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          Royster's EV and RE Project Pages     

Various EV and RE Projects I have been involved with

New Projects Added 2/3/06, Still Under Construction

EV Part's 
Gone Postal

A white-knuckle ride to 50 mph - 108V 500A controller - used to demonstrate the power of EVs to the uninitiated.   Woo Hoo!
EV Part's 
HotRod Golfcar

1982 Fiat Spider

1960 Sunbeam

Another extremely rare car converted to electric drive - a clean, green machine !
1964 Type 34
Karmann Ghia

A Workhorse - Proved to me the value and usefulness of electric drive for agricultural equipment
Electric Tractor

Electric Tractor

Father Time's
Race Chair

Was converted to electric drive then left under a tree for three years - a tough restoration project!
1984 VW Rabbit

In service for ten years - 70 mile range - a rare car with 60 % of vehicle weight in batteries
1963 Type 34
Karmann Ghia

Badsey EMX

My second hop-up project for Electric Scooter Magazine - turned out really well - threw experienced EV drag racers to the ground - including the owner/builder of the World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle
Modified Badsey

My first hop-up project for Electric Scooter Magazine - Fast
Modified Rad2Go

My personal daily driver - a fun and interesting project!
Modified Ebike

Mini Ebike

A self-contained, mobile, solar-charged power station. You could run your house off of this in a pinch
Solar Powered
Electric Bicycle 
Rental Trailer
built for
Electric Bicycles

We put over 1000 people on electric bicycles during this two day event - only one case of road rash!
Electric Bicycles
SolFest 2000

Photo pages include a scratch-built joystick-controlled wheel motor driven tractor with convertable seating
More Photo Pages
of Electric Tractors
(off-site links)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

One of the Ghias charging at the station, we dump-charged the 48V tractor directly from the battery pack, 15 minutes to 80% charged!

One of my favorite pictures here - the charging station, the charging trailer, and the Yanmar tractor
3.6 kW Solar Powered
Charging Station

AC Propulsion Lithium Ion Powered tZero Electric Sportscar  0-60 in 3.7 seconds  300+ miles range    Current Eliminator III  World's Quickest Electric Dragster  8.91 seconds @ 145.80 mph in the 1/4 mile

Killa Cycle   World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle  9.45 seconds @ 152.07 mph in the 1/4 mile    EV Parts Maniac Mazda  World's Quickest Street Legal EV  11.04 seconds @ 111.80 mph in the 1/4 mile

EV Photo Album  Lots of great photos and descriptions of 500+ EVs of all types

Seattle Electric Vehicle Assoc.


NEDRA National Electric
Drag Racing Assoc.
Solar Design and
Renewable Energy

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