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Rainbow moods
by Lynda Archard
©: June 30th 2000

There are many esoteric studies that all combine to help us adapt to a spiritual life and develop our talents. Colour therapy is a calming way to bring our bodies in tune with nature and allow us to relax, learn more and accept our natural psychic abilities. Our moods can change just by visualising or wearing certain colours. That also means that we can change our moods if we don't feel healthy or we want to give ourselves a boost of renewed energy. The following is a guide to what colours represent and if you note which colours you use and how you feel then you can adapt them to suit your individual personality.

Red - Strength and vitality. It is good for building confidence and energy. Don't use it if you are already fit and healthy, it will make you over-confident, arrogant and can inflame soars or cuts if you have open wounds. Associated with the Base chakra, it is used to give strength to all of the other chakras.

Orange - Confidence and reassurance. This is a good colour when you are feeling down, or weak, and is better to use if red is too strong for you. Associated with the second chakra, it gives confidence to add to your new found strength.

Yellow - Learning and spirituality. Use it when you want to study or retain knowledge. A good mental healer for you to understand your situation better. Used for psychic awareness to add to the strength and confidence because of its association with the Solar Plexus chakra. (It's were your gut feelings come from).

Green - Fertility and new beginnings. Use to create a new start. In visualising a new job, or to have a baby (symbolic or literal) it works very well. Used in matters of the heart because it is associated with the heart chakra. It helps to give a new start on using your inner awareness.

Blue - Calming and reassuring. Use on cuts and swellings to cool the area, and promote healing. Used in speech therapy because it is associated with the throat chakra. It also helps you to express what is on your mind.

Indigo - Awareness and far sight. This dark blue colour helps to visualise what you hope to achieve in the future and promotes psychic vision. It can cause headaches and depression if used too often or when not needed. Associated with the Third eye chakra.

Purple - Money, power and respect - This colour promotes more respect to you and represents a regal business-like status. That is okay if your the boss but it can be intimidating if you are not. In healing, be careful because it is a mix of red and blue. Not used much in healing, but it is used to reach the higher self or the divine in spiritual work. Associated with the Crown chakra.

Pink - Love. Promotes love and good relationships with others.

White - Purity and Purification. Cleanses and purifies. General cleansing of the aura and situations. White light is a good colour to visualise before doing a reading or allowing psychic messages to enter your mind.

Brown - Stability and Truth. Used to ground someone, and promote earthly awareness of the practical. Used to help dreamers to live in reality!

Black - Absorbs negativity. A black candle can be secured in a black bowl of water. Fill it until about an inch or two of the candle is showing. Burn the candle as you visualise all the problems, illness, or negative situations going into the flame. As it burns low, the water will extinguish the flame and the problems!

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© Lynda Archard