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Solar Powered eBike Rental Trailer
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Trailer was made to order for MendoMotive Electric Bicycles in the spring of 2000, not actually a part of MendoMotive Electric Vehicles but a separate entity. Designed by Steve Heckeroth and Norm Fluor who did most of the welding and fabrication. This project was a team effort.

I cut wood, fabricated battery cabling, attached and wired PV panels, ran other wiring and conduit, and painted lots of bare metal. 






Battery bank is 24 Trojan 6V 105s wired in 6 parallel strings for 24VDC nominal system voltage.. Inverter is Trace DR3624 modified sine-wave with 3-stage 70A battery charger and 3.6kW 120VAC output and 24VDC input. Photovoltaic panels are Uni-Solar US64 models. The twelve panels make a total of 768 rated watts.






After the trailer was completed I uncrated and assembled many bikes, including Giant LaFrees, EV Global eBikes, and lots of Currie mountain bikes (at least 2 dozen Curries). Also custom installed a few Currie kits on regular bikes repositioned so they could tow trailers. I fabricated custom battery mounts for the Bob trailers to carry additional batteries.






The rental business was operated in Fort Bragg and Mendocino California where many bikes were rented and sold and many folks were introduced to electric bicycles for the first time. The trailer also provided back-up power for the owner's residence.

The trailer got it's best workout at Solfest 2000 in Hopland, CA. We put over 1000 people on electric bikes during the two day event, pictures and info from that event here.





Owner: MendoMotive Electric Bicycles
Location: Mendocino, Calif. 
Base Vehicle: Haulmark 20' Trailer
PV Panels: (12) UniSolar US64 - rated at 768W output

Inverter: Trace DR3624  24VDC to 120VAC 3.6kW
Charge Controller(s):
Batteries: (24) Trojan 105 6V
System Voltage: 24VDC/120VAC
Instrumentation: E-Meter

Updated 2/4/06

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