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Articles - Numerology for beginners

Numerology is an occult science of numbers and how they affect our lives. No one is exactly sure when numerology began, but it has been around long before the Greeks, Egyptians or Hebrews. They all had their own numerological system and even to this day numerology is constantly being updated and expanded by different experts and cultures.

Numerologists believe that we are born on a specific day not merely by choice, but because we have a different path to walk in every lifetime. Numerologists also believe it's no accident that we are called a certain name, as our parents are inspired to give us this name as this shows our character and outlook on life.

Through numerology we can answer the age-old questions of 'Who am I?' and 'What am I here for?' We can look at ourselves and see our faults and know how to handle them and see what we are best qualified to do in this life more easily.

It's not necessary to be psychic or clairvoyant to be a numerologist as it's a proven science, but it does help if you like numbers and can add up!

There are a couple of different systems you can use, the most common being the Hebrew system or the Western. The Western I have found to be more accurate, so it is the one we will use.

The Western system is based on 9 numbers, each number has a specific meaning which only altars slightly depending on where the numbers fall, and what numbers it is associated with. To start with you need somebody to do the chart on. It's best to start with your own as you know yourself well enough to recognise it's accuracy. Then you need a list that corresponds to the numbers and letters, (see above).

You must use the name on your birth certificate, as this is the true vibration of you. After you complete this, do it again with your nickname or married name, which adds different vibrations to the original name, and to see how you have changed!

It helps to write your name with room above and below for the letters to be placed. The numbers of the vowels placed at the top and consonants underneath.

The talent number is found by adding all the numbers, then reducing them by addition until only one number remains. This can also be called the expression or name number, depending on which book you read. It is the natural ability you were born with.

The soul urge is found by adding the vowels together; they represent how you are inside, or what you need from life. Also called the heart number, or inner number.

The impression number/outer number/ or external number is found by adding the consonants together. This number represents how other people see you, so it may not seem correct, remember it's the impression you give to the world. If the soul urge and the impression numbers are the same then there is nothing false about you.

The next thing to find is the Destiny/life number; this one shows which path you should take in this lifetime. Write down the date of birth, (including the full year, i.e. 1960 not '60).

Numerology is an occult science of numbers that influence us, and what is around us. It is often used in business circles to enhance productivity, of the company, or the individual in business. No one seems to know exactly where numerology comes from, it is older than the Greek, Egyptian and Hebrew cultures, who all had their own numerology system or method.

Our day, month, year and place of birth give specific information as to what our 'job' in each lifetime covers. After doing demonstrations and charts for years I realised that an old traditional rhyme strongly relates to numerology, and therefore it is easier to learn or remember. The Magpie rhyme, (one for sorrow, two for joy, etc.) is perfect for this task. All the information we need was written in esoteric ways for us modern occult fans to uncover, mostly in our traditional stories and rhymes. This can easily become a subject on its own for another time, please contact me if you are interested in a rhyme workshop.

THE MAGPIE RHYME - An easy way to remember

One for sorrow - Some people say it is unlucky to see a magpie on its own. When you understand the meaning of 1 in numerology, its easy to understand why it became a popular belief. 1 represents an individual who makes his/her own decisions, which means living with the decisions made, wrong or right! A lonely task at times, they must also take responsibility for their own actions. 1 is an action number, that represents new beginnings and new tasks or projects started. If this is the destiny or birth number, then he/she would make a strong leader or teacher. They are hard-working and enthusiastic.

If this number is missing, the individual will find it hard to stand up for themselves, or to be decisive and take positive actions in their lives. They can easily become resentful of others, or cheat themselves by reacting in a selfish way.

Two for joy - 2 is the number of social activity and team work. This represents a person who ‘needs’ other people, feeling happy and confident as a group or team member. They tend to be followers rather than leaders, but they are wise and understanding of others. They are life’s diplomats, loyal to the end, and very patient. They love any sort of gathering or party.

When this number is missing it shows a lack of wanting to be in the team or at the party, making them appear to be a kill joy or non participating people. They can rely on others too much, becoming used in some way, or they can become dreamers and be very lazy at times.

