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London by day
by Lynda Archard
©: April 2002

London in the Snow

January 8th 2003

After the Christmas and New Year festivals and over eating it was great to go for a long walk in Greenwich Park. I need the excercise and looking over a snow covered London was worth the climb and aching limbs.

This is a view from the Greenwich Mean Time clock at the top of the hill in the centre of Greenwich Park. Visability was poor after this second flurry of snow.

A view of the National Maritime Museum from General Wolf's column outside Greenwich observatory.

This is the playground at the bottom of the park.

A view of the River Thames with the Millennium Dome slightly to the right of the centre at the top.

We went back a second time as it was getting dark around 4pm. This view was better with lights starting to turn on across the city and in the Observatory. Even using the night-mode on my camera could not copy exactly what we saw. By this time school and work had finished and the park was packed with children and adults walking, on sleighs and one group of teenagers slid down the Maze hill side slope in a bath without thinking of the consequences!

The scenery was very white and very little colour so I thought you might like to see a picture taken the last time London was covered in snow in 1990. This is the pond in the flower gardens of Greenwich Park. I love the colours of the berries amongst the white snow. Today's picture of the pond I used to make the background picture of this web page.

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