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Bigfoot Central

Bigfoot Central


Signs of Bigfoot

Bothell, WA.

Granite Falls, WA




Mt. St. Helens, WA.


Index, WA.

Kingston, WA.

"Sassy" Bothell, WA.


Northwest Indian tribes have long record of hair covered giants of the forest known today as "Bigfoot". Carved images of them are on their totems and tribal dance masks.

There are many Northwest Indian names for Bigfoot. According to some passed on stories, during the early fur trading days, (Sasquatch) became an accepted nickname for a longer, hard to pronounce Northwest Indian name for Bigfoot. Most Northwest coastal tribes know Bigfoot as the "Seeawko", and according to the tribes of the region, there are no unreal native forest creatures carved on their totem poles. If Seeawko was not real, why it is carved on their totems with all the real forest creatures is no mystery to the Indian tribes.




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