Three for a girl - Girls love to talk and communicate, they are home makers. This number represents the communicator, through talking, writing, arts and crafts etc. they have a message to convey! Originally the women’s job was to provide and sustain life of the next generation, making the family comfortable. They had to talk and listen to family members, to understand what they need, and to help them become adults. A 3 person appears to be lucky at times, and they adapt easily to new situations. Associating creativity with a girl maybe an old-fashioned point of view now-a-days, but you must remember it is an ancient esoteric system. It can apply to men and women!

When this number is missing it shows the person needs to express his/her views better, or they may be shy, or unwilling to use their creative side. They are chaotic and unwilling or unable to concentrate for long periods of time.

Four for a boy - Boys were taught to be good hunters and providers. 4 represents ambition, security, and stability. A four destiny will show a need for a stable life, or a career destined for success. They are also industrious, agile and logical of mind and body. They can also be quite boring to other people as they don’t seem to do much accept work and provide for their family.

If this number is missing the person will stay at the bottom of the work ladder, and should try to be more confident with their abilities. They do not use much imagination and repeat the same old tasks again and again.

Five for silver - 5 represents chaos and learning through experience. They are restless, tending to do many different jobs, travel to many lands, or have many ambitions. They are also collectors of anything! They encounter jealousy or envy from others as they appear ‘worldly’ or ‘experienced,’ fitting 80 years experience into their first 30 years of life. They will do as they like in life, but they will try to learn by their mistakes rather than be told what to do. They are intelligent and quick witted, friendly and practical, but they also take chances at inappropriate times.

When 5’s are missing, they are not adventurous or they don’t learn, they just keep making the same mistakes again and again. They can also be deceitful, indecisive or over critical of others.

Six for gold - 6 represents peace and harmony, establishment and family. Think of the gold wedding ring, these people want to be married and settled, their homes are peaceful and happy. They need a restful environment, a place of relaxation, they are strong-willed and concerned for others. They make excellent wives and mothers.

When this number is missing, they will keep moving to seek their peace and quiet, or they have disastrous relationship after relationship because they set their goals too high. They can become vengeful, a nag or self-sacrificing.

Seven for a secret never to be told - 7 is the number of hidden values. When this number is a persons destiny it belongs to the investigator. They like to discover the real motives of other people, or become very interested in the occult and nature. Investigation, is the key to this persons character. They are intuitive and wise, confident and observant.

When the number 7 is missing, they can be absent minded, shy, secretive or can’t cope well with life problems.

Eight a wish - We all wish to earn more than we do. This number relates to money and material things, including possessions. But the two circles balance in it’s shape, to remind us of the balance needed to keep happy. We need to enjoy life as well as struggle, pay for a night out as well as pay bills, and be fair when dealing with arguments, always remembering how the other person feels. They are determined, fore-sighted, and good organisers.

When 8 is missing, they are unforgiving, unfair, or they have no time for the weakness of others.

Nine a kiss - Most of us will tell a child with a cut knee that we will kiss it better. 9 is the number of the healer, or humanitarian. These people often end up doing things for others without any consideration for themselves. They often become associated with the medical profession, or healing in some other form, such as reflexology, reiki, shiatsu and other esoteric healing forms.

When 9 is missing, they can be conceited, sly, power hungry and greedy.

Ten is a bird you must not miss - Although 10 represents the number 1, it also shows this person to be wiser after learning to stand on their own two feet, possibly in other lifetimes.

11 & 22 are numbers considered to be master numbers, representing the divine spiritual wisdom. Often a person with 11 as a destiny number will associate themselves with teams of people, but will make sure every member of the team is having their say in things. They breed encouragement and confidence in everyone. They are inspirational, charming, mystical, patient, and they are great listeners.

When negative they can’t take criticism, and they are lazy. They can project their faults onto others at times, but generally they are positive people.

While the 22 destiny will usually practise spiritual methods, for others to learn, they are creative, loyal and logical, more than other 4 destiny’s. They are there to give support and understanding, optimistic to the end.

When negative, they can be manipulative, pessimistic and finds it hard to complete what they start.

These are practical definitions of all the important numbers, but if your intuition has been developed, a lot more can be added by understanding basic occult rules and systems of meanings for numerology, colour, symbolism plus more. If you are interested in a second numerology workshop, or would like private tuition or a personal chart of your own, ring LYNDA for details on 020-8305-0524.

Watch for my ebooks to be published soon on the Internet.

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