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Where would Bigfoot Hide?

A suspected Bigfoot track(s) find reported to Cliff Crook and Bigfoot Central on Sept. 15, 2008 by David Mc. Follow-up made on Sept. 20, 2008.
Location:Western Washington. Investigation of reported track find by Cliff Crook and associate on Sept. 20, 2008

Below Mt. Forgotten and along Barlow Pass, we arrived at the scenes of the track finds. The tracks measured 15" long x 7+" wide (approx). Width
measurement was across toes. These were deeply stepped five toe footprints that meshed with all the features of Bigfoot spoor. The steps revealed a
natural gait and the step distance averaged around three feet. Stride always being twice the measurement of the step, the stride measuring 6 feet (approx).
All toes registered and the toe line curvature met with the contour unique of the Bigfoot track. Straddle line measurement was natural. To maintain a
natural straddle line measurement with this stride, a prankster would have to tower at around 8' tall and weigh over 500 lbs. Some of the tracks
meandered at drastic inclines. After examination of the tracks, it was evident that they defied any known means of fakery, were not the tracks of a bear,
and that the only suspect remaining was Bigfoot. Those are the findings. Periodical follow-ups are planned for these areas in search of more passage sign
and updates will be available. Cliff Crook


From Cliff Crook: 21, Sept. 2008

I set out expecting routine results (Routine is finding bear tracks that were mistaken as tracks left by Bigfoot). After carefully examining the broken trails,
it was evident that here was a case directly linked to the wanderings of Bigfoot. This is because bear and human tracks were eliminated leaving a solitary
last suspect. The trails revealed locomotive feats far surpassing those of a human and openly defying any known means of prankery or human efforts of
duplication. These were not the tracks of a bear and were tracks openly revealing the unique feats and features akin of Bigfoot tracks. Although the
general area of the track finds are known, precise locations will not be revealed at this time due to inevitable rushes to these scenes by weekend warriors and other curiosity seekers.

Cliff Crook and David McPheron. Bigfoot sneaking a peak at them from behind ??



A Bigfoot Short Story

I was hot on the trail of something big. I'd just stepped out of the woods. So this is what they call civilization. Something just didn't feel right. I still had the nagging feeling of being watched.

Nice day for a parade. Somebody wanted a snapshot. Oh well. Now I get it. A parade. What a clever cover for an elusive Bigfoot. I looked around. Bigfoot was gone. So was the free cup of was I.img


Here is one of the several Y2K Bigfoot reports received at Bigfoot Central. It was forwarded to our Unit X Investigations team for immediate attention and results of the investigation pointed to a possible Sasquatch. Those results were printed in Bigfoot Trails Newsletter Y2K Autumn issue. Via telephone conversation with the e-mail sender, anonymity was requested, which of course, was honored. Anonymity is quite important to many folks when it comes to incidents of the Bigfoot kind, and we do receive more Bigfoot reports due to our respect for it.


Questions and Answers

Q. If Bigfoot was real, on would have been discovered by now. How could anything that big stay hidden so long? Gary B. Tampa, Fl.

A. Centuries old claims told of elusive hair covered forest giants, of Bigfoot's size, that were also considered mythical, and were not discovered until the 20th century. It must have been a big surprise to disbelievers when the legendary mountain gorilla was discovered in 1902.

Question: Why haven't you found a Sasquatch yet after all this time?

Answer: The Bigfoot Search and The Bigfoot Case are two separate programs. One is search, the other is research and investigations. You might send your question to a Bigfoot Search organization.


Q. How many Bigfoot groups are there?

A. There are basically just two Bigfoot camps. Camp 1 is focused primarily on real Bigfoot case investigations. Camp 2 centers on a shot twice Bigfoot film and promotes it as an authentic filming of a female Bigfoot.

Q. Don't you think that people could just be seeing things?

A. A myth, apparition, hallucination or figment of imagination doesn't leave big tracks in the woods.


BFRO Award.

First Bigfoot Sightings Map Publication By Cliff Crook in 1973

Some of the fun of Bigfoot.

Gill, George W. (assistant professor, anthropology, University of Wyoming) "Population Climbs of the North American Sasquatch as Evidenced by Track Lengths and Estimated Statures". Analysis of reported Sasquatch track lengths and estimated statures from supposed eye-witness accounts strongly suggest population climbs within the assumed species range. The climb consists of increasing body sizes from northern California to British Columbia. Regular increments of change in body size from south to north like the one reported here, have been observed among many North American mammals, and these climbs are theoretically expected according to Bergmann's Rule. Reprinted from the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Information Service, Inc. Dec. 1978

According to Cliff Crook, these are the places to look for Bigfoot.

X is out there

A research scientist at the French National Center for Scientific Research, Ms. Jacqueline Roumeguere, believes that the "X" is still roaming about in the deep tropical bush of Kenya. Ms. Roumequere has researched the "X" after hearing 17 eye-witness reports from various natives of the Masai and Samburu tribes. One witness described an X as follows: "The hair fell almost to his heels and he had so many stones and twigs in his hair that, if he had not moved, I would have taken him for a rock." Aquence France - Presse Oct. 1978




Kris Johnson and family reported Bigfoot trail finds in east Cascade foothills - Oregon - Fall 1987. A series of many Bigfoot tracks were found here and some led to backwater ponds.





Possibly the most sizable book and book title in the Seattle Public Library, The 1975 Washington Environmental Atlas was first titled: "Provisional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Reconnaissance Inventory of the State of Washington". This monstrous book dedicates a very big and very serious full page to the purported forest creatures known as Bigfoot.