, (the 8V batteries were a temporary install, left over from a car project) helped pull cable through conduit, assembled some junction boxes and conduit, wire tied together re-bar for the concrete forming process, and wired together some of the PV panels at the junction box (always live when the sun is up!).

After seeing this system kick out 38A in a dense fog, I was sold on the capabilities of the triple-junction amorphous silicon panels.



Owner: Steve Heckeroth
Albion, CA
PV Panels: (30) Uni-Solar PVL-128T 18' 128W ea.
Inverter: Trace SW4048 4kW Programmable Grid-Intertied
Charge Controller(s):
Trace C60 48V 60A
Batteries: (12) US Battery 8V
System Voltage: 48VDC/120VAC
Instrumentation:  Integrated in Inverter

Updated 2/4/06

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