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Bigfoot Central

Bigfoot Central


Cliff Crook

Cliff is the Founder of Bigfoot Central (North America's Bigfoot Case Data Base).

Cliff Crook first stepped on the trail after encountering a "Woods Giant"
at a campfire in May 1956. This became the birth of the Bigfoot Case. America's first Bigfoot Case Investigator, Cliff published the first map of Bigfoot

He discovered a lunar linked geo/time Bigfoot reports pattern. Cliff was portrayed by actor Don Ameche in the 1987 Hollywood Bigfoot movie
comedy "Harry and the Hendersons", and was also technical advisor and sets supplier. A major investigator for many
famous Bigfoot cases in the Pacific Northwest since 1956, he is currently active in investigating ongoing reports.


Cliff is kin to General George Crook.

Cuba 1962

October 16, 1962 was the day I was bestowed the honor of laying in the 1st gun, for the 1st landing of the U.S. Marines in Cuba, during day one of the Cuban Missle Crisis. It was one of the highlights in my 4 years enlistment of military service as a United States Marine. Semper Fi to all the U.S. Marines and their families, and OORA to all members and former members and families of the United States Armed Forces.


Cliff with baby Bigfoot. Baby Bigfoot won 1st prize here at the Mt. Baker Foothills Bigfoot Festival in Glacier, WA. 1992